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In Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic, Two Immigrants Help Each Other Find Success

Francisbel Flores and Cesar Quintero

“It involves many sacrifices, but the passion and desire to succeed makes the journey enjoyable and having the support of Cesar as my mentor and friend makes me confident that I’ll achieve my goals.”

Cesar Quintero left Venezuela in 2004 looking for a place where he could build a brighter future. Arriving in Miami, Quintero founded Fit2Go, a successful healthy meal delivery service that provides fresh and convenient meals to professionals across the Miami area. Having reached his lofty goals, he is now helping others do the same.

Quintero understands first-hand that making a business successful is often a difficult path. Before social media and today’s popular food-delivery apps, he had to figure out how to market Fit2Go as an industry that was still undiscovered.

“In 2004 when I started Fit2Go, I literally had to knock on people’s offices and convince them that meal delivery was convenient for them,” he said.

It worked. Over time, Fit2Go grew into a highly successful enterprise, delivering dietitian designed and fresh chef-made meals to over 1,000 people per day. In 2013, Quintero finished a master’s program at MIT and a “Why Discovery” self-assessment, allowing him to see that what fulfilled him most about Fit2Go was the opportunity it gave him to help people achieve their life’s goals.

“I realized that my products, services, and processes weren’t what motivated me,” said Quintero. “Instead it was helping others – empowering my company’s leaders – to live a better life.”

In 2013, he founded the coaching firm The Profit Recipe, which uses the Entrepreneurial Operating System to provide companies with the tools to increase discipline and accountability in their organizations and help execute their visions.

As Quintero was shifting his creative focus to a new business enterprise, another immigrant arrived at Fit2Go in 2015 with her own fresh perspective.

Francisbel Flores came to the U.S. in 2015 from Venezuela with just $1,500 in her pocket. She was working 18-hour days at Fit2Go and her second job to make ends meet. Through hard work, Flores moved up the ladder at Fit2Go, becoming the Operations Manager for Deliveries and Kitchen in just two years.

Recognizing Flores’ drive and progress in the company, it soon became clear to Quintero that she was the perfect candidate to fill his position. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Flores was able to realize her American Dream of becoming a business owner when Quintero sold his 50% ownership share to her earlier this year.

Working with Quintero, Flores learned to take ownership of her position in the company, making decisions and solving high level issues that made the transition to a new role a natural one.

Now as owner of Fit2Go, Flores plans to expand it into a lifestyle brand by introducing new wellness snack products like collagen cookies, along with revamped menus and services to introduce Fit2Go to new channels. Whatever challenges come her way, Flores is certain that her background as an immigrant and her enthusiasm for expressing herself through food will help her and her chef partner on the right path.

“My experience as an immigrant trained me to work tirelessly and prepared me to face the challenges of being a business owner,” said Flores. “It involves many sacrifices, but the passion and desire to succeed makes the journey enjoyable and having the support of Cesar as my mentor and friend makes me confident that I’ll achieve my goals.”

About Fit2Go

Fit2Go’s mission is to help health-conscious professionals who are in need of something fresh, balanced and convenient to eat during their hectic workdays. We cook all our meals with fresh ingredients and deliver them daily before lunch time. Our menus were developed and balanced by a dietitian and a chef to guarantee freshness and quality. Our clients have the choice of selecting any combination of Lunch, Lunch + Dinner, Wraps and Salads.

For more information, please visit

About The Profit Recipe

The Profit Recipe is a coaching firm that focuses on helping entrepreneurs build a business by design with proven tools and systems so that they can live a life by design.

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County Line Chiropractic of Pembroke Pines Introduces Dr. Leomilka Torres and Offers Customized Care Plans for Car Accident Victims

County Line Chiropractic of Pembroke Pines Offers Customized Care Plans for Car Accident Victims

County Line Chiropractic’s Pembroke Pines location welcomes a new doctor aboard their team, Dr. Leomilka Torres. Her goal is to aid the long-term recovery of car crash victims and those of other accidents by identifying the source of their pain. She will also design customized care plans to treat their injuries without invasive surgeries or addictive medications that often just mask the pain. The County Line team takes a more holistic, natural approach that helps people from all walks of life feel better and move forward with their lives.

