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Cleaves Family Law Attorney Elected to Executive Board of State Bar Collaborative Law Section

Cleaves Family Law is proud to announce that Jill Lowe, Senior Associate, has been elected to serve as Secretary of the State Bar of Texas Collaborative Law Section for the 2020-2021 business year. Ms. Lowe joined Cleaves Family Law just this year and has quickly become involved in advancing the Collaborative Law movement in Texas.

Before moving from Florida to Texas, Ms. Lowe served on the Board of Directors for Next Generation Divorce Collaborative Group in Tampa, Florida, for over three years, including time as the organization’s Programming Chair and Training Chair. In 2016, she was honored with the Professional Excellence Award from that organization. Ms. Lowe was also a member of Tampa Bay Academy of Collaborative Professionals, a highly selective non-profit organization of attorneys, neutral financials, and neutral facilitators who focus on Collaborative Divorce. She also served in other legal organizations, including as President of the Hillsborough County Bar Association Family Law Section.

According to Managing Partner, Rhonda Cleaves, “Jill has been a great asset to our firm and the greater North Texas legal community. Having her experience as both a litigator and Collaborative Law professional provides our clients with valuable know-how to resolve family law matters. And her willingness to volunteer her time for activities such as this State Bar of Texas section provides incredible value to the legal community and public-at-large, especially when it comes to increasing awareness about the Collaborative Divorce option for families.” 

Ms. Lowe completed introductory Collaborative training in 2012, and later, she attended advanced Collaborative training with Ron Ousky, nationally recognized for his work in the field. Ms. Lowe has years of experience representing clients in the Collaborative Divorce process, but she has utilized the Collaborative Law process to resolve all types of family law disputes, including negotiations of postnuptial agreements. 

“I hope more individuals choose the Collaborative Divorce process over traditional courtroom litigation to resolve their divorce,” said Ms. Lowe. “I have seen first-hand the damage that litigation can cause to families and want to do what I can to steer families away from that destruction. It’s part of why I chose to serve on the executive committee of the State Bar’s Collaborative Law Section – to do what I can to educate the public and other legal professionals about the Collaborative Divorce option.”

Cleaves Family Law represents clients throughout North Texas, including Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant Counties. You can visit their website at or call (972) 403-0333 for more information.

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Attorneys Lynn M. Mirabella and Henry D. Kass of MKFM Law Recognized in The Best Lawyers in America

Attorney Lynn M. Mirabella and Attorney Henry D. Kass

“This recognition honors everyone at our firm for our ability as a whole to zealously advocate on behalf of and support our clients through the course of litigation,” Kass stated.

For more than 30 years, Best Lawyers has been regarded as the most credible measure of legal integrity and distinction in the United States. Inclusion in Best Lawyers is based on a peer-review survey comprised of more than 8.2 million confidential evaluations by the country’s top attorneys. Their founding principle is: The best lawyers know who the best lawyers are.

Lynn is a partner at MKFM Law, who focuses her practice in the area of Family Law, including high-profile cases and complex litigation. Before joining MKFM Law, she worked as an Assistant State’s Attorney with Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office. Lynn is trained in Collaborative Law, Arbitration, and Mediation. She is also trained as a Guardian ad Litem, Child’s Representative, and Attorney for Children.

Lynn is a member of the DuPage County, Kane County, and Illinois State Bar Associations. She was President of Justinian Society of Lawyers for DuPage County and a member of the DuPage Association of Women Lawyers. Lynn has also taught several classes and seminars in both DuPage and Kane Counties. Lynn earned her Bachelor’s degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and her Juris Doctorate degree from IIT/Chicago-Kent College of Law.

“Family law practitioners must not only have the requisite legal skills. They must have the ability to understand and empathize with a client who may be going through the most challenging time of his or her life,” Mirabella commented.

Henry is a partner at MFKM Law, whose practice areas include Family Law, Guardianship, and Criminal Law. He is currently licensed in Illinois and Iowa and primarily serves clients in the counties of Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kendall and Will.

Henry earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa and studied abroad at the University of the Basque Country in San Sebastian, Spain. He earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa College of Law. Henry was an Assistant State’s Attorney with the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office, where he prosecuted domestic violence and felony cases and was awarded a Special Commendation. He also taught Family Law for five years at the College of DuPage.

