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Academic societies reunite online in fall virtual conference boom

Backstage area in Morressier's virtual conference software

A session hosted on Morressier’s virtual conference platform

Morressier, the technology company dedicated to bringing academic conferences into the digital age, today announced fall 2020 as its busiest-ever season, supporting more than a dozen conferences and their more than 50,000 projected attendees. This demonstrates the continued trend of academic organizations successfully pivoting to a virtual format and preserving critical scholarly exchange despite in-person restrictions.

New Morressier partners include the American Physical Society (for a selection of US regional meetings), the Society of Engineering Science (for its 2020 Technical Meeting), and the Prostate Cancer Foundation (for PCF 2020). Returning partners include the European Society of Neuroradiology, the World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Infertility, and the Charleston Library Conference. These partners join the more than 200 other societies, institutions, and corporations across the world that engage with Morressier in order to meet the needs of academic conferences large and small.

Justus Weweler, Morressier Co-founder and Director of Key Accounts, said: “We are thrilled to support a number of new partners and deepen our collaboration with existing clients throughout this busy fall conference season. 2020 has been a challenging year for the scientific community and, in the absence of in-person events, we are proud to support the dissemination and critical exchange of conference content in a fully-virtual format.”

The season kicks off next week with the SES Technical Meeting 2020 on September 29-October 1. Morressier is providing SES with an end-to-end virtual conference platform, including abstract management and poster submission, live-streamed concurrent sessions with engaging Q&A, and conference content publication and dissemination.

Dennis Kochmann, Co-Chair of the SES Technical Meeting, explained their decision to host their meeting virtually with Morressier: “As Covid-19 led to all in-person conferences being canceled, we wanted to serve the SES community by providing an online platform for the presentation of topical research and exchange of ideas, to promote career development, and to honor our distinguished award winners.”

Morressier confirms an even busier spring awaits, and is hard at work on new ways to support the scholarly community, including enhanced networking, engagement, and sponsorship features designed to further enhance the virtual conference experience.

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Dr. Edie Widder To Receive Inaugural Captain Don Walsh Award For Ocean Exploration From The Marine Technology Society And The Society For Underwater Technology

Don Walsh is one of my superheroes – right up there with Marie Curie, Jacques Cousteau, and my mother – so to be the recipient of this first ever Don Walsh Award for Ocean Exploration is a huge deal,” said Dr. Widder. “I’m incredibly grateful to MTS and SUT for this honor and for all that they do to

The Marine Technology Society (MTS) and The Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) are proud to announce that Dr. Edie Widder is the inaugural recipient of the Captain Don Walsh Award for Ocean Exploration. Dr. Widder is an MTS member, MacArthur Fellow, a deep-sea explorer, and conservationist who combines expertise in oceanographic research and technological innovation with a commitment to reversing the worldwide trend of marine ecosystem degradation.

Awarded jointly by the Marine Technology Society and the Society for Underwater Technology, this esteemed award is named after American oceanographer, explorer, retired naval officer, and marine policy specialist Captain Don Walsh. Walsh and co-pilot Jacques Piccard were aboard the bathyscaph Trieste when it made its daunting record descent on January 23, 1960 into the deepest point of the world’s oceans – the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. The award recognizes outstanding, sustained, international contribution to the development, application, and propagation of marine technology toward the advancement of ocean exploration.

“Don Walsh is one of my superheroes – right up there with Marie Curie, Jacques Cousteau, and my mother – so to be the recipient of this first ever Don Walsh Award for Ocean Exploration is a huge deal,” said Dr. Widder. “I’m incredibly grateful to MTS and SUT for this honor and for all that they do to promote the development of tools for exploring the least explored regions of our ocean planet.”