With the pandemic still in full swing, more people are going out for “drives” than ever before in an effort to get out of the house and remain socially distanced. However, this increase in road activity has resulted in a rise in car accidents and injuries that can cause great disruption and trauma in the lives of their victims. The last few months of limited activity have made all motorists more susceptible to severe car accident injuries than ever before.

Luckily, County Line Chiropractic in Pembroke Pines offers customized care plans that go beyond the “one size fits all” approach that many other clinics use. Instead, the practice offers customization based on the individual’s body, goals, injuries, and medical history.

“Everyone walks a different road to recovery,” Dr. Torres says. “People have different levels of health before accidents occur, and therefore, it takes customized plans to begin the recovery process. Too often, doctors work off of predetermined charts and plans that are unsuccessful for many people. Our customized care plans help Pembroke Pines residents not only recover from accidents but actually feel better than they did before, in many cases.”

A customized care plan takes medical histories, physical exams, digital scans, and unique injuries into consideration to create a personalized path to recovery and pain management. Dr. Torres’ gentle approach helps patients ease into the healing phase to make recovery more manageable. However, it is best for patients to seek treatment as soon as possible, regardless of how long ago an injury occurred.

“Injuries can worsen over time, but there are very few instances when the injury is so severe that you cannot undo at least some of the pain and damage,” Dr. Torres says. “Our customized care plans have a notable success rate.”

For more information, please visit the County Line Chiropractic website or call 1-800-811-1231.

More About County Line Chiropractic

At County Line Chiropractic, our mission is to help our patients find pain relief through natural recovery. Our experienced chiropractors are determined to find the source of your injury and design a customized care plan to heal your body effectively and naturally to reduce long-term or chronic pain.

We have been serving the residents of Fort Lauderdale, Miami Gardens, North Miami Beach, Plantation, Pembroke Pines, and Lauderhill in Florida since 1986 and are ready to help you. We offer chiropractic care to anyone suffering from chronic pain or muscle aches and pains, as well as victims of work or auto injuries.

Whatever your pain stems from, we will help find the cause and offer relief. Our chiropractors in the Broward and Miami-Dade counties help develop customized, non-invasive plans for long-term chiropractic care.

To make an appointment, please visit our website or call 1-800-811-1231.

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mCube Acquires Kinduct to Expand SaaS Offering

The addition of Kinduct to mCube’s group of companies will accelerate our SaaS offering with exciting tools to help sports and health users to improve and maintain their well-being.

mCube, an innovator and technology leader in sensor solutions that enable the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT), today announced the acquisition of Kinduct. A market leader in the athlete and health data management space, Kinduct’s platform is used by performance staff around the world in professional, collegiate and Olympic sports as a tool to consolidate athlete data, find actionable insights and deliver programming that impacts performance outcomes on a daily basis. This acquisition, combined with the addition of Xsens in 2017, allows mCube to create a total solution across hardware, software and data services. The combined company is targeting the rapidly expanding market for capturing, digitizing and analyzing motion data across multiple industries. mCube’s end markets include sports/health (performance, wellness recovery, biomechanics, and ergonomics), entertainment (movies, film, animation, and games), and sensor modules (autonomous vehicles, drones, robotics, stabilization, livestock and asset tracking).

The acquisition of Kinduct creates a full-stack hardware and software solution for human motion analytics. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, Kinduct brings over 10 years of human performance data aggregation know-how for sports and health. The human performance platform collects data from external sources and automates certain reporting and alerts regarding human body performance and well-being. These data sets range from simple databases to complex platforms. Kinduct’s human performance platform consolidates data surrounding athletic performance, wellness, and injury risk, so that users, including athletes, teams, leagues, player associations, sports medical professionals, and orthopedic clinics, can make informed decisions based on combined tools, information, and analytics to optimize performance, identify risk for injury, and accelerate recovery. Current customers of Kinduct include dozens of NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB teams, as well as Gatorade, Olympic sports associations, and enterprise healthcare partners.

“We are confident that the combination of mCube, Kinduct, and Xsens brings together a powerful mix of hardware and software for the IoMT market,” said Ben Lee, CEO of mCube. “The addition of Kinduct to mCube’s group of companies will accelerate our SaaS offering with exciting tools to help sports and health users to improve and maintain their well-being.”