Henry served as the Vice Chair and Chair to the Child Advocacy Section and Family Law Section. Henry has been awarded the Pro Bono Service Award by the DuPage Legal Assistance Foundation and the Board of Directors Award by the DuPage County Bar Association. He is also a member of the Justinian Society of Lawyers, a Fellow of the Illinois Bar Foundation, has served on the DuPage County Judicial Committee, and was elected to two terms as an Assembly Member to the Illinois State Bar Association.

“This recognition honors everyone at our firm for our ability as a whole to zealously advocate on behalf of and support our clients through the course of litigation,” Kass stated.

About MKFM Law

Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick & Mirabella, LLC (MKFM Law) was established by Joseph F. Mirabella, Sr. in 1949. MKFM Law provides a wide range of legal services to individuals and families throughout DuPage County and Kane County. The firm is committed to providing clients with excellent representation in divorce and family law; employment litigation and sexual harassment; civil litigation; and criminal defense; school law; appeals; adoption; and guardianship.

To learn more, visit or call 630-665-7300 to schedule a consultation.

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Sawyer Obtains Client’s Early Prison Release due to COVID-19 Risks

California criminal defense attorney, Sacramento criminal attorney, Northern California white collar attorney, San Francisco defense lawyer

California Criminal Defense Attorney
Allen Sawyer
The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer

My client is relieved to serve the remainder of his sentence in a safe setting where he can also help his daughter with her homeschooling.

Jim A. Meron had served about a third of his 33-month federal prison sentence for two counts of wire fraud (Case # 2:18-cr-00209-KJM) when Allen Sawyer’s efforts led Chief District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller to grant Meron’s compassionate release from incarceration and admittance to home confinement.

As his criminal defense attorney, Sawyer informed the court that Meron, a cancer survivor who currently suffers from psoriasis, is required to take certain medications that act to suppress his immune system. In conjunction with the increased risk for contracting COVID that prisoners in communal settings face, argued Sawyer, Meron’s continued health issues further put him at risk not only for becoming infected with the coronavirus while incarcerated, but for suffering serious complications and severe illness. As a result, the court modified Meron’s sentence as having fulfilled his time in prison. Meron’s original sentence imposed 36 months of supervised release; this time will be fulfilled as home confinement with his wife in Granite Bay, CA.

“We’re pleased with the court’s decision,” said Sawyer. “My client is relieved to serve the remainder of his sentence in a safe setting where he can also help his daughter with her homeschooling.”

About California Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer

Equipped with more than 20 years of experience as an attorney in California—including time spent as a prosecutor—criminal defense lawyer Allen Sawyer provides unparalleled defense to people charged with serious crimes throughout the state. With a focus on high profile cases that draw considerable media attention, Sawyer defends persons charged with serious crimes throughout California. His extensive legal experience and his impassioned commitment uniquely position him to provide criminal defense to clients in Stockton, Sacramento, San Francisco, Northern California, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Misdemeanors and felonies, Allen Sawyer litigates California criminal defense cases including, but not limited to, the following categories:

The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer are located in Stockton, California. For more information, please directly contact Allen Sawyer at (209) 645-0556 or visit

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New Technology and Efficiency Enhancements Further Differentiate QuantaVerse’s Financial Crime Investigation Report

News Image

“By automating financial crime research and presenting the critical findings in these reports, QuantaVerse has helped reduce by up to 80 percent the time that investigators spend gathering facts and summarizing their research into SARs,” explained David McLaughlin, CEO and Founder of QuantaVerse.

QuantaVerse, which uses AI and machine learning to automate financial crime investigations, has enhanced its Financial Crime Investigation Report (FCIR) so AML cases can be accurately adjudicated more efficiently than ever before. Among other critical information, the QuantaVerse FCIR presents investigators an at-a-glance analysis of transactional relationships, negative news, and money laundering typologies along with risk scores calculated by the QuantaVerse machine learning engine and narratives needed to clear a case or document a suspicious activity report (SAR) submission.