A specialist in bioluminescence (the light chemically produced by many ocean organisms), Dr. Widder has been a leader in helping to design and invent new submersible instrumentation, and equipment to enable unobtrusive deep-sea observations. Working with engineers, she has conceived of and built several unique devices that enable humans to see beneath the waves in new ways, including HIDEX, a bathyphotometer which is the U.S. Navy standard for measuring bioluminescence in the ocean; important information for keeping submarines hidden from above. Dr. Widder also built LoLAR, an ultrasensitive deep-sea light meter that measures light in the deep ocean, both dim down-welling sunlight and bioluminescence – both important determinants of animal distribution patterns. She helped found the Ocean Research & Conservation Association in 2005 – an organization dedicated to the study and protection of marine ecosystems, and the species they sustain through development of innovative technologies, science-based conservation action, and public education. In the summer of 2012 Dr. Widder, along with several other scientists, filmed the giant squid in its natural habitat for the first time ever. The historic footage aired on Curiosity on the Discovery Channel in January of 2013. Her innovative work earned her the 2018 Explorers Club Citation of Merit; she became one of just six women to earn this honor.

“MTS couldn’t be prouder to bestow the inaugural Captain Don Walsh Award For Ocean Exploration upon Dr. Edie Widder,” said Marine Technology President Zdenka Willis. “From helping to devise cutting-edge marine technologies to logging hundreds of hours exploring the depths aboard deep sea submersibles to sharing her discoveries with her peers and the global community alike, Dr. Widder is well deserving of an award named for one of the foremost pioneers in our field. We are honored to count her as a colleague and cannot wait to see where her expertise takes her next.”

“As well as recognizing outstanding individual achievement, a key objective of the Captain Don Walsh Award is to spotlight role models who will inspire early career marine technologists, scientists and engineers” said Society for Underwater Technology President Ralph Rayner. “Edie Widder is a perfect exemplar of what young members of our community can aspire to. She and Don Walsh provide an inspiration to us all.”


The Marine Technology Society (MTS) promotes awareness, understanding, and the advancement and application of marine technology. Incorporated in 1963, the international society brings together businesses, institutions, professionals, academics, and students who are ocean engineers, technologists, policy makers, and educators. The Society publishes a peer-reviewed journal — The Marine Technology Society Journal. It has three technical divisions and 31 Professional Committees (technical interest groups). The society hosts several conferences yearly. And, it supports 13 Sections, which focus on events and programs unique to their geographic areas, enhancing networking among local colleagues, businesses, universities and government/military offices.

The Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) is a multidisciplinary learned society that brings together organisations and individuals with a common interest in underwater technology, ocean science and offshore engineering. SUT was founded in 1966 and has members from more than 40 countries, & branches in 10, including engineers, scientists, other professionals, and students working in these areas. In recent decades many of our members have come from the offshore hydrocarbon sector, today we also see growing numbers of members from offshore renewables, marine autonomous systems, and the policy, law and insurance sectors who support offshore activities of many kinds.

MTS Contact:

Joshua Speiser, +1 (202) 827 7176,

SUT Contact:

Steve Hall, +44 7947 911992,

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Biological Dentist Amal Ali, D.D.S., Joins National Integrated Health Associates Dental Team

My mission is not to only put a sparkle in your smile, but to build long-lasting trust between us. Healthy mouths equal healthy bodies.

September 22, 2020, National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA), a leading integrative medical and dental center serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, is pleased to announce that Amal Ali, D.D.S., has joined the team of holistic family dentists. Dr. Ali is a caring and seasoned general dentist with over 21 years of comprehensive experience in cosmetic and biological dentistry.

Holistic or biological dentistry focuses on the whole person, not just the mouth, as the health of the mouth, teeth and gums affect the body. As a mercury-free dentist, Dr. Ali promotes safe, effective treatments and uses dental materials that are non-toxic and bio-compatible so that there is little impact to the rest of the body. This dental approach is good for the overall health and wellness of the patient.

Dr. Ali graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biology from George Mason University and received her dental degree from the Medical College of Virginia. She has advanced training in orthodontics for general dentistry. She takes great pride in establishing a strong relationship with patients and says, “My mission is not to only put a sparkle in your smile, but to build long-lasting trust between us. Healthy mouths equal healthy bodies.”

With over 21 years of experience in cosmetic and biological dentistry, the addition of Dr. Ali to the National Integrated Health Associates dental team allows for expansion of restorative and biological dental services including same-day crowns, metal-free implants, and safe mercury removal. She specializes in cosmetic treatments and smile restoration for patients of all ages for a healthier, more attractive smile. Dr. Ali is fluent in English, Arabic and Somali, an advantage to better serve the international population of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Dr. Ali is currently accepting new adult and pediatric patients.