The combined mCube and Kinduct business is positioned for rapid growth and expansion. “Joining mCube, an established Silicon Valley technology leader, is a great opportunity for the Kinduct team to expand globally. This is a great tech start-up exit story for Halifax and Novia Scotia,” said Travis McDonough, CEO and Founder of Kinduct. “mCube’s broadly-adopted sensor fusion solutions will integrate seamlessly with our cloud-based athlete management software to provide deep insights to help optimize athletic performance, for professional as well as the everyday consumer.”

About mCube

mCube is a technology leader in sensor solutions and data analytics for the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT). mCube integrates hardware and software to provide full-stack motion solutions that capture, digitize, and analyze motion data for a variety of applications. These solutions have been widely adopted across the entertainment, sports/health, autonomous vehicle, drone, industrial robotic, and livestock industries. For more information, visit Follow mCube on Twitter @mcubemems.

About Kinduct

Kinduct’s Athlete Management System (AMS) is used by over 550 teams, leagues, organizations, performance centers, military and healthcare organizations around the world. Kinduct has supported multiple world champions across the MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, and NCAA as well as organizations that train the tactical athlete and those empowering the patient. Through a secure, cloud-based AMS, Kinduct consolidates a wide array of performance and injury data, improving workflow and optimizing performance for thousands of coaches, trainers, and athletes. Kinduct is also integrated with many world-leading wearables, assessment and data collection technologies, turning rich data into powerful insights. Visit for more information.

Media Contacts

Mehdi Behnami

Marketing Director

mCube, Inc.

Kaitlin Webb

Marketing Manager



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Zesty Paws® Debuts New Lil’ Zesties Square Chews

News Image

Zesty Paws®, a leading functional pet supplements brand, has launched a new product for pet parents looking to help their dogs live their zestiest life with Zesty Paws® Lil’ Zesties Squares™.

Zesty Paws®, a leading functional pet supplements brand, has launched a new product for pet parents looking to help their dogs live their zestiest life with Zesty Paws® Lil’ Zesties Squares™. The flat square-shaped functional chews provide support for various functions and come in Smoked Turkey flavor and four functional areas: Aller-Immune, Calming, Probiotic and Mobility.

“Through our proprietary approach, we’re pleased to bring to market a product that will help support key functional areas in dogs while also being a mouth-watering, smokey dog chews in a new flat square format,” said Steve Ball, CEO of Zesty Paws®. “We know these delicious functional chews live up to our promise to help you ‘Keep Your Bestie Feeling Zesty™.’”

Zesty Paws® Lil’ Zesties Aller-Immune Squares™ may help seasonal allergy symptoms in dogs and support the immune system’s response. Made with a blend of Turmeric, Licorice Root, and EpiCor®, these chews support and enhance the immune system and may help maintain normal histamine levels.

Zesty Paws® Lil’ Zesties Calming Squares™ may help reduce the effects of normal environmental stress in dogs and may promote calming effects in dogs exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment or responding to environmentally induced stress like storms or fireworks. Made with premium ingredients like Chamomile, Passionflower and Melatonin, these chews also help to maintain contentment during separation, travel, motion sickness and tension caused by changes in the pet’s daily routine.

Zesty Paws® Lil’ Zesties Probiotic Squares ™ helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract and proper gut flora to promote normal bowel function. Made with Ginger and GanedenBC30®, which helps promote healthy digestion and support a healthy immune system, these Squares are a good choice to maintain a healthy gut.

Zesty Paws® Lil’ Zesties Mobility Squares™ helps ease joint stiffness associated with normal daily exercise. These bites feature Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin Sulfate, and MSM to help support joints, maintain healthy cartilage and connective tissue, and support hip and joint function.

Zesty Paws Lil’ Zesties Squares™ products are now available online on Amazon, Chewy and

Zesty Paws® is the leading brand for top rated pet functional supplements, with products crafted to support key functional areas for cats and dogs in different stages of their lives, regarding Gut Health, Immunity, Grooming, Behavior and more. With delicious flavors and functional premium ingredients, Zesty Paws soft bites are the perfect way to Keep Your Bestie Feeling Zestie™.

Learn more about Zesty Paws® at or by following the brand on Instagram.