The QuantaVerse FCIR, which meets requirements for properly documenting, explaining, and detailing AML investigations, presents the findings of the QuantaVerse Financial Crime Platform. The QuantaVerse platform has proven to automate approximately 80% of investigation work. By automating the searching, collating, and analyzing of vast amounts of data and then summarizing those findings in the FCIR, QuantaVerse allows investigators to apply their skills, experience, and precious time to adjudicating more cases.

The following enhancements were recently made to the QuantaVerse FCIR:

  • Risk scores presented in the FCIR are derived by the QuantaVerse decision engine, a nonrecurrent neural network that interprets observables (such as line of business, adverse media, jurisdiction, entity type, etc.) and makes accurate determinations on risks. QuantaVerse recently applied Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations, or “LIME,” to further validate risk scores presented in the FCIR.
  • Narratives explaining what risks were found in the case are now joined by a new narrative section that explains what risks were able to be cleared. Each set of narratives include the rationale for those determinations which can be used when explaining why a case was cleared or to document a SAR. For investigators tasked with reviewing flagged TMS alerts, the FCIR narratives have helped reduce the average time spent investigating a case by as many as 40 minutes.
  • Financial crime investigators using the QuantaVerse system suggested reordering sections of the FCIR to best match the way they work through an investigation. Risk narratives have been moved up earlier in the FCIR and the report’s high-level summary was relocated to the top of the first page to bring investigators up to speed quickly.

“By automating financial crime research and presenting the critical findings in these reports, QuantaVerse has helped reduce by up to 80 percent the time that investigators spend gathering facts and summarizing their research into SARs,” explained David McLaughlin, CEO and Founder of QuantaVerse. “Our goal is to help investigators quickly access critical data, including risk scores calculated by the QuantaVerse machine learning engine, so AML teams can more effectively and efficiently investigate financial crimes. This puts the talents of experienced investigators to the highest and best use and moves us closer to eliminating the $2 trillion of dirty money that flows through our financial institutions every year.”

QuantaVerse offers customers two types of FCIRs. Its alert-based FCIRs examine cases that have been triggered by TMS alerts while entity-based FCIRs analyze and document the risk associated with each customer (and their counterparties) on a regular basis as prescribed by each financial institution.

To request a sample of a QuantaVerse FCIR, please visit:

About QuantaVerse

QuantaVerse is the leader of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions purpose-built for identifying financial crimes. QuantaVerse utilizes its AI Financial Crime Platform to reduce financial crime risk by identifying patterns and discerning anomalies that current approaches and systems regularly miss.  The QuantaVerse solutions have helped customers more efficiently comply with AML (Anti-Money Laundering), KYC (Know Your Customer) and FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) regulations. Most importantly, QuantaVerse is helping to rid organizations of money laundering and other financial crimes that support our greatest global ills – the drug trade, human trafficking, terrorism and political corruption. For more information, contact QuantaVerse at (610) 465-7320 or visit

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How Civil and Criminal Courts Deal with Police Misconduct?

Eisner Gorin LLP

State-Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist

Congress has been debating federal police reform legislation following high-profile cases of police misconduct, and subsequent civil unrest nationwide.

Former Deputy District Attorney Dmitry Gorin will moderate a presentation on the need for reform in law enforcement.

Mr. Gorin has both prosecuted and defended numerous cases involving police officers, where their use of force was questioned, there were claims of dishonesty, and they were subject to department discipline.

Attorney Gorin previously moderated a panel on these important issues. See video presentation here.

The speakers at the Beverly Hills Bar’s upcoming presentation represent diverse backgrounds and will discuss how the court process deals with allegations of police officer misconduct, the civil and criminal systems of justice facing law enforcement, and whether there is a need for law enforcement reform: See Zoom webinar registration here.

A presentation is scheduled for September 9, 2020 to further address important topics related to improving law enforcement nationally:

  •     What do police departments need to do to reform the system?
  •     What is the function of police and why does misconduct take place?
  •     How does the District Attorney make decisions on filing charges against police?
  •     How are police trained to use force making an arrest and what are the psychological stressors?
  •     What is reasonably necessary force and how are officers trained to use force?
  •     How do police departments implement additional training to make an impact on perceived issues?

Training, police culture, and hiring practices by police departments are all factors that should be examined closely in the reform debate.