For more information on Dr. Ali or a healthy dental approach in the Washington DC area, please call 202-237-7000, ext. 2.

About National Integrated Health Associates

National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, is a top integrative medicine and dental center serving the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area. Integrative physicians, biological dentists and a team of holistic practitioners blend the best of conventional medicine and integrative medical therapies to help the body heal and achieve optimum wellness.

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Festo Introduces a Piezo-Based Control Valve for Ventilators and Portable Oxygen Devices

Quiet, dynamic, and cost-effective: the proportional flow control valve VEMD is a mass flow controller ideal for use in mobile devices.

The new Festo VEMD control valve is designed to proportionally control air flow in portable oxygen devices, ventilators, bioreactors, and cell-culture fermenters. Piezo-based technology facilitates compact design, dynamic control, and low energy consumption. The valve responds more than 30 times faster than comparable controllers to setpoint changes. Additional advantages include no-heat generation, silent operation, and long service life. Festo offers an attractive price for the performance valve.

Power consumption is rated at 1 W, which is ideal for prolonging battery life in portable oxygen systems. The VEMD can also be used in oxygen therapy machines designed for emergency ventilation and aftercare. Since the VEMD is non-magnetic, it will not interfere with other medical devices.

Gas flow is easily adjusted and controlled linearly by entering a setpoint between 0 and 10 V. An integrated control circuit with thermal sensor ensures precision mass flow control and dynamic response. For applications other than the life sciences, the VEMD can be used in process gases applications such as creating a protective atmosphere of nitrogen dioxide or carbon dioxide.

For more information on the VEMD mass flow controller and other Festo LifeTech solutions – dispensing liquids, controlling gases, handling and gripping vials – email and visit Automation Solutions for COVID-19 Pandemic. The Festo general information number is 800-993-3786; the website is

About Festo    

Festo is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and controls for process and industrial automation. For more than 40 years, Festo Corporation has continuously elevated the state of manufacturing with innovations and optimized motion control solutions that deliver higher performing, more profitable automated manufacturing and processing equipment.

Connect with Festo: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube

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Nanoscience Analytical Expands Electrospinning and Microscopy Capabilities

Electrospinning nanofiber development services offered by Nanoscience Analytical.

We have experience helping our clients in a wide number of applications for electrospinning … Our team collaborates and provides the best possible finished formula to our clients to transfer from an R&D phase to a commercial production phase.

Nanoscience Analytical has recently increased laboratory space and expanded capacity for material development and electron microscopy services adding pilot-scale electrospinning equipment. The additional electrospinning systems now has expanded capability for roll-to-roll spinning, larger production, as well as larger production of electrosprayed microbead capacity. The additional equipment allows up to 112 simultaneous needles to electrospin nanofibers with integrated temperature and humidity control.

“The expansion of our instrumentation will allows us to bring clients further along in formulation and process development so they can create production level volumes of materials. We provide complete R&D and scale-up services, providing formulation recipes, and process engineering settings to easily transition our customers to full scale production in-house,” says Mark Flowers, Nanoscience Analytical president. “We have expertise in a variety of techniques with a broad range of materials and applications. Using state-of-the-art instruments, we provide our clients with specialized services and access to multiple, complementary analytical techniques and solutions.”

“Our electrospinning nanofiber development services has helped numerous companies expedite their research and development of new and novel materials for a wide number of applications,” says Dr. Francisco J. Chapparro, Electrospinning Scientist. “We have experience helping our clients in a wide number of applications for electrospinning. Applications range from nanofibers for improved air filtration to patches for wound healing patches and encapsulation of pharmaceuticals and therapies. Our team collaborates and provides the best possible finished formula to our clients to transfer from an R&D phase to a commercial production phase.”