About Zesty Paws®

Since 2014, Zesty Paws® is lead by a team of pet parents who have been committed to providing premium products to enable and inspire a ZEST FOR LIFE in pets and pet parents. As a top rated pet functional supplement brand, Zesty Paws® is the most trusted brand for innovative solutions that guide and empower the journey to wellness. Specializing in dog and cat care, Zesty Paws® products Keep Your Bestie Feeling Zesty™. For more information visit

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UrgentCareTravel and TruckPark Partner to Offer Convenient, Affordable Healthcare for Professional Drivers While on the Road

TruckPark’s leadership in enabling truck drivers to reserve safe and secure parking combined with UrgentCareTravel’s affordable and convenient health services will keep drivers healthier and more productive.

UrgentCareTravel (UCT), the only medical clinic network focused on providing convenient and affordable health care for professional truck drivers and fleets, and TruckPark, a pioneer in the transportation industry providing a one-stop-shop application for truck drivers, today announce a partnership to offer UCT’s health services to TruckPark customers.

Forty-eight per cent (48%) of professional drivers have a chronic condition (e.g., diabetes, hypertension, obesity) that restricts their Commercial Driver’s License to one year or less. Due to the lack of convenient medical care on the road where drivers work, and the high costs of health insurance and medical care, many drivers do not treat their chronic conditions as needed. This not only impacts their ability to drive, but also costs the trucking industry billions of dollars annually in lost productivity.

UCT Health, UrgentCareTravel’s affordable health membership program, offers no-deductible and no-co-pay services including health coaches, personalized care plans for chronic conditions, DOT physicals and drug screens, primary care services (e.g., sick visits and annual exams), in-clinic lab services (e.g., lipid profiles and A1C testing) and mail order pharmacy services. TruckPark customers will be able to access UCT Health’s services anywhere while on the road via telehealth and UCT’s walk-in medical clinics located at Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers.

“We congratulate TruckPark on taking the initiative to help keep drivers healthy and on the road,” said Siva Suresh, Founder and CEO of UrgentCareTravel. “TruckPark’s leadership in enabling truck drivers to reserve safe and secure parking combined with UCT’s affordable and convenient health services will keep drivers healthier and more productive.”

“We’re pleased to partner with UrgentCareTravel, as its commitment to driver health and wellness is a great addition to TruckPark’s focus on safe and secure parking,” said Anthony Petitte, Founder and CEO of TruckPark. “Drivers experience a lot of stress and it can be difficult to receive medical care and maintain their health while on the road. Drivers are also dealing with the challenges of COVID-19. This partnership will help our customers stay heathier.”

TruckPark customers can easily sign up for UCT Health by registering from the TruckPark website and can contact customer service for more information.

For further information, contact:

Mitch Strobin



Jon Harmon



About UrgentCareTravel

UrgentCareTravel (UCT), incorporating both telehealth services and walk-in medical clinics located at Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers, is the only medical clinic network focused on providing convenient and affordable health care for professional truck drivers and fleets. UCT Health focuses on Chronic Care Management (CCM) with its UCT Truckers Health Team, an affordable membership program that includes Health Coaches, Personalized Care Plans for chronic conditions, no deductible / no co-pay telehealth and in-clinic services (including DOT Physicals) and mail order pharmacy services. UCT Truckers Health Team can have a great impact on driver health, driver productivity, driver career longevity and fleet profitability. For additional information about UrgentCareTravel, UCT Health, clinic locations and services, please visit the website at

About TruckPark

TruckPark is a values-based company driven by our mission “to empower truck drivers to reserve safe and convenient parking with an unmatched experience.” Our proposition is to revolutionize the trucking industry by providing a one-stop-shop application for truck drivers, and an opportunity for private lot owners to maximize their revenues. More information can be found at

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Monster Army Recruit Filipe Mota Shreds Nyjah Huston’s Private Park in New Video

Monster Army Recruit Filipe Mota Shreds Nyjah Huston’s Private Park in New ‘Shadow Day’ Video Edit

“Filipe has been absolutely shredding it lately and we’re here to get some practice in. Let’s get it!” Nyjah Huston in the opening of the video.

Upcoming street skating prodigy meets the winningest street skater of all time in the latest Monster Energy skate video release. Watch 13-year-old Brazilian ripper and Monster Army recruit Filipe Mota bring his skills to a unique session at reigning SLS world champion Nyjah Huston’s private skate park in the new ‘Shadow Day’ video edit.

Released to global audiences across Monster Energy’s social media channels today, ‘Shadow Day’ captures technical street skating at the highest level, courtesy of Mota and Huston. Filmed at the California Skateparks-designed private facility in San Clemente, California, the two-minute video offers a special look at one of the most talked about talents in street skateboarding.