An officer may face split second decisions on the street in protecting himself and the public. With hindsight always being 20/20, experts are expected to discuss how should officers be judged after use of force incidents when someone is injured.

In high-profile cases, police officers often find themselves involved with internal affairs criminal investigations, federal crime investigation, and civil lawsuits.

When an officer’s conduct leads to injury or death, civic leaders demand a criminal prosecution.

However, with the high standard of proof “beyond a reasonable doubt,” often prosecutors choose not to charge citing “insufficient proof.”

An officer and his department can also be sued in civil court which has a lower burden of proof and can financially compensate the injured person or his family. This complex issue has led to the political challenges of elected officials who choose to not prosecute.

Dmitry Gorin is a State-Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist. He is a partner in Eisner Gorin LLP, a criminal defense law firm.

The law firm represents law enforcement officers who are under a criminal investigation, as well as individuals and businesses who are alleged to have committed state and federal crimes.

For more information about our recognized criminal defense law firm, visit us online at: and

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Central Florida Bonding Launches New Blog Explaining the Bail Bonds Process

jail cell with person's hands on the bars of the cell and another person holding the keys on the outside

Many people find themselves in a situation where they need a bail bond, but they do not understand how bail bonds work. Our latest blog provides information about what a bail bond is, how it is used and how to get you or your loved one out of jail.

Central Florida Bonding announces their newest online blog entitled “How Do Bail Bonds Work?” Central Florida Bonding has been serving the greater Orlando, Florida area since 1979. With their blog they hope to inform people about the assistance they render to defendants arrested on criminal charges, felonies and misdemeanors. A defendant can rely on Central Florida Bonding’s expertise to get them bailed from jail as soon as they are properly processed. Their latest blog article explains in an easy to understand format the most important aspects and practical details of the bail bond process. To read the blog in its entirety visit online at:

Hadi Khouri, owner of the agency, stated “Many people find themselves in a situation where they need a bail bond, but they do not understand how bail bonds work. Our latest blog provides information about what a bail bond is, how it is used and how to get you or your loved one out of jail. Many people don’t realize that for each charge the bond amount can vary. Our entire staff can explain more about how the criminal justice system works. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. My staff is also fluent in Spanish so we can effectively help the Spanish speaking community.”

This Orlando based bail bonds agency is available to bond for charges that include arrests related to traffic violations, assault, battery, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), boating while intoxicated (BWI), drug trafficking and possession, driving with a suspended license, robbery, theft, child neglect, tax evasion and many other charges.

Thanks to their professionalism in working with clients, Central Florida Bonding has over 40 years of service helping defendants’ bond out of jail without the immediate need for an attorney. A bail bond can be purchased for a friend or family members as well. Whether arrested on multiple charges or arrested outside of Florida, Central Florida Bonding can help. Bonds can be transferred to wherever defendants are being held in the U.S. Online payments are available on their website

Central Florida Bonding serves defendants in 6 central Florida counties including Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Volusia and Brevard counties. Khouri added, “Our office is conveniently located in the Cox Plaza, just across the street from the Orange County Jail also known as 33rd street jail. Family of loved ones who have been arrested can personally stop by my Orlando bail bond office or visit online to make arrangements for a bond. We have helped many college students bond from jail. It can be very scary for first time offenders. We often have parents of college students calling us from out of state because their child has been arrested. We walk parents through the criminal justice system here in Florida and help them with court reminders as well as paperwork. Bonding from jail can be done long-distance. Parents don’t need to worry we can communicate over the phone and email if they are not here in Orlando.” Central Florida Bonding is located at 2911 39th Street Suite 300, Orlando, FL 32839.

For more information or to learn more about how a bail bond works visit their newest blog online:

To reach Central Florida Bonding directly call 407-841-3646.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Shaffer T. Cormell Named a 2020 Elite Lawyer

Attorney Shaffer T. Cormell

“It is truly an honor to be recognized as an Elite Lawyer by my fellow peers in the legal community. At The Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional legal representation in all criminal matters with our vast knowledge of the law,” Cormell commented.

Elite Lawyer is a directory and rating service that awards and recognizes attorneys who have displayed a high level of competence in their practice area and received recognition from their peers, community, bar, and committees. It serves as a comprehensive resource for attorneys, and an easy-to-use directory for potential clients who are looking to hire a highly respected lawyer. Only the most outstanding and experienced attorneys receive the Elite Lawyer award through a rigorous selection process.

