Concerto Renal Services Brings Home Dialysis Program to Wisconsin

Concerto Renal Services, the nation’s leading provider of dialysis in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), has expanded to the State of Wisconsin. The expansion for Concerto means SNF dialysis patients – who otherwise require transportation to and from outpatient clinics at least three times weekly – can receive services at their home facility. The service is the first of its kind in Wisconsin.

The benefits of SNF dialysis are enhanced due to COVID-19, offering residents and SNFs better protection from coronavirus exposure and community transmission. With its certification from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in Wisconsin, Concerto now provides home dialysis services in five states.

“We’re proud to service Wisconsin dialysis patients and the facilities caring for them,” noted Concerto CEO, Shimmy Meystel. “The benefits of SNF dialysis are becoming increasingly clear, especially at this critical time, so we’re especially honored to do our part promoting safety and better outcomes,” Meystel declared.

Concerto is partnering with Ignite Medical Resorts to offer services at Ignite Medical Resort Oak Creek, a brand new 144-bed SNF in suburban Milwaukee. Primarily focused on the “medical resort” model, Ignite combines luxury accommodations and amenities with advanced clinical programs and rapid rehabilitation. “Our partnership with Concerto is an example of how Ignite offers its guests the chance to recover and receive treatment in a safe and beautiful environment, and to gain strength and independence without excessive transportation that interrupts valuable therapy time,” says CEO Tim Fields. “It also provides our guests more protection from COVID-19 by limiting exposure to high risk outpatient dialysis clinics,” Fields added.

Concerto’s partnership with Ignite is not limited to Wisconsin. Already working together in Illinois, where Concerto is based, the two are also collaborating to open dialysis services in Kansas City, Missouri at Ignite Medical Resort KC Northland, another new 90-bed facility. Additional partnerships in the State of Kansas are also in the planning stages as well. “Concerto and Ignite have similar visions,” concluded Meystel. “We both have something unique to offer SNF residents, and truly believe our services will usher in a brighter future for this vulnerable population. We expect to grow together as SNF residents understandably demand more of their caretakers.”


About Concerto Renal Services

Founded by nursing home operators who grew frustrated with both the quality of in-house dialysis care and the risks of transporting patients offsite to dialyze, Concerto Renal Services began in 2015 with a vision of Giving Life to People on Dialysis. Based in Chicago, Concerto provides in-house services to more nursing home residents than any other provider in America. Concerto’s compassionate and innovative model of three-times-weekly hemodialysis delivers enhanced technology and human capital to a nursing home resident’s doorstep. Concerto believes that dialysis care for nursing home residents should accommodate their lifestyle and conform to their schedule. The result is improved and extended lives, while dramatically reducing the overall costs of these patients to the healthcare system. Concerto operates in Illinois, Maryland, Kansas, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Concerto is also launching operations in several additional states. Learn more at


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About Ignite Medical Resorts

Ignite Medical Resorts provide a combination of luxury and rapid rehabilitation with the amenities of a fine resort. Clinical specialties include Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Cardiac Care, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, and Stroke Recovery. Learn more at

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