Cpap Store USA Announces The Launch Of CPAP Store USA Brand

CPAP Store USA Wipes

CPAP Store USA announced today the launch of its own CPAP Store USA brand.

CPAP Store USA, a leading provider of world’s finest CPAP machines, supplies and respiratory products for more than 18 + years, announced today the launch of its own CPAP Store USA brand. The multi-location retail store and the leading online CPAP store will now be selling to the public its own brand of CPAP supplies, including CPAP wipes, CPAP tubing, CPAP Filters, Chinstraps, CPAP machine travel bags and backpacks along with other CPAP supplies.

On September 25, 2020 CPAP supplies will appear on the store shelves and online under the CPAP Store USA brand. That is set to expand to 150 products by late of next year.

“This is an exciting change for us, a major step forward and marks a strategic pivot in our future direction,” said Marina BerBeryan, Ambassador of CPAP Store USA. “ CPAP store USA brings forth an expanded commitment to all of our customer and CPAPers. In the spirit of evolution, we will continue to bridge new gaps while simultaneously expanding our resources, solutions and our store across the nation and the CPAP community.”

CPAP Store USA aims to provide affordable options for all major CPAP brands such as ResMed, Philips Respironics, Transcend, Fisher & Paykel and CPAP Store USA. The store-front retail offers a selection of hundreds of CPAP masks and machines, along with many other CPAP Supplies. CPAP Store USA is now accepting Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). Financing is also available with zero down and low monthly payments with CareCredit.

More than 100 million people are estimated to suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) worldwide. Obstructive sleep apnea is a common and serious sleep disorder that causes a person to stop breathing during sleep. The airway repeatedly becomes blocked, limiting the amount of air that reaches the lungs. Some of the symptoms include snoring loudly or making choking noises as a person tries to breathe. The brain and the body becomes oxygen deprived and sleep apnea treatment and prescribed.

About CPAP Store USA About CPAP Store USA: CPAP Store USA is an authorized store-front dealer and one of the largest online retails in today’s market. The nationwide multi-location CPAP supply store, (including CPAP Store Las Vegas, CPAP Store Los Angeles, CPAP Store Agoura Hills and CPAP Store Dallas Fort Worth) offers CPAP and other sleep aid supplies for sleep apnea patients. Our warehouse carries over 4,300 different CPAP equipments including CPAP & BiPAP machines and masks, humidifiers, tubbing, oxygen tanks, CPAP sanitizers, power supplies and other CPAP products. Being in business for over 18 years, we understand adopting to the necessary new lifestyle changes required by the CPAP therapy and it is our goal to make our customers purchasing experience at our retail and online stores as convenient and easy as possible.

CPAP Store USA National Locations:


3325 W Desert Inn Road, Suite 201

Las Vegas, Nevada 89102



3325 W Desert Inn Road, Suite 301

Las Vegas, Nevada 89102.

(800) 479-1308


1551 N. La Brea Ave, Unit A,

Los Angeles, California, 90028

(800) 479-1308


5160 Kanan Road

Agoura Hills, California, 91301



3920 Rosemeade, Suite 150

Dallas, Texas 75287

(800) 598-0524


5205 Davis Blvd, Ste G

North Richland Hills, Texas 76180


CPAP Store USA International Locations:


16 Tigran Mets Ave,

Yerevan 0010, Armenia

16 Tigran Mets Ave, Yerevan 0010, Armenia

+374 77 160628


Unit B, 25 Curzon St, Mayfair,

London W1J 7TG, United Kingdom

+44 7827 777267

Follow CPAP Store USA at

Facebook: @CPAPstoreUSA

Twitter: @CPAPstoreUSA

Instagram: @CPAPstoreUSA

LinkedIn: @CPAPstoreUSA

Google+: @CPAPstoreUSA

Yelp: @CPAPstoreUSA

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Masks and More Outlet Opens Second PPE Location In Tinley Park

Internet retailer is opening its second Masks and More Outlet less than 60 days after opening its first brick and mortar store at Orland Park Crossing. This store has over 100 styles of decorative, protective masks as well as disposable masks for both adults and kids, all at steeply discounted prices. Along with all types of PPE, every Masks and More Outlet carries discounted As Seen On TV products featured on its parent company,’s website.

