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July Numbers Raise Red Flag for Americans with Disabilities

nTIDE info-graphic with employment statistics

“Comparing month-to-month numbers (June 2020 to July 2020), we see a leveling off of the employment-to-population ratio for people with and without disabilities, which may reflect regional resurgences of COVID-19 infections and restrictions of economic activity.” -John O’Neill, Kessler Foundation

Kessler Foundation and University of New Hampshire nTIDE Report—featuring the Just in Time Employment Supports Project, a multi-state project of the University of Iowa Midwest Disability Employment Consortium that implements virtual networks to support job coaches, workers, and employers

July job numbers raise concerns about long-term employment prospects for Americans with disabilities, according to today’s National Trends in Disability Employment – Monthly Update (nTIDE), issued by Kessler Foundation and the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability (UNH-IOD). Prolonged unemployment may discourage workers, causing them to stop looking for work.

nTIDE COVID Update (month-to-month comparison)

In the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Jobs Report released Friday, the employment-to-population ratio for working-age people with disabilities decreased from 28.4 percent in June 2020 to 28.1 percent in July 2020 (down 1.1 percent or 0.3 percentage points). For working-age people without disabilities, the employment-to-population ratio increased from 67.7 percent in June 2020 to 68.4 percent in July 2020 (up 1 percent or 0.7 percentage points). The employment-to-population ratio, a key indicator, reflects the percentage of people who are working relative to the total population (the number of people working divided by the number of people in the total population multiplied by 100).

“Comparing month-to-month numbers (June 2020 to July 2020), we see a leveling off of the employment-to-population ratio for people with and without disabilities, which may reflect regional resurgences of COVID-19 infections and restrictions of economic activity,” said John O’Neill, PhD, director of employment and disability research at Kessler Foundation. “This is in contrast to the last several months, where we saw month-to-month improvements,” he added.

The labor force participation rate for working-age people with disabilities decreased from 34.4 percent in June 2020 to 33.0 percent in July 2020 (down 4.1 percent or 1.4 percentage points). For working-age people without disabilities, the labor force participation rate also increased from 76.2 percent in June 2020 to 76.4 percent in July 2020 (up 0.3 percent or 0.2 percentage points). The labor force participation rate is the percentage of the population that is working, not working and on temporary layoff, or not working and actively looking for work.

“A decrease in the labor force participation rate for people with disabilities raises a red flag,” cautioned economist Andrew Houtenville, PhD, research director of the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability. “It suggests that workers are losing their jobs permanently after being on furlough, and have stopped looking for work and thus, exited the labor force,” “With the potential impact of the recent surges in COVID-19 cases, we should be concerned about long-term employment stress for people with disabilities.”

nTIDE August COVID Update – Friday, August 21 at 12:00 pm Eastern

Stay tuned for more about the employment of people with disabilities as we follow the impact of COVID-19 and look at the numbers in more detail.

Traditional nTIDE Numbers (comparison to the same time last year)

The employment-to-population ratio for working-age people with disabilities decreased from 31.2 percent in July 2019 to 28.1 percent in July 2020 (down 9.9 percent or 3.1 percentage points). For working-age people without disabilities, the employment-to-population ratio also decreased from 74.9 percent in July 2019 to 68.4 percent in July 2020 (down 8.7 percent or 6.5 percentage points).

The labor force participation rate for working-age people with disabilities decreased from 34.1 percent in July 2019 to 33 percent in July 2020 (down 3.2 percent or 1.1 percentage points). For working-age people without disabilities, the labor force participation rate also decreased from 77.9 percent in July 2019 to 76.4 percent in July 2020 (down 1.9 percent or 1.5 percentage points).

For reference, July 2020, among workers ages 16-64, the 4,063,000 workers with disabilities represented 3.0 percent of the total 134,977,000 workers in the U.S.    

Beyond the Numbers

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the U.S. labor market is profound and ongoing. Millions of workers are affected across all sectors, with recovery hindered by resurgent outbreaks in the majority of states. Most severely affected are populations characterized by the intersections of race, poverty, and disability, and the organizations and agencies that support their transition to competitive employment and maximal independence. Technology has emerged as fundamental to the viability of businesses and nonprofit organizations, and to the ability of individuals to stay engaged in the labor force.