In addition to increased electrospinning and electrospraying capacity, Nanoscience Analytical has increased SEM instrumentation and now has a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) that can obtain resolution under 3nm. This rounds out the other Microscopy capabilities which provide automated particle analysis and reporting, including elemental identification, sizing statistics, and spherosity. These techniques provide invaluable data for additive manufacturing, automotive parts cleanliness, foreign particle analysis, and many other QA/QC and R&D applications. Additional SEM sample preparation equipment include an ion mill and novel particle dispersant tool.

For more information about Nanoscience Analytical and the services provided, visit us online at

About Nanoscience Analytical:

Nanoscience Analytical, an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, provides expert guidance and contract support for industrial research, production and quality assurance. Utilizing a targeted approach, we provide analytical services with state-of-the-art instrumentation and process development capabilities. Nanoscience Analytical specializes in a broad range of analytical techniques for surface science and nanoscale microscopy. Highlighted analytical services include aerosolized nanoparticle generation, nanofiber development, microscopy sample preparation, scanning electron microscopy and elemental identification, contact angle measurements and nanoscale mass detection services to quantify film thickness in liquid environments.

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The Northern Ireland Protocol and the opportunity that exists to create a robust clinical supply chain Upcoming Webinar hosted by Xtalks

Xtalks Logo

Xtalks Life Science Webinars

Post transition, final QP release of clinical trial supply material by a Northern Ireland QP will be recognised by both UK and EU regulatory agencies. In addition, the free movement and transfer of clinical supplies will continue in and out of Northern Ireland to both EU and UK markets.

Join industry experts from Almac for an informative live session taking place on Monday, October 19, 2020 at 10am EDT (3pm BST/UK).

Brexit has introduced new levels of uncertainty for the life sciences sector. As we move towards the end of the transition period on 31st December 2020, uncertainty still exists in the field of clinical trials in terms of market access and QP release between EU27 and UK. The need for clinical trial sponsors to put in place robust strategies to ensure continuity of supply to patients, compliantly and cost effectively, post transition is paramount.

Revising supply chain strategies to ensure risk mitigation, business continuity and minimisation of patient impact have already been a focus, as well as identifying the additional regulatory challenges on drug distribution to and from the EU, once the UK leaves the single market. Many sponsors with manufacturing operations in the UK or who utilise the services of UK based CDMO’s to export into the EU are aware that operating clinical supply chains during the transition period and into a post-Brexit landscape will incur additional complexities.

However, provisions within the Withdrawal Agreement, in the form of the Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol (“the NI Protocol”), have made it possible for sponsors to maintain unfettered access and seamless regulatory movement from Northern Ireland into EU and UK markets, while obtaining a clear and stable path forward that removes all potential risk and uncertainty from the equation. The NI Protocol places Northern Ireland in a unique and advantageous position in being able to offer clinical sponsors a ‘business as usual’ opportunity. Post transition, final QP release of clinical trial supply material by a Northern Ireland QP will be recognised by both UK and EU regulatory agencies. In addition, the free movement and transfer of clinical supplies will continue in and out of Northern Ireland to both EU and UK markets. This move provides clinical sponsors with the confidence and reassurance they have been seeking regarding continuity of supply to their patients.

Participants will gain insights into:

  • Understanding of the NI Protocol in the field of clinical trials after the transition period and the immediate benefits to sponsors running clinical studies in the UK, EU or both
  • Detail on the free movement and transfer of clinical supplies in and out of Northern Ireland to both EU and UK destinations
  • Assurance that the NI Protocol offers unfettered access from Northern Ireland to UK and EU27 markets post transition
  • Guidance in relation to QP release and Logistics services during Brexit and beyond
  • Business as usual for Rest of World shipments with no impact to import and export
  • Up to date information on the political and industry positions and guidance

For more information or to register for this event, visit Post-Brexit Solutions: The Northern Ireland Protocol and the Opportunity That Exists to Create A Robust Clinical Supply Chain.


Xtalks, powered by Honeycomb Worldwide Inc., is a leading provider of educational webinars to the global life science, food and medical device community. Every year thousands of industry practitioners (from life science, food and medical device companies, private & academic research institutions, healthcare centers, etc.) turn to Xtalks for access to quality content. Xtalks helps Life Science professionals stay current with industry developments, trends and regulations. Xtalks webinars also provide perspectives on key issues from top industry thought leaders and service providers.