PulseTV Co-founder of PulseTV and Masks and More Outlet, Anisa Ali said,

“We have been overwhelmed with the reception our store has received. People drive from as far as Schaumburg and Chicago to buy our masks (including those hard to find masks for the hearing impaired) and PPE. Once inside the store, they’re also picking up dozens of other products we sell on our website.”

The first Mask and More Outlet opened on August 1st and within 3 weeks the company started scouting for new locations. This new Tinley Park location is right in the center of the Tinley Downs Plaza at 7911 W. 171st. Street, less than a mile from the sprawling warehouse also located in Tinley Park. After a successful launch of the flagship pop up store, expansion was a natural evolution. Tom Zegar, the second of three co-founders offered:

“We have been an online retailer since 1999 and a brick and mortar store was never part of our plan. Offering designer masks and PPE priced at well below normal retail was a gamble on top of also adding dozens of other cool items having nothing to do with PPE. Whether this pays off or not remains to be seen. We are hopeful that each community we place a Masks and More Outlet welcomes us with the same enthusiasm as our first Orland Park store.”

Tinley Park was a natural fit for expansion with the corporate office of Masks and More Outlet’s parent company PulseTV also based just blocks away in Tinley Park. All three co-founders have extensive roots in the south suburbs of Chicago. Anisa Ali offered,

“My brother and third co-founder grew up in Tinley Park and went to Tinley Park High School. We have a great relationship with the village, fire and police departments. We began manufacturing hand sanitizer right in Tinley Park this past March under the private label name Purifize which is now sold all over the country.”

One of the key features of the pop up PPE store is offering huge discounts off prices offered even on its own website. People can also get what they want exactly when they need it. The grand opening for Tinley Park is scheduled for Sept. 26th. Will this second location lead to additional stores? Tom Zegar continued,

“We wish we had a crystal ball, but if our second location is self sufficient and Tinley Park residents respond as Orland Park folks did, we will continue. We are actively scouting retail locations in Homewood, Frankfort, Mokena and New Lenox with even more possibilities outside Illinois in Arizona, Connecticut and Florida too!” is a North American online retailer that has been marketing exclusively online since 1998. For more information or to set up an interview, contact: Mary Kolacki, Communications Director or call 708- 478-4500 ext. 109.

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A New Article Explains Who Can Get A Good Driver Discount

News Image

“Saving money on car insurance is more important now than ever. One good method to do that is by getting a good driver discount that is offered for safe, low-risk drivers.”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents all the information drivers need to know about the good driver discount.

For more info and free car insurance quotes, visit

The good driver discount is a discount given by car insurance providers to safe, low-risk drivers. Every insurer has its own rules for determining who is and who is not a good driver. Some insurance providers require drivers to have a clean driving record for just one year, while other insurers will offer this discount for drivers who have at least five years of clean driving.

The best way for drivers to get this discount is to shop around with insurers from their areas. Even if they don’t qualify at one insurer, drivers might be eligible for a good driver discount at another provider. Some companies will ignore a speeding ticket, or even one at-fault accident, while others will not ignore any of these. Drivers should contact their car insurance companies and check if they are eligible for a good driver discount.

Regarding good driver discount, drivers should know more about the following:

  •     How to qualify for a good driver discount. Depending on the insurer, obtaining this discount can be easy or hard. To have better chances of getting the discount, drivers can take a defensive driving course to show their insurers they’ve learned how to be better, safer drivers. Drivers can also purchase forgiveness coverage from their insurers and have one-at fault accident forgiven from their records. Shopping around at different insurers is also a good idea. Drivers should avoid reckless driving and follow the speed limits and signs and avoid getting a ticket. In fact, drivers should drive defensively and leave plenty of room between themselves and other drivers.
  •     How drivers can lose their good driver discount. Good driver discounts aren’t permanent. With one mistake, drivers can lose their good driver discount. Insurance providers have different rules regarding the loss of good driver discounts. Usually, drivers can lose this discount for reasons such as getting traffic or moving violation tickets, being at-fault in an accident, making a claim under the collision coverage, or even getting just one point on their license.
  •     Some states require insurance providers to offer good driver discounts. In California, for example, insurers are required to offer a 20% discount to good drivers who had a license for the past three years, had not lost more than one point on their driving record due to a violation, had not taken traffic school or a defensive driving course more than once because of a violation, had not been at-fault in an accident that resulted in injury or death within the last five years, and had no convictions within the last ten years for DUI-related offenses.
  •     How long do drivers need to wait to qualify for the good driver discount. Although speeding tickets and at-fault accidents remain permanently on the driving record, most states only allow providers to view incidents dating back three to five years. However, some states have exceptions for DUI-related offenses. Drivers who were convicted of a DUI offense in the past ten years in California are not allowed to get this discount.
  •     Compare insurance quotes to find good driver discounts. Drivers who do not qualify for a safe driving discount with their current insurer should compare quotes from other insurance companies. Some car insurance companies have looser rules regarding safe driving discounts.