In 1999, Shaffer opened his private practice, The Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell. With offices located in Blythe, Indio, Banning, San Bernardino, and Fontana, he represents clients charged with criminal offenses. With nearly 30 years of experience, Shaffer is skilled in all aspects of criminal law, including DUI, drug crimes, expungements, probation violations, and traffic tickets.

Prior to starting his own firm, Shaffer was the Judge Pro-Tem for Riverside County Superior Courts from 1997-2007. In addition, he is a Former Adjunct Professor of Law at Palo Verde College.

Shaffer is a member of the California Public Defender’s Association, the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, and the California DUI Lawyers Association. He earned his Juris Doctorate degree from the Simon Greenleaf School of Law – Trinity University in California.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized as an Elite Lawyer by my fellow peers in the legal community. At The Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional legal representation in all criminal matters by utilizing our vast knowledge of the law. We consider it a privilege to advocate on our clients’ behalfs to seek justice in every case,” Cormell commented.

About The Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell

The Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell understand that a client’s freedom, reputation, and occupation are often at stake. Attorney Shaffer T. Cormell has extensive experience in criminal law. He is committed to helping defendants successfully navigate the criminal justice system by keeping up to date with current developments in the area of criminal law.

To learn more about The Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell, visit or call 888-922-5051 to schedule a free consultation.

To learn more about Elite Lawyer, visit or call 630-209-6660.

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NC State Crime Lab Now Using STRmix

The North Carolina State Crime Laboratory has begun using STRmix™ v2.7, sophisticated forensic software used to resolve mixed DNA profiles previously thought to be too complex to interpret.

Introduced in late 2019, STRmix™ v2.7 builds on previous versions of STRmix™, while adding several key new features including a variable number of contributors (varNOC) for multi-kits and the ability to compare two or more DNA mixtures to find a common contributor. The new features were added in response to improvements recommended by forensic labs to better address on-the-job needs they regularly encounter.

The North Carolina State Crime Laboratory becomes the 57th forensic lab in the U.S. now using STRmix™ to interpret DNA profiles in criminal investigations. That list includes federal agencies such as the FBI and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), as well as numerous state, local, and private forensic laboratories.

With a full-service laboratory in Raleigh, a Western Regional Crime Lab in Edneyville, and a Triad Regional Crime Lab in Greensboro, the North Carolina State Crime Laboratory examines evidence related to criminal investigations free of charge for any North Carolina public law enforcement agency, including local, state, federal, military, and railroad police organizations.

The laboratory also provides consultation on the value, use, collection, and preservation of evidence; expert testimony in court proceedings; and assistance in collecting evidence and processing crime scenes.

Since its introduction eight years ago, STRmix™ has been used to interpret DNA evidence in more than 160,000 cases worldwide. It has also been used successfully in numerous U.S. court cases, including at least 37 successful admissibility hearings.

“Demand for STRmix™ is high due to its success in producing usable, interpretable, and admissible DNA results in a wide range of criminal cases,” says John Buckleton DSc, FRSNZ, Forensic Scientist at the New Zealand Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) and one of the developers of STRmix™.

Currently in various stages of installation, validation, and training in more than 60 other U.S. organizations, STRmix™ has also proved to be effective in helping to solve cold cases in which evidence originally was dismissed as inconclusive.

The team that created STRmix™ recently launched two other products. DBLR™, an application used with STRmix™, allows users to undertake superfast database searches, visualize the value of their DNA mixture evidence, and carry out mixture to mixture matches. FaSTR™ DNA, meanwhile, is expert forensic software that rapidly analyzes DNA profiles and assigns a Number of Contributors (NoC) estimate.

Designed by scientists for scientists, FaSTR™ DNA combines an intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface with easily understandable and laboratory-customizable rules to expedite the analysis of raw data generated by genetic analyzers and standard profiling kits. FaSTR™ DNA also implements the use of artificial neural networks for peak classification independent of and in parallel to the forensic analyst.

Alongside STRmix™, FaSTR™ DNA and DBLR™ complete the full workflow from analysis to interpretation and database matching.