As the pandemic triggered lockdowns and closures, the advantages for individuals and organizations with technology-based work flows were immediately apparent, according to Elaine E. Katz, MS, CCC-SLP, senior vice president of the Center for Grants and Communications at Kessler Foundation. The majority of the Foundation’s recent COVID-19 emergency grants went to grantees with acute needs for computers, mobile technology, and internet connectivity.

Well in advance of the pandemic, the Foundation was aware of the potential for technology to improve the outcomes of disability employment initiatives. In 2017, a Kessler Foundation Signature Employment Grant funded the Just in Time Employment Supports Project, a multi-state project of the University of Iowa Midwest Disability Employment Consortium, funded through the State University of Iowa. The Consortium partnered with the University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities of Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, to pilot the use of mobile technology, such as cell phones and tablets, as well apps for facilitating direct communication, to create virtual networks of support for job coaches, workers, and other stakeholders.

The two-year Just in Time Project yielded valuable information about the many ways that utilization of mobile technology in supported employment can encourage open communication, enable timely interventions, and foster greater independence for people with disabilities.

“We recognized that the integration of virtual platforms offered through Just in Time Supports was a way to improve employment outcomes. Incorporating communications technology means job coaches can maintain close contact with colleagues and clients, providing timely support that benefits workers and employers,” Katz said. “The ability to connect remotely means coaches can serve more clients, including those in rural areas, and provide more efficient services.”

The COVID-19 pandemic casts a new light on the findings of the Just in Time Support Project. “The use of technology in disability employment initiatives is no longer optional,” Katz asserted, “it’s essential.”

The Project’s structure and scale yielded another important asset − the Consortium has established a large and functional network throughout the Midwest. ‘The ability to act collectively will be of critical importance,” Katz added, “as the stakeholders in disability employment deal with the challenges and opportunities of the COVID economy.”

Ask Questions about Disability and Employment

Join our nTIDE Lunch & Learn series today, August 7, at 12:00 pm Eastern. This live broadcast, hosted via Zoom Webinar, offers attendees Q&A on the latest nTIDE findings, provides news and updates from the field, as well as invited panelists to discuss current disability-related findings and events. Wendy Parent-Johnson, PhD, director of the Sonoran University Center Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at the University of Arizona, and Julie J. Christensen, LMSW, PhD, director of Policy and advocacy at APSE, join Dr. Houtenville, Dr. O’Neill, and Denise Rozell, Policy Strategist at AUCD. Join live or watch the recordings at:

NOTE: The statistics in the nTIDE are based on Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers but are not identical. They are customized by UNH to combine the statistics for men and women of working age (16 to 64). nTIDE is funded, in part, by grants from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) (90RT5037) and Kessler Foundation.

About Kessler Foundation

Kessler Foundation, a major nonprofit organization in the field of disability, is a global leader in rehabilitation research that seeks to improve cognition, mobility, and long-term outcomes — including employment — for people with neurological disabilities caused by diseases and injuries of the brain and spinal cord. Kessler Foundation leads the nation in funding innovative programs that expand opportunities for employment for people with disabilities. For more information, visit

About the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire

The Institute on Disability (IOD) at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) was established in 1987 to provide a coherent university-based focus for the improvement of knowledge, policies, and practices related to the lives of persons with disabilities and their families. For information on the NIDILRR-funded Employment Policy and Measurement Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, visit

For more information, or to interview an expert, contact:

Carolann Murphy, 973.324.8382,

MRI-Linac Consortium to Use RSSearch Patient Registry to Collect and Track MRI-Guided Radiotherapy Treatment Delivery and Outcomes

News Image

The RSSearch Registry continues to grow and is a valuable resource for multi-institutional observational studies and prospective clinical trials investigating stereotactic radiotherapy and advancing therapies.

The Radiosurgery Society (RSS), a non-profit medical society dedicated to advancing the science and clinical practice of radiosurgery, today announced that the MRI-Linac Consortium will use the Radiosurgery Society’s RSSearch Patient Registry as a centralized database to collect and track treatment delivery and outcomes of patients treated with the MRI-guided radiotherapy.