To learn more about Xtalks visit

For information about hosting a webinar visit

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Cardea Bio Announces $7.5M in First Close of Series A2 Financing


“We welcome Tsingyuan, Lifespan, Agilent and many others as new shareholders, and we thank Serra Ventures and our other loyal existing shareholders for their continued support and trust in Cardea and our team of talents.” says Michael Heltzen, Co-founder & CEO of Cardea

Cardea Bio Inc., who is integrating tiny bits of biology into modern electronics, via their Graphene-based Biology-gated Transistors (“Cardean Transistors™”), just announced the first closing in their A2 financing round. The capital will help accelerate the growth and development of the Company’s proprietary Tech+Bio Infrastructure and chipsets that enable Cardea’s Innovation Partners to bring “Powered by Cardea” products to market with features and competitive advantages never seen before.

The round was led by a partnership of VCs; Tsingyuan Ventures, Lifespan Investments, and longtime Cardea investor Serra Ventures, as well as a life science industry insiders like Agilent Technologies, Table Mountain Capital, Photon Fund, and Taihill Venture (former Skylight Investment).

Dr. Biao He, Investment Partner at both Lifespan Investments and Tsingyuan Ventures stated: “Cardea is one of the best cross-disciplinary science and business teams we have ever met, and their ways of using biology as technology really impressed us. Their Tech+Bio Infrastructure is a result of extremely complex, but successful pioneer work, combining molecular biology with nanomaterial semiconductor electronics, that open up a lot of applications in the space in-between biology and the digital world. We believe this will be the start of a paradigm-shift in many areas of life science and biotech, due to the multi-omics data streaming of DNA, RNA and protein signals from biology linked up to computers in near real time.”

The Company has achieved significant milestones since its last round of fundraising in March 2019. The company recently launched a breakthrough chipset; CRISPR-Chip™ that is built with its proprietary Cardean Transistors. The first of its kind chipset uses CRISPR as the transistor gate, and thereby harvests CRISPR’s powerful natural ability to search through genomes for genetic sequences of interest. This is all accomplished without the need of PCR/DNA amplification, enabling the user to observe the CRISPR search activity and results LIVE on a computer screen.

CRISPR-Chip became the most read Nature Biomedical Engineering paper published last year and was the cover story of the June issue of Nature BME. The CRISPR-Chip is just one of more innovative chipsets Cardea offers its partners via the Cardea Innovation Partnership Program, which is the core of the Company’s business model. In just 18 month the program has received tremendous response with hundreds of companies expressing their interest in potential product development partnerships. The Company expects the first “Powered by Cardea” products to launch in 2020 and 2021.

Cardea’s Chief Business Officer, Rob Lozuk stated: “We envision a future where “Powered by Cardea” products, all running on the same type of chipsets, will significantly impact and improve large markets from human health, agriculture, food and water safety, diagnostics, and environmental monitoring to quality control, security, and drug development.”

“We are thrilled to have found very smart investors that understand the enormous potential of combining biology directly with electronic technology, and together with us, believe in our bold vision where one day very soon humankind will be using biology as technology,” says Michael Heltzen, CEO and Co-founder at Cardea and continues, “We welcome Tsingyuan, Lifespan, Agilent and many others as new shareholders, and we thank Serra Ventures and our other loyal existing shareholders for their continued support and trust in Cardea and our team of talents.”

About Cardea Bio

Cardea is linking biology directly up to computers for the very first time by building a Tech+Bio Infrastructure and offering chipsets based on proprietary Biology-gated Transistors, or Cardean Transistors™. These transistors leverage graphene, a nanomaterial that in contrast to the common semiconductor material silicon, is biocompatible and a near perfect conductor due to only being one atom thick. It that way replaces optical static observations with interactive live-streams of multi-omics signal analysis, representing a new life science observation paradigm where multi-omics data-streams will be the new norm instead of most of the current standard technologies that are single-omics frozen-in-time datasets. Together with their Innovation Partners, Cardea can link biology directly to compute power and convert real-time biological signals to digital information, allowing for immediate biological insight and a new generation of applications Linking up to Life.