For additional info, money-saving tips and free car insurance quotes, visit is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc.

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Canon EOS 6D found to be camera most successfully used in astrophotography competition

The Canon EOS 6D is by far the most commonly used camera in the past two years of the competition.

It’s great for everyday people wanting to get into astrophotography as it shows that you don’t need to spend thousands on a top of the range camera to produce stunning images of the night sky.

The Canon EOS 6D is the most commonly used camera in 252 images which have made the shortlist for the RMG Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition in 2019 and 2020, according to analysis done by website Skies & Scopes.

The camera was originally released in 2012 and can be picked up used for around $500. In this analysis it beat many more expensive and newer models that cost upwards of $2000-3000.

Key findings:

  • 11% of 252 shortlisted images in 2019 and 2020 were taken with a Canon EOS 6D.
  • However, Nikon cameras were overall more frequently used in 2020, with 23% of photos taken with various Nikon models.
  • The Takahashi FSQ-106ED was the most successfully used telescope for astrophotography, followed closely by the Celestron C14.
  • The Sky-Watcher EQ6 was the most commonly used tracking mount for astrophotography in the competition.

Anthony Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, Skies & Scopes said:

“The Canon EOS 6D has been a favorite with astrophotographers for years and it’s pleasantly surprising that it is delivering so successfully in 2020.

”It’s great for everyday people wanting to get into astrophotography as it shows that you don’t need to spend thousands on a top of the range camera to produce stunning images of the night sky.”



Manual analysis of information made available by Royal Museums Greenwich was done by Skies & Scopes on 133 images in 2020, and 119 images in 2019. For the full data and details, please see here:

About Skies & Scopes: Skies & Scopes is an astronomy and astrophotography website.

Contact: For questions about the analysis, or a comment on the findings, please contact Anthony Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, Skies & Scopes:


Tel: +44(0)7456686160

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Acara Partners CEO Details the State of the Industry at Aesthetic Next Conference

Francis X. Acunzo, founder and CEO of Acara Partners

Virtually, Aesthetic Next brought industry leaders from across the country together to educate attendees on the clinical, business and technology aspects of aesthetic medical practices. Acunzo led two webinars… The sessions had great turnout, with over 350 attendees at each.

Acara Partners founder and CEO, Francis X. Acunzo, had the privilege of presenting two virtual webinars on the state of the industry at the Aesthetic Next Conference which ran over the weekend of September 11.

Aesthetic Next was hosted by Aesthetic Record, an aesthetic-focused EMR and practice management software company. Virtually, Aesthetic Next brought industry leaders from across the country together to educate attendees on the clinical, business and technology aspects of aesthetic medical practices. Acunzo led two webinars: “The State of the Industry” and “The Keys to Success for Opening a New Medspa.” The sessions had great turnout, with over 350 attendees at each.

In the State of the Industry webinar, Acunzo detailed how practices have had to adjust to conducting business in the age of COVID-19. Included were the effects of the recent shutdowns, the new normal inside practices, demand theories, the government support available to businesses, and the possible factors impacting the industry’s growth.

In partnership with PatientNOW, Acara Partners looked at the sales of 450 practices across the nation. Year over year sales for a specific set of procedures (injectables, non-invasive body contouring, surgery, clinical skin care, laser skin rejuvenation and retail products) were compared from August 2019 to August 2020 for both core and non-core practices. The results showed that core practices dropped 7.4% in August and non-core practices had a slight 1.6% increase in August. Both core and non-core had very strong increases in year over year sales in June and July.