The MRI-Linac Consortium will be entering prospective and retrospective data on subjects treated with MRI-guided radiotherapy across multiple tumor sites. Combining data from multiple centers will allow the consortium members to analyze the collective data and publish their findings, which will include many of the first patients treated using this MRI-guided radiotherapy. The Consortium’s initial project will focus on gastrointestinal tumors, specifically pancreas and oligometastatic disease, to explore the clinical utility of MRI-guided radiotherapy on these traditionally difficult to treat indications.

“We are embarking on a unique collaboration with the Radiosurgery Society and ViewRay to advance the science and clinical practice of MRI-guided radiotherapy,” said Michael Chuong, M.D., Director of the MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy Program at Miami Cancer Institute and member of the ViewRay Gastrointestinal Cancer Consortium. “The RSSearch Registry provides a comprehensive and flexible system where we can use existing data fields and also customize new ones specific to our study, which will facilitate the analysis of patients treated on MRIdian at various institutions across the globe. Through our contributions to the RSSearch Registry, we hope to demonstrate how MRIdian can achieve substantial clinical benefit for cancer patients.”

The RSSearch Patient Registry is an observational multi-institutional registry established to standardize data collection from patients treated with stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). With data from more than 25,000 patient cases treated with SRS/SBRT, the RSSearch Patient Registry is the largest and most robust live database of its kind in the field of SRS/SBRT managed by a professional medical society.

“We are excited to support the research efforts of the Consortium to advance the field of MRI- guided radiotherapy as a new technology for cancer treatments and patient care. The RSSearch Registry continues to grow and is a valuable resource for multi-institutional observational studies and prospective clinical trials investigating stereotactic radiotherapy and advancing therapies,“ said Iris Gibbs, M.D., President of the RSS Board of Directors.

The RSSearch Patient Registry collects information including patient demographics, lesion characteristics, treatment practices and outcome information including local control, disease progression, survival, toxicity and patient-reported quality of life information. Aggregate data analysis has resulted in several publications on clinical outcomes for radiosurgery treatment of lung tumors, liver metastases, metastatic brain tumors, recurrent head and neck cancer and prostate cancer.

Initially conceptualized and designed in 2005 by a Clinical Advisory Board comprised of radiation oncologists, neurosurgeons, medical oncologists and medical physicists, the RSSearch Patient Registry provides a method to collect standardized data on the use of SRS/SBRT treatment practices and outcomes to help determine its most effective clinical use.

The RSSearch Patient Registry is managed by the RSS and the RSSearch Clinical Advisory Committee, made up of professionals involved in the management and care of patients treated with SRS/SBRT. The registry currently has 26 active sites and more than 80 trained users. Participation in the registry is voluntary and all centers treating patients with SRS/SBRT clinically are encouraged to participate. The RSSearch Patient Registry is listed on (Identifier (NCT number): NCT01885299).

Interested centers should contact Jan Jenkins, RN, Clinical Program Manager at the Radiosurgery Society at

About The Radiosurgery Society®

The Radiosurgery Society (RSS) – a non-profit, independent, multi-disciplinary organization of surgeons, radiation oncologists, physicists, and allied professionals, who are dedicated to advancing the science and clinical practice of radiosurgery. Originally formed in 2002 and becoming (501c6) in 2008, the Radiosurgery Society today ( represents approximately 600 members who perform stereotactic body radiotherapy and radiosurgery in hospitals and freestanding centers throughout the world.

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RadSite Announces Complimentary Webinar Highlighting the Need for Uniform Physics Testing Protocols for Cone Beam CT Imaging

Dr. Siegel notes, “This webinar will feature thought-leaders who are working on developing uniform physics testing protocols, and it will highlight how RadSite plans to incorporate a universal methodology in its new Cone Beam CT accreditation program, scheduled to be launched this fall.”

RadSite™, a leading accreditation organization promoting quality-based imaging practices announced today that its next webinar will take place on Wednesday August 12 at 2 p.m. ET. The webinar is “Moving to a Uniform Physics Testing Protocol for Cone Beam CT Imaging”.

This webinar will describe ongoing activities to establish national standards for Cone Beam CT imaging, with a focus on physics testing. Several thought leaders will discuss recent efforts to develop a uniform phantom that will help standardize physics testing for different Cone Beam CT imaging systems. The presenters will provide a detailed overview on how Cone Beam CT imaging systems operate and how to optimize clinical and quality outputs through standardized measurement protocols.