Investor and Partnership inquiries

Rob Lozuk

Chief Business Officer

Media inquiries

Amanda Zimmer

Marketing Manager

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Gary Nabors, Ph.D. Joins Integrated BioTherapeutics Inc. as Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Integrated BioTherapeutics Inc. (IBT), a Maryland company specializing in emerging infectious diseases, announced today Dr. Gary Nabors has joined the firm as Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer. IBT is a biotechnology company focused on the development of vaccines and immunotherapeutics.

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Nabors to the IBT team. His extensive experience in advanced development of infectious diseases products will bring great value to IBT’s efforts to transition its lead product candidates into the clinic,” said Dr. M. Javad Aman, President of IBT. “Dr. Nabors’ role as head of product development will enable IBT to effectively translate its discovery pipeline into practical solutions for infectious diseases.”

Prior to joining IBT, Dr. Nabors served in leading roles at several companies including Sanofi Pasteur, Antex Biologics, Emergent BioSolutions, and DynPort Vaccine Company (DVC). He provided strategic leadership as President of DVC from 2014 through 2020. Prior to that, Dr. Nabors oversaw the characterization of biological threat agents as the Deputy Director of the National Biological Threat Characterization Center from 2012-2014. Dr. Nabors also held positions of increasing responsibility in R&D at Emergent BioSolutions from 2003-2012, where he managed a portfolio of products as Senior Vice President of Vaccines and Therapeutics.

“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know the IBT team through past collaborations and I am excited to join the management team to help advance their breakthrough products into clinical development,” said Dr. Nabors. “I look forward to supporting IBT’s mission to bring novel drugs and therapeutics to market to address the public health threat from emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.”

About Integrated BioTherapeutics:

IBT is developing vaccines and immunotherapies for several bacterial and viral infections. IBT’s lead vaccine product is a first-in-class multi-component toxoid vaccine (IBT-V02) against Staphylococcus aureus. Supported by CARB-X and Novo Holding’s Repair Impact Fund, IBT-V02 is currently undergoing cGMP manufacturing and IND-enabling studies with initiation of clinical trials anticipated in late 2021. IBT’s immunotherapeutic pipeline includes a cocktail of monoclonal antibodies for treatment of hemorrhagic fever caused by ebolaviruses (IBT-T02) and a potent, first-in-class, monoclonal antibody against marburgviruses. Furthermore, IBT is developing a number of product candidates for S. aureus, anthrax, and C. difficile based on its proprietary Infection Site Targeted Anti-toxin Antibody (ISTAb) technology. Learn more about IBT’s pipeline at

IBT Bioservices, the contract research division of IBT, offers in-vitro assays and animal infection models to enable lead-to-candidate selection and eventual progress to IND and clinical development.

To learn more visit or email us at

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Protein Metrics Launches Byosphere™ LC/MS Enterprise Platform

Biotherapeutic mass spectrometry analysis software

Byosphere Enterprise LC/MS Platform

Byosphere solves an essential problem for biotherapeutic research, development, and production.

Protein Metrics Inc., a leading provider of desktop mass spectrometry software for protein characterization, announced today the launch of Byosphere™ Enterprise Platform that combines biotherapeutic mass spec data, analysis, and reporting in one environment.

“Byosphere solves an essential problem because typical tools such as ELNs and LIMs cannot handle large, data-rich LC/MS files,” said Eric Carlson, Ph.D., President and CEO of Protein Metrics. “LC/MS data produces some of the most valuable data possible for biotherapeutic research, development, and production. Byosphere will let organizations curate, interrogate, and share that information swiftly and easily for better decision making in less time.”

Byosphere includes Protein Metrics’ leading desktop software, Byos®, which has been adopted by hundreds of organizations worldwide.

The new platform is already implemented with world-leading biotherapeutic developers. Deployable on premise or in the cloud, Byosphere supports collaboration across teams, projects, and geographies and strengthens an organization’s biotherapeutic knowledge and productivity. Customers can also use the same platform in GxP or non-GxP environments.