The Keys to Success for Opening a New Medspa webinar detailed Acara Partners’ comprehensive process for launching medspas. As the team that founded the nation’s first medical spas, they have developed and launched over 150 practices. This includes concept development, market assessment, sales forecasting, architectural and interior design, financial planning, developing the business plan, branding, marketing and promotions planning, service development, equipping the practice, choosing management systems, hiring and training staff and finally, physically opening the practice.

Learn about the state of the aesthetic medical industry and Acara Partners’ process for launching medspas by visiting the Acara Partners blog page today.

Acara Partners is a full service consultancy and marketing agency dedicated to the aesthetic medical industry. Their team of expert consultants and communications professionals make Acara the industry’s comprehensive business advisory, marketing, advertising and digital agency. Founded by husband and wife team Francis X. Acunzo and Colleen Acunzo in 2003, Acara has decades of experience in launching and developing aesthetic medical practices across the country. For further information about Acara Partners, go to

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National Society of Collegiate Scholars Partners With Alzheimer’s Association Longest Day Program

The National Society of College Scholars (NSCS) is proud to announce a new community service partnership with The Alzheimer’s Association. NSCS members will participate in a community service project through The Alzheimer’s Association’s Longest Day® program.

“NSCS is honored to join forces with The Alzheimer’s Association to raise awareness in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Our high-achieving student members are always looking for unique ways to give back to their community. NSCS members recognize the importance of participating in activities such as The Longest Day that help bring Alzheimer’s disease out of the shadows,” said NSCS Executive Director Scott Mobley.

The Longest Day is held on the day with the most light – the summer solstice. Thousands of participants across the world will come together to fight the darkness of Alzheimer’s through an activity of their choice. Specifically, NSCS members will write letters during the next year to local residents living with Alzheimer’s. The project will offer needed social engagement to these individuals, many who are in assisted-living or other long-term care settings, and have been isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, there are more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer’s.

“The Alzheimer’s Association welcomes NSCS as a Global Team for The Longest Day and thank these inspiring students, not only for bringing awareness to our mission, but doing so in such a meaningful way,” said Donna McCullough, chief field and development officer, Alzheimer’s Association. “We applaud their commitment to engaging people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia during this very difficult time, providing a great synergy between our mission and their work.”

The NSCS mission is based upon the three pillars of scholarship, leadership, and service. By participating in The Longest Day® program, NSCS members will be able to fulfill their obligation of service in a unique and memorable way. As the service program is fully remote, students who may not otherwise be able to participate in an in-person community service project because of pandemic restrictions, will be able to make a difference in the life of those living with Alzheimer’s disease.

“We are so excited about this partnership as it aligns with the long-standing mission of NSCS to help enrich the lives of college students through connection, community, and learning opportunities,” said NSCS Scholarships Manager Jen Castillo.


The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an honors organization that recognizes and elevates high-achieving first-and-second year students. With its three pillars of scholarship, leadership and service, NSCS is proud to provide career and graduate school connections, leadership and service opportunities and gives out more than a million dollars in scholarships (often with multiple recipients per award), awards and chapter funds annually. NSCS has 320+ chapters nation-wide and nearly two million lifetime members globally. NSCS is a 501c3 registered nonprofit, certified member of the Association of College Honor Societies, member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, American Association of Community Colleges, and 100 percent FERPA compliant, per an independent review by AACRAO.

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American Med Spa Association’s New Practice Guidelines Support Registered Nurses (RNs) Working Without Onsite Supervision in Medical Spas

“The statement that RNs, physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) require direct supervision to perform ablative laser treatments is currently under consideration, based on the fact that the definition of “ablative laser treatments” isn’t clear.”

The American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) seeks to clarify its recommendations for RNs and physician oversight found in its newly released Guidelines for Non-Surgical Medical Practice (Medical Spas).

It has become clear from AmSpa’s valued members and the industry at large that there is a misconception about what the wording in the practice guidelines indicates in regard to RNs working without onsite supervision in medical spas. The following is to clarify what the practice guidelines are recommending with regard to RNs and supervision. The Guidelines for Non-Surgical Medical Practices (Medical Spas) recommend the following (depending on your state’s regulations):

1. RNs CAN operate non-ablative lasers, light treatments and energy device treatments without direct onsite supervision.

2. RNs CAN perform microneedling treatments without direct onsite supervision.

3. RNs CAN perform the injection of fillers, neuromodulators and PDO threads without direct onsite supervision.

The statement that RNs, physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) require direct supervision to perform ablative laser treatments is currently under consideration, based on the fact that the definition of “ablative laser treatments” isn’t clear. AmSpa will be putting out a final decision on this in the following weeks.