The webinar will be moderated by Eliot Siegel, MD, RadSite’s Standards Committee Chair, and will feature the following speakers:

  • Jeff Siewerdsen, PhD, Professor, Dept of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
  • John M. Boone, PhD, Professor of Radiology and Chief of Medical Physics, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of California Davis Medical Center
  • Joshua Levy, President, The Phantom Lab

Click here to learn more about this webinar and to register.

“For the past two years, RadSite has been developing national accreditation standards for Cone Beam CT imaging,” notes Dr. Siegel. “One of the challenges for promoting quality-based and consistent Cone Beam CT imaging is the need to develop uniform physics standards, rather than the current situation in which CBCT manufacturers set their own requirements for image quality.” He adds: “This webinar will feature thought-leaders who are working on developing uniform physics testing protocols, and it will highlight how RadSite plans to incorporate a universal methodology in its new Cone Beam CT accreditation program, scheduled to be launched this fall.”

Check out RadSite’s website to learn more about future webinars or to listen to past webinars. Several of these complimentary learing opportunities provide additional background on industry and accreditation trends related to advanced diagnostic imaging (ADI), including Cone Beam CT.

RadSite offers comprehensive, affordable, quality-based accreditation programs that evaluate imaging providers on established industry standards, regulatory requirements, and best practices. Working with health plans and their participating providers also helps raise imaging standards through meaningful imaging quality and patient safety protocols. RadSite is recognized by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and more than 350 payers and radiology benefit managers.

To learn more about RadSite, visit

About RadSite™ (

Founded in 2005, RadSite’s mission is to promote quality-based practices for imaging systems across the U.S. and its territories. RadSite is recognized by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an official accreditation organization under the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) of 2008. RadSite’s programs help assess, track, and report imaging trends in an effort to enhance imaging procedures and outcomes. RadSite also offers educational programs, publishes issue briefs, and underwrites research on a complimentary basis to raise awareness of patient safety issues and to promote best practices. The organization is governed by an independent board and committee system, which is open to a wide range of volunteers to ensure transparency and accountability. To learn more about RadSite, please contact us at (443) 440-6007 or

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SourceFuse achieves the highly coveted AWS Healthcare Competency

SourceFuse understands the business concerns of today’s HLS leaders, demonstrating the positive impact of Cloud Modernization Led Migration Strategy to make them digital future-ready – said Kelly Dyer (, Co-Founder & CEO, SourceFuse.

SourceFuse Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based solutions, today announced that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare Competency status ( This achievement demonstrates our relevant technical proficiency and proven customer success in building Healthcare Solutions on AWS that securely store, process, transmit, and analyze clinical information. In the AWS Partner Network, SourceFuse is the First Advanced Consulting Partner in the APAC region and the 15th worldwide to achieve the Healthcare Competency.

“Our aim is to strengthen the Healthcare industry through our deep technical expertise combined with our strong domain knowledge. Our team is dedicated to helping customers in the Healthcare industry achieve their business goals by leveraging the agility of the AWS Cloud,” added Kelly.

SourceFuse’s Cloud-Enabled Solutions and diverse partner ecosystem empower Healthcare Organizations to make faster decisions and continuously enhance the quality of care. With an extensive background in Healthcare and Life Sciences, we seek to leverage Big Data, IoT, AI, and ML Services to provide better care, prevent diseases, and optimize the continuum of care. Our focused execution and ability to adapt quickly in the face of change enables us to deliver scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. Our healthcare solutions enhance patient engagement, streamline clinical processes, and improve the performance of healthcare providers.

We recently launched SF Medic (, our AI-enabled Telemedicine Solution that offers personalized clinical decision support intervention for clinicians. A HIPAA Compliant Solution that is built with artificial intelligence (AI) & natural language processing (NLP) services, real-time messaging, and most importantly, regulated and secured infrastructure to protect patient data.

Being AWS Advanced Consulting and Healthcare Competency Partners, we leverage AWS services like AWS IAM, AWS Shield, CloudCheckr and AWS CloudTrail to provide Healthcare organizations with HIPAA and GDPR compliant solutions. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify Consulting and Technology APN Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

Learn More:

About SourceFuse

SourceFuse Inc. is transforming the way today’s most successful companies develop breakthrough roadmaps leveraging cloud-based technologies. A leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, SourceFuse has delivered over 600 AWS implementations that boosts efficiency, ensures compliance, delivers actionable insights and lowers total cost of ownership.