“We’re thrilled to provide our leading protein analysis solution for enterprise customers, who can now ask deeper questions of their data and use if for advanced analytics,” says Carlson. “We designed Byosphere to integrate easily with existing ELN and LIMS systems and to scale efficiently across one site or many.”

About Protein Metrics

Protein analysis should never be limited by software. With a clear focus on protein characterization, Protein Metrics’ vendor-neutral software allows scientists to use data generated on analytical instruments like mass spectrometers to quickly identify and report protein sequences as well as any variations from the expected form. We innovate so that biopharmaceutical companies and university research labs can achieve confident results from their analysis and reporting. With our customers, we are boldly advancing protein characterization. Protein Metrics is headquartered in Cupertino, CA at the crossroads of computing and biotechnology in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, visit

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Topelia Therapeutics and InfoBionic Partner in Clinical Trial for COVID-19 Quintuple Therapy

Up to 600 participants in a double-blind, placebo-controlled COVID-19 clinical trial will test the efficacy of a virus treatment.

Patient safety is paramount in all our protocols. Our team understands the importance of the initial EKG screening and continuous remote cardiac monitoring for patients on the prescribed therapy.

Ventura, CA-based Topelia Therapeutics selected InfoBionic as its partner in EKG pre-screening and continuous remote cardiac monitoring services for patients enrolled in their NIH-approved clinical trial Quintuple therapy to treat COVID-19 Infection (HAZDpaC).

This Phase II interventional study will test the efficacy of quintuple therapy (Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc) for the treatment of patients who test positive for the COVID-19 virus. This is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Individuals included in the clinical trial are treated with this quintuple therapy for 10-days. The study will last 24-weeks with up to 600 participants. Topelia Therapeutics is actively recruiting patients for this study. Visit https:/

Dr. Sabine Hazan, the clinical trial Principal Investigator stated, “Patient safety is paramount in all our protocols. Our team understands the importance of the initial EKG screening and continuous remote cardiac monitoring for patients on the prescribed therapy.” Further, “Partnering with InfoBionic was made easier when in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, InfoBionic released a new set of features designed specifically to help in monitoring and diagnosing QT prolongation.”

Dr. Hazan has spent more than 2 decades working with the FDA and NIH to bring medicine to new frontiers, she believes there will always be a place for pharmaceutical clinical trials, and hopes to demonstrate that effective, low-cost solutions are available to treat some of today’s most challenging medical conditions.

Cardiology medical expert Dr. Alon Steinberg, the designated Safety and Medical Monitoring physician supporting the trial, was already familiar with the solution and stated, “InfoBionic meets our needs; the device is easy for the patients to use and the advanced full disclosure monitoring and reporting functions ensure patient safety, making this trial and partnership a success.”

Dave MacCutcheon, InfoBionic COO, remarked, “We are excited to be working with the Topelia Therapeutics team on COVID-19 solutions. This trial complements our ReMoteMeTM program that delivers EKG devices directly to patients’ homes, as many are still unable to visit their doctors’ offices due to current quarantine restrictions.”

Topelia Therapeutics and InfoBionic are committed to providing comprehensive, safe, and innovative solutions that further improve the lives of all people during this unprecedented time.

About Topelia Therapeutics

Strategically placed as a genetic sequencing lab, site, CRO, and now sponsor, Topelia Therapeutics has six COVID-19 studies validating testing, prophylaxis, and treatment protocols for the novel coronavirus. For more, visit:

About InfoBionic

InfoBionic is a digital health company transforming the efficiency and economics of ambulatory remote patient monitoring processes by optimizing clinical and real-world utility for the users that need it most – physicians and their patients. The Massachusetts-based team of seasoned entrepreneurs have had successful careers in healthcare, IT, medical devices, and mobile technology, and bring specific expertise in remote monitoring and cardiology. They have seen first-hand the complexities of traditional cardiac arrhythmia detection and monitoring processes and designed the transformative MoMe® Kardia platform to remove the roadblocks hindering faster, more effective diagnosis and decision-making. Frost & Sullivan bestowed the 2019 North American Remote Cardiac Monitoring Technology Leadership Award upon InfoBionic. For more, visit:

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