In the verbiage of Guidelines for Non-Surgical Medical Practice (Medical Spas), the term “general supervision” is used. Legally, treatments offered under “general supervision” are services being furnished under the physician’s overall direction and control, but the physician’s presence is not required during the performance of the procedure.

AmSpa will be hosting a virtual roundtable next week with leading RNs in the industry to discuss what the AmSpa Practice Guidelines mean for RNs. Stay tuned for more information on how to sign up to attend this free roundtable to get clarification on what AmSpa’s Practice Guidelines are recommending for RNs. Comments on these Practice Guidelines can be directed to

About the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa)

The American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) provides business and legal resources to medical spas and aesthetic practices across the country. AmSpa’s events—including Medical Spa & Aesthetic Boot Camps and Medical Spa Show—provide business and legal best-practices to anyone entering the medical spa space or looking to improve their existing practice. AmSpa members receive access to legal summaries of laws governing medical spas in their state, discounts, a robust and growing webinar library, and many other benefits. For more information visit, call 312-981-0993, or email

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Safe Space Scan Technology Announces New Line of Accurate Infrared Technology

News Image

“We have been able to attract clients such as UMiami Health, Broward School District, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the New York Yankees due to the accuracy and reliability of our product. Adding to our product line allows us to offer solutions in high traffic areas”.

Safe Space Scan Technologies were founded in early 2020 as a response to the global COVID-19 pandemic for use in complying with CDC guidelines for the reopening of U.S. businesses, healthcare facilities and government buildings.

Since then, their dedicated team of developers have been working hard to further advance the technology as part of their continued efforts to help reopen the economy in a safe and healthy environment. The newest devices that launched this week include:

10 Person Scanner (3S-15G)

  • Using clear technology for accurate temperature readings and mask detection, this model can screen up to ten people at once, and also has Wi-Fi capabilities to be used for busier entrance points. Some key features include audio customization, facial recognition and, like all of their products, can send notifications for abnormal temperature readings.

4 Person Scanner (3S-08G)

  • This model has the ability to scan up to four people at once, with Wi-Fi and touch screen capabilities. Thermal imaging technology gives a quick and accurate reading, even when people are wearing hats, glasses and masks.

Wi-Fi Single Person Scanner (3S-07TW)

  • Safe Space Scan’s first model equipped with the original thermal camera, now comes with Wi-Fi and ethernet capabilities and can read each person’s temperature within a half of a second.

“We have been able to attract clients such as UMiami Health, Broward School District, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the New York Yankees due to the accuracy and reliability of our product,” said Steven Shulman, President at Safe Space Scan. “Adding to our product line allows us to offer solutions in high traffic areas.”

The 10 Person Device uses Flir Technology as the 4 Person Camera uses Guide. The original Unit uses Heimann Sensor technology, the world technology leader in infrared thermopile arrays for person detection and thermal imaging. Safe Space Scan Technologies have the most competitively priced products on the market, a quick turnaround time and come with a warranty. Learn more and order online at or call sales at 888-819-7226

About Safe Space Scan Technology:

Safe Space Scan Technologies is a US Corporation based in Boca Raton, FL. The operators have been developing and offering much needed electronic safety devices to the US Marketplace for decades. The Safe Space Scanner could be the most needed safety device offered to reopen our economy. There has been a strong demand and Safe Space is using resources to keep inventory in stock. Contact 1-888-819-SCAN with any questions or go to to learn more.

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Introspect Technology Is the 34th Fastest Growing Company in Québec According to L’Actualité

Introspect Among Growth Leaders in Quebec

Introspect Among Growth Leaders in Quebec

The list of Growth Leaders underlines the success of Québec entrepreneurs who generate innovations and jobs, and whose business growth is a source of wealth for Québec.

Introspect Technology is proud to announce that it is ranked 34th on L‘Actualité’s 2020 Growth Leaders list. This list was established based on submissions by Québec companies entered in the Canada’s Top Growing Companies competition, a partnership of The Globe and Mail and L’Actualité. The ranking is based on their revenue growth from 2016 to 2019. Introspect Technology’s growth is 202%.

