Energize Your Mindset – 8 Tips for Moving On From the COVID-19 Alligator Pit by Carrie Vanston, The Alligator Wrangler

With an energized growth mindset, you can say ‘bye bye’ to those gators when they come a-snapping.

As the economy slowly reopens, the unknowns surrounding COVID-19, as well as other news events, continue. The times can feel overwhelming and stressful for many of us as we ponder next steps. It’s easy to get stuck in negative thinking–or in Carrie Vanston’s nomenclature–a proverbial alligator pit. Carrie shares 8 Tips below to help CEOs, leaders, executives, professionals, and well, anyone, move from their alligator pits to energized growth mindsets overflowing with opportunities.

According to Carrie, “Though many businesses and individuals are facing life-changing circumstances, the secret to moving on is consciously shifting from a fixed mindset of negativity and stress to one of empowerment, opportunity, and unexpected outcomes. With an energized growth mindset, this period can become a window of opportunity toward a more intentional future. The 8 Tips below will help you say ‘bye bye’ to those gators when they come a-snapping and move you on to your new best life.”

Energize Your Mindset – 8 Tips For Moving on from the Covid-19 Alligator Pit:

1. Deepen Connections at Home. Be curious, ask open-ended questions, and listen intuitively to those you care about most.

2. Reach Out to Others. Make a list of family, friends, and business associates and reignite relationships.

3. Support Your Community. When we think of others, we forget about our own issues. Look for opportunities to help.

4. Revisit Past Resilience. Consider coping methods you used in a similar situation and how you kept yourself healthy. Use them now.

5. Write it Down. Journaling captures our emotions, our fears, our dreams on paper, so we channel and organize our thoughts quicker.

6. Practice Gratitude. Write down 3-10 gratefuls each day to connect you strongly with your higher intuition and visionary energy.

7. Tackle “One-of-These-Days” Projects. Be open to new ideas to increase your success in your primary business, or kick-start a new business or personal project.

8. Brush up on Your Goals. Review your goals every evening and think about how you’ll FEEL when each is complete. This anchors your conscious and unconscious mind around completing the goals.

Use these tips in your business and your life as the economy opens and think of ones of your own to change your fixed alligator pit mindset to a positive, energized growth mindset full of opportunities. Soon you’ll be saying “See you later Alligator” to those frustrations!

(For an expanded list of the 8 Tips, visit: https://carrievanston.com/articles/energize-your-mindset-8-tips-for-moving-on-from-the-covid-19-alligator-pit)


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About The Alligator Wrangler:

Carrie Vanston works with businesses and professionals who are up to their necks in alligators to move on to energized growth mindsets overflowing with opportunities. She co-authored the award-winning book, “MiniTrends: How Innovators & Entrepreneurs Discover & Profit From Business & Technology Trends” with Dr. John Vanston.

Carrie is a popular speaker (https://carrievanston.com/energizing-audiences) on being a more energized, visionary leader through transforming our mindsets to the positive. She is an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Certified Professional Executive Coach, and accredited with the International Coaching Federation.

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