MyVictory Launches On-Demand Fitness App for Cancer Patients Built by BeCurious Studio

BeCurious Studio LLC was named as a Best-In-Class provider by leading industry analysts Top App Developers & DesignRush following the launch a recent project. BeCurious Studio, the rule breaking web/app development hub, completed work on the first comprehensive exercise/community platform for cancer survivors.

Commissioned by MyVictory Inc, the platform delivers a seamless, individualized healthcare experience encompassing exercise planning, live video instruction, social community, personal goal targeting, and one-on-one consultations.

Working closely with MyVictory’s health and marketing specialists, the BeCurious team applied their rigorously tested and proven process of Discovery, Design, and Development & Testing to methodically identify and build each of the many interlocking application components. MyVictory’s input and review was incorporated at every step of the process in accordance with the BeCurious method of transparent development.

“This is exactly the type of project we love,” said BeCurious founder Stanley Vaganov. “It was complex from a design/engineering/behavioral point of view, it has global appeal, and most importantly it is a great and important cause.”

One of the biggest development challenges in building the application was to meet the wide and varying exercise needs of the cancer survivor community. Additionally, the platform needed to provide flexibility and customization for both users and instructors.

During discovery, the project team created a detailed matrix of user profiles and a corresponding table of necessary key ingredients including live streaming and recorded instruction, user and administration dashboards, a cancer resource center, and a goal tracker. The discovery also revealed the strong need for the platform to be:

  • Community oriented
  • Mobile & tablet friendly
  • HIPPA & privacy compliant
  • Capable of multi-memberships
  • Social interaction enabled

BeCurious Studio LLC is a full service, award-winning design and development studio. The company has extensive experience in health, legal, education, fashion, and e-commerce industries. Established in New York City, the company was an early adopter of a distributed workforce model ensuring its uninterrupted ability to serve clients during the current COVID-19 crisis. Agency specializes in web and mobile design and development and have won numerous awards and recognitions for their work. The key difference is their extensive discovery process that focuses on human centered approach in identifying solutions and solving problems.

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