Filipe has been absolutely shredding it lately and we’re here to get some practice in. Let’s get it!” said Huston in the opening of the clip. “I had already met Nyjah before, that day at the park was so fun. Plus, it’s so cool to get the chance to talk with one of the best skaters in the world,” said Mota about the unique session.

Viewers can now go online and watch ‘Shadow Day’, live now on YouTube. Also make sure to read the back story featuring an exclusive Q&A with Mota on the Monster Army website.

Over the past years, Mota has emerged as part of a new generation of Brazilian talent alongside Monster Energy team rider and Olympics hopeful Rayssa Leal. At the mere age of 9 in 2016, Mota dropped his first full-length part ‘Deemers Essencial’ that put his name on the map. In 2019, Mota arrived in the U.S. and took third place among the top amateur riders in the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Competition finals in Los Angeles. After securing a list of top-shelf sponsors, Mota went viral after releasing a four-minute video skating The Berrics skatepark that has been viewed more than 1.4 million times to date.

With a new video part in the works, Mota came into the 2020 contest season fully motivated before the pandemic shut things down. “I just want to get done with my video part, that’s the biggest plan. And I hope there will be more contests this year,” said Mota.

Speaking of more contests this year, the session at Huston’s park clearly showed that Mota has a few new tricks up his sleeve. Filipe will be the youngest skater to be featured in the X Games Real Street Best Trick contest – Huston will also release a video entry – dropping this month. But see for yourself! Watch the two-minute ‘Shadow Day’ edit, live now on YouTube to get your tech skating fix. And whatever you do, keep an eye on Mota because this kid is the future!

Download Photos for Editorial Use.

Also visit and follow Monster Energy on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for exclusive updates on Mota, Huston and our team of skateboarding athletes.


About Monster Energy

Based in Corona, California, Monster Energy is the leading marketer of energy drinks and alternative beverages. Refusing to acknowledge the traditional, Monster Energy supports the scene and sport. Whether motocross, off-road, NASCAR, MMA, BMX, surf, snowboard, ski, skateboard, or the rock and roll lifestyle, Monster Energy is a brand that believes in authenticity and the core of what its sports, athletes and musicians represent. More than a drink, it’s the way of life lived by athletes, sports, bands, believers and fans. See more about Monster Energy including all of its drinks at

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It’s Time to Engage in the Power of Holistic Health by Attending the MaxLiving Fearless Immunity Masterclass

This is a Masterclass like never seen before. Spanning six weeks and five unique topics, the Fearless Immunity Masterclass has been tailor-made to promote health in times of fear.

In the first week, MaxLiving will introduce the concept of “Fearless Immunity” and the essential role the immune systems plays on strengthening the body from the inside out. From the first week, the masterclass will cover the researched information on Cancer Awareness, the Nervous System, Nutrition and Detox, and Fitness Plans.

The six-week masterclass is everything needed to master a principled approach to optimal health, all through the lens of the 5 Essentials® and chiropractic care. These interactive presentations will guide each course with a focus on the cutting edge of natural health. Use this opportunity to refocus on the reality of health and the MaxLiving message of empowerment and wellness. Be sure to take advantage of this unique course and engage in the truths of health and healing!

Find a MaxLiving clinic to learn more about the six-week masterclass and how to attend:

If you are interested in joining the MaxLiving network or in MaxLiving wholesale product opportunities, contact Emily Pugh-Oliver, MaxLiving Doctor Sales Associate, at

For press information and media resources, please contact Ray Leake, MaxLiving, at (321) 939-3060, or

MaxLiving is a natural healthcare organization founded on five core principles of wellness. The 5 Essentials™ is a natural and effective way to maximize your health by integrating core chiropractic, mindset, nutrition, exercise and oxygen, and minimizing toxin exposure. Our vision of chiropractic and holistic healthcare is recognized through a group of chiropractor partners and practices. MaxLiving exists to transform lives by providing educational seminars, coaching programs, franchise opportunities, and nutritional products and services. We want to educate about the power of chiropractic care and empower people to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Gold’s Gym – DC Metro Franchisee Chooses VFPnext as Its New Technology Partner

Gold's Gym Partners with VFPnext

Golds Gym DC Chooses VFPnext

“We have always appreciated the approach the VFP team has taken to support us and the clubs. VFP’s ability to embed all of their sales expertise into the newest technology system is going to make a huge difference for our clubs.”Matt Clifford, President, and CEO, Golds Gym DC

The Gold’s Gym DC Metro Franchisee recently became the largest Gold’s Gym franchise in the United States and is now operating 22 clubs in the greater DC area.