Creating a new category in electronic design and validation tools, Introspect Technology’s products combine high performance with ultra-compactness and attractive price economy. Introspect Technology’s pioneering technology replaces large rooms’ worth of equipment with devices that can literally fit into a single briefcase and without compromising on performance. “A few years ago, we set out to do for electronic testing what the smartphone did for the computer,” says Dr. Mohamed Hafed, Introspect Technology CEO. “In looking at a smartphone, we saw a compute device providing compute access to more people in more circumstances. Similarly, we created a new category of test equipment that provided world-class equipment availability and ease of use to a wide range of engineers operating across a wide range of engineering disciplines. We did not fit in any conventional category; we created our own one, which filled a major gap at large companies,” he adds. With its award-winning products and associated powerful software suite, Introspect Technology filled this new niche – and across such a wide spectrum in the electronic production process – with awe-inspiring ease.

The list of Growth Leaders underlines the success of Québec entrepreneurs who generate innovations and jobs, and whose business growth is a source of wealth for Québec. Companies submitted their application for the competition on a voluntary basis. Sixty-one companies are featured in the 2020 ranking. The full list of winners and the accompanying report can be viewed now online at and will be published in the November issue of L’Actualité , on newsstands October 9.

About Introspect Technology

Founded in 2012 through self-funding, Introspect Technology designs and manufactures innovative test and measurement equipment for high-speed digital applications. Whether it is the next smartphone or the level-4 autonomy engine in a mobility solution, our award-winning tools are used to develop, test, and manufacture next-generation products. In short, we help the leading global technology companies make tomorrow’s technology today’s possibility.

About L’Actualité

Since 1976, L’Actualité has been the leading French-language public affairs magazine in Canada. Winner of the Magazine Grand Prix award at the 2020 National Magazine Awards, L’Actualité reaches 1.1 million readers per month on its electronic and print platforms. It is a property of Mishmash Media Inc.

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OperaCare, LLC Releases Telehealth Platform to Home Health industry

The company positions it as “the perfect addition to the Telehealth care planning guidance already available to all OperaCare users.”

The existing guidance mentioned was explained by company founder and CEO Michael McGowan during a product demo this week. He told us OperaCare has always promoted a medical scribe system, where an OASIS nurse consults in real time with a QA nurse during the OASIS visit.

“Up to now,” he said, “we have recommended they do this by phone, with the speaker turned on so the patient knows there is a second nurse on the call. Now they can do it virtually face to face, adding another social dimension to make the patient more comfortable as the two nurses discuss the case.”

The advantage of the consultation, with the in-home nurse having her hands free while speaking with the patient and the QA nurse recording the visit on an office computer, is that the QA function is completed as soon as the OASIS visit ends. “We have some clients sending RAPs the same day,” he added.

“With a video visit,” McGowan concluded, “the remote nurse can even observe the patient’s gait, posture, skin tone, speech, and other visual cues.”

COVID and Cash Flow

“Telehealth visits offer home health agencies a way to protect their patients and the clinicians who care for them during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Kristi Bajer, BSN, RN, COS-C, OperaCare’s Vice President, Clinical Operations.

She added a word about the financial advantages of Telehealth. “At a time where cash flow is tight, even without direct reimbursement from Medicare, Telehealth visits save significant money on PPE, face to face visits, and mileage reimbursements, often totaling as much as thousands of dollars per week.”

“For those agencies interested in Telehealth or live QA but unsure how to proceed, our solution will give them the help they need to increase reimbursement, accelerate cash flow, and enhance STARS outcomes,” added McGowan.”

Features and benefits of the new platform include:

Protects Patients and Clinicians from COVID-19

Reduces labor costs by $300.00 – $450.00 per 30-day period of care

Saves time, increases productivity and eliminates PPE and mileage costs

Produces RAP ready claims in hours and eliminates after-hours charting for clinicians.

Current OperaCare clients and others interested can begin to use the new Telehealth platform as of September 21, 2020. Its cost will be incorporated into OperaCare’s monthly fees.

About OperaCare

OperaCare is a built by a former State/CMS Region IX OASIS coordinator and president of OPERACARE. Based in Socorro NM. The company utilizes proactive OASIS analytics to accelerate cash flow while establishing financial predictability, and eliminating after hours clinician documentation.

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