For more information about STRmix™, visit

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Attorney James R. Snell, Jr. Recognized as a 2020 Legal Elite

“It is an honor to be recognized by my peers for this award. But this really represents the strong work of everyone in my office. Without my dedicated and experienced team members, this would not be possible.”

Attorney James R. Snell, Jr., was recently named as a “2020 Legal Elite” by Columbia Business Monthly, Greenville Business Monthly, and Charleston Business Monthly magazine. This designation was made after peer voting from other South Carolina attorneys. A feature recognizing this “2020 Legal Elite” designation will be in the magazine’s upcoming August issue.

When presented with this award, Snell said, “It is an honor to be recognized by my peers for this award. But this really represents the strong work of everyone in my office. Without my dedicated and experienced team members, this would not be possible.”

Snell’s practice is focused on criminal defense and personal injury litigation. He recently finished construction of a new office building prominently located on the corner of East Main Street and Harmon Street in downtown Lexington. He has been previously recognized by Super Lawyers, Avvo, Lexington Life Magazine, Columbia Living Magazine, and the National Trial Lawyers Association. He is the past-president of the Lexington County Bar Association, and currently serves as the 11th Circuit Chair for the South Carolina Fee Dispute Committee.

He has a B.S. degree from Limestone College, an A.L.M. degree from Harvard University, and a J.D. from the University of South Carolina. He maintains memberships in the National Trial Lawyers Association, National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the National College for DUI Defense.

The Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC was founded in November, 2004. Since that time they have represented numerous individuals throughout South Carolina in a variety of criminal and civil legal matters. Their main office is located in downtown Lexington, South Carolina. They also operate a second location in nearby Columbia. You may contact them at (803) 359-3301 or at

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Rosenfeld & Sawyer Win Critical Aspects of Dana Stubblefield Rape Case

sacramento defense attorney, california criminal attorney, legal defense sports figure, celebrity defense attorney, high-profile defense lawyer

Rosenfeld & Sawyer defend Dana Stubblefield

“The stops and starts involved with the COVID delay made it difficult for jurors to remember what evidence was presented months ago,” said Sawyer. “This isn’t a loss,” said Rosenfeld. “It’s just not a win yet. We were sent into a fight and we still won what was critical.”

Defense attorneys Ken Rosenfeld and Allen Sawyer won crucial counts for former San Francisco 49ers player Dana Stubblefield on Monday, despite his conviction on rape charges in Santa Clara County Superior Court (Case #F1660022). Taken together with trial court complications and COVID-19 delays, the defense attorneys won critical victories.

California criminal defense attorneys Rosenfeld and Sawyer were able to secure for Stubblefield two significant acquittals Monday: rape of a person incapable of giving consent, and oral copulation of a person incapable of giving consent.

“This win signifies a substantial portion of the trial,” said Rosenfeld.

Stubblefield, 49, was found by a jury to be guilty on charges of rape by force using a firearm, oral copulation by force, and false imprisonment; Rosenfeld and Sawyer are hired to defend Stubblefield and this legal matter.

Like most legal matters and other business transpiring this year, the trial was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, which created an extensive mid-trial delay. Much time elapsed after evidence was presented to the jury, which had many impacts on the outcome.

Rosenfeld and Sawyer are representing Stubblefield, who played defensive tackle for the 49ers for seven years.

“This isn’t a loss,” said Rosenfeld. “It’s just not a win yet. We were sent into a fight and we still won what was critical.”

About Ken Rosenfeld and Allen Sawyer

The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer and the Rosenfeld Law Firm are located in Sacramento, Stockton, and San Jose, CA. As California criminal defense lawyers, Ken Rosenfeld and Allen Sawyer aggressively defend a wide range of cases, from first-degree murder to driving under the influence (DUI defense), with a specialty in defending sex offense cases and political corruption cases. As criminal law commentators, Rosenfeld and Sawyer have each made a number of appearances on television and radio, including national media. Their criminal defense law firms practice federal criminal defense and juvenile defense, as well as appellate law, prison law, and mental health law. For more information, please directly contact Allen Sawyer at (209) 645-0556 or Ken Rosenfeld at (916) 447-2070, or visit and

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