Their recent acquisition from Gold’s Gym Corporate gave them the opportunity to assess multiple technology platforms, and after an in-depth review of the industry’s technology platforms, they chose VFPnext.

COO and Managing Partner, Josh Fuglsby, said, “We have used multiple industry CRMs in the past and the VFPnext system is the very best choice for us.”

President and CEO, Matt Clifford, commented, “We have always appreciated the approach the VFP team has taken to support us and the clubs. VFP’s ability to embed all of their sales expertise into the newest technology system is going to make a huge difference for our clubs.”

Daron Allen, President, and CEO of VFP added, “We have always had a strong partnership with Gold’s Gym providing them technology and sales expertise.  Now we are happy that we can provide them with a comprehensive platform that will enable their marketing automation and sales enablement on a single platform.”

The new technology platform will provide them with a Digital Guest Registry, Sales Tour, Digital Enrollment, Full Marketing Automation CRM, Personal Training Orientation platform, and the Gold’s Gym Challenge platform. All of these solutions will be managed in the VFP Data Box, streamlining Gold’s Gym DC Metro’s technology stack.

# # #

About Gold’s Gym 

For more than 50 years, Gold’s Gym has been the world’s trusted fitness authority. From humble beginnings as a small gym in Venice, California, Gold’s Gym has grown into a global icon with 700+ locations serving 3 million people each day across 6 continents and 29 countries.

About VFPnext™

VFPnext™ turns touchpoints into sales opportunities and provides complete task management systems for sales, personal training, and staff retention. The solution is customizable to your club’s lead and member communication cadence and style. It is simple to use and provides an intuitive user interface designed by health club experts and the leading health club sales system, Visual Fitness Planner (VFP).

To learn more about VFP and the VFPnext™ CRM, visit

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BuyLottoNow® Cashless Lottery Mobile Payment Platform Brings Zero Percent Merchant Processing Fees to 30,000 Convenience Stores

“The BuyLottoNow solution eliminates transaction fees for the retailer which is their number one concern. In fact, it may very well be the first time a payment system isn’t charging the fee to the retailer. Plus, there’s the extra benefit of a loyalty engagement program,” said CEO Joe Randazza.

Announcing BuyLottoNow,, a new cashless payment platform that allows c-stores to accept payment for draw games and scratch off tickets easily on a mobile phone with a seamless interface into existing POS terminals. Today, BuyLottoNow is bringing its proprietary decoupled debit mobile payment platform featuring no processing fees to c-store operators. In addition to no processing fees, BuyLottoNow makes lottery a potential winning loyalty program that can drive increased in-store foot traffic through merchant branded no cost email campaigns. Unlike cash, the platform knows who a retailer’s lottery players are, where and what they are buying and how much they are spending so the retailer can target such products as gas and merchandise offers to these customers.

Today online lottery sales are in their infancy with approximately $2 billion in sales. It is estimated that the 13 states currently selling lottery products online will reduce c-store retailers’ commissions by $126 million this year alone. The pandemic has caused states to accelerate their interest in online lottery sales pushing projections to $262 million in reduced commissions to retailers by 2025.

While the nation continues its rapid movement away from cash transactions, high processing fees mean convenience retailers won’t be able to accept cash for Lotto sales. On the slim margins these retailers make on debit and credit payments, they cannot afford to promote such card payments for Lotto sales because of costly processing fees.

“The BuyLottoNow solution eliminates the transaction fee for the retailer which is their number one concern. In fact, it may very well be the first time a payment system isn’t charging the fee to the retailer. Plus, the extra benefit of a loyalty engagement program makes participating retailers a VIP destination for lottery players,” says Joe Randazza, CEO of BuyLottoNow, who also co-founded National Payment Card Association that attracted millions of enrolled users to c-store branded rewards programs. “Cash is suppressive to the impulse of high jackpot games or $20 scratch off tickets. Cashless payment will bring a lift in sales and commissions,” says Randazza.