With 14 years of deep expertise, commitment to digital innovation, service excellence and customer success, we enable enterprises through application modernization and windows migration services of legacy workloads. Headquartered in the United States, SourceFuse has regional offices in UK, Australia, Hong Kong and India. For more updates, follow SourceFuse on LinkedIn (, Twitter ( and website (

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Candelis, Inc. Receives Approval to Market ImageGrid PACS Products in Argentina

Candelis, Inc., a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective solutions to hospitals and imaging centers, announced today that it has received approval to market their ImageGrid image management devices, diagnostic viewers, and ASTRA cloud service solutions in Argentina.

Since last year, Candelis has performed extensive pre-approval work to meet the regulatory requirements of the Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnología Médica (ANMAT), the regulatory control body of Argentina. In addition, Candelis has secured a relationship with Access Medical Systems, based in Buenos Aires to distribute the Candelis portfolio throughout Argentina. Access Medical Systems (AMS) has been in the healthcare market for over 20 years bringing innovation, high quality products and world class service to medical institutions throughout Argentina.

“Candelis continues to expand its distribution globally and now into Argentina due to our partnership with Access Medical. This regulatory approval allows Candelis to bring together a cost-effective method for medical institutions to use PACS and VNA solutions to address their image management needs. With Candelis’ products now available in Argentina, we are optimistic that our healthcare innovations will contribute significantly to healthcare innovations in Argentina and continue to grow on a global scale,” said Robert Van Uitert, PhD, Vice President of Marketing at Candelis.

“We are proud to add a leading company like Candelis to our product portfolio and we are thankful for the trust they placed in us to develop the market. I am convinced that our forces joined together will make Argentina a success story with state-of-the-art products and satisfied customers. Since the very beginning of AMS, I have been looking to work with companies with high technology products and this is no exception. I am happy to welcome Candelis to the Access Medical System family and look forward to a fruitful long-lasting relationship for the benefit of both companies and, of course, the Argentinian customers,” said Rubén Telmo, President of Access Medical Systems.

Candelis offers turnkey radiology solutions for more than 3,700 hospitals and imaging centers worldwide. The Candelis portfolio encompasses a breadth of innovative and cost-effective PACS and workflow IT solutions that significantly increase practice efficiency and extend the quality of service provided to referring physicians and specialists. This includes image management and workflow optimization, data migration, medical image visualization, and healthcare cloud services.

About Candelis, Inc.

Candelis, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective enterprise healthcare solutions to hospitals, imaging centers and top tier healthcare equipment providers. With over 3,700 installations globally, these solutions significantly increase practice efficiency and the quality of service provided to radiologists, referring physicians and specialists. Candelis provides enterprise class image and modality management, full-featured visualization tools, seamlessly integrated workflow products, and ASTRA™ Cloud services. Candelis is the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan 2020 Best Practices New Product Innovation Award for its Global Breast Imaging Workstation.

Media Inquiries:

Tricia Buenvenida, +1 (949) 416-0057

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CentrAlert to Release Free COVID-19 Mobile Notification App

News Image

CentrAlert, Inc. today announced the launch of their free Know NOW! App to help everyone gain access to essential COVID-19 information. Know NOW!, which is available for Apple and Android, seeks to streamline the various sources of COVID-19 updates and unify them in one easy-to-use mobile application.

“When COVID-19 first hit, there was so much that we didn’t know,” says CentrAlert CEO, Jeff Whattam. “But after going through four months of lockdowns, testing and social distancing, there almost seems to be too much information out there. With the country starting to re-open, conditions are prime for a second wave of infections and our Know NOW! App offers one simple interface to keep users safe and informed.”

Amid the chaos of COVID-19, it’s this very simplicity that is the strongest asset of Know NOW! Upon downloading the App, users just select their Current or Home Location to gain access to every core feature.

The first of these features is Governor alerts. With each state largely in control of their own response, there has been no single way to keep up with the most recent COVID-19 updates. However, Know NOW! shares real-time alerts from state Governors so that the user is always informed of the latest executive orders, restrictions, re