A convenience fee of $0.30 per transaction, regardless of the transaction size is charged to the consumer for the convenience of paying for lottery products with their phone. Mr. Randazza says that, “By making lottery a winning loyalty program, c-stores can retain current customers and reduce or offset the loss in in-store traffic from online sales.”

Interested parties can learn more about the merchant and consumer benefits of the BuyLottoNow payment platform from the following two videos that can be found at:

For more information about BuyLottoNow and to set up an interview with a company official, please contact Shep Doniger at 561-637-5750 and

About iVertical Payment Network d/b/a: BuyLottoNow

( is a Fintech company with a proprietary cashless payment platform designed for the $91 billion state lottery industry utilizing the business methods of 9 issued U.S. Patents. Our platform is a seamless payment interface into a retailer’s existing POS Terminals. The company is a Gold Level Member with Conexxus,, a non-profit member driven organization that helps set technology standards in the c-store and petroleum industries.

iVertical Payment Network’s management team of electronic payment professionals has worked together for 16 years providing payment solutions to Convenience Stores and has implemented the best-in-class data security for mobile payments.


Shep Doniger

BDCG, Inc,


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Pro Cyclist Foundation Launches with the Mission of Providing Professional Cyclists with Legal, Wellness, and Career Support

“We understand the structure of the sport, its limitations, and intend to improve on existing challenges that prohibit athletes from reaching their potential.”

The Pro Cyclist Foundation has launched. The Foundation will provide professional cyclists with access to legal, health, and career training services. In tandem, Black Swift Group, LLC, a Colorado based SEC registered investment advisor has launched a private investment fund to provide ongoing financial support to the Foundation. A portion of the private fund’s investment management fees will provide an annual operating and program budget for the Pro Cyclist Foundation.

Will Dugan, a former professional cyclist, will lead the Foundation’s efforts in developing programs and advisory councils to assist athletes competing at the highest levels in the sport of cycling. “The positive effects of supporting professional athletes reach beyond the athletes and the sport itself,” Dugan explains. “Cycling permeates societies around the world: the bike grants independence and utility by providing emissions-free transportation, a means to wellness, recreation, and can form lasting social bonds. Without support, the viability of cycling as a professional sport, its benefits and the fabric that binds diverse social groups together, is at risk. We aim to reduce those risks and in turn grow the sport.”

The Pro Cyclist Foundation aims to give cyclists access to a trusted referral network of professionals with legal, wellness and career guidance expertise. The referral network is well-versed with the challenges professional cyclists face. A component of the Foundation’s budget will be used to offset the costs of essential services and resources cyclists need through financial assistance with needs-based grants.

This comprehensive referral network combined with needs-based financial assistance promotes development, a principal focus of the Foundation. “Our goal is to work directly with established organizations at the forefront of supporting rider well-being and development. We understand the structure of the sport, its limitations, and intend to improve on existing challenges that prohibit athletes from reaching their potential,” Dugan emphasized.

Greg Casals, the Chief Investment Officer for Black Swift added the following, “Having been involved in the support of cycling at the amateur level, I am excited to be working with Will Dugan and the management team he has put together to form a Foundation to support the professional athlete. We think professional cycling needs this type of independent support and advocacy, and are excited about building an endowment with support from the fan base that wants to see the sport thrive, from the professional level, all the way to the grassroots level of the sport.”


Inspired and founded by former professional cyclists, the Pro Cyclist Foundation’s mission is to offer professional cyclists improved access to legal, wellness and career services to benefit the sport of cycling at all levels. Led by Will Dugan and based in Denver, Colorado, the Foundation receives financial support from Black Swift Group, LLC. For additional information, please visit the Foundation’s website at


Black Swift Group, LLC is an investment manager and SEC registered investment adviser founded in 2016 to offer investment management services with a single mandate: to aim for better risk-adjusted returns through custom solutions. The firm is headquartered in downtown Denver, serving high-net worth individuals, family offices, and institutional clients. Black Swift emphasizes transparency and accountability and the importance of strategy selection. For additional information, please visit the Company’s website at

Pro Cyclist Foundation

Will Dugan

President, Pro Cyclist Foundation

1899 Wynkoop St., Suite 250

Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 978-518-7092


Black Swift Group, LLC

Greg Casals

Chief Investment Officer, Black Swift Group, LLC

1899 Wynkoop St., Suite 250

Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 303-955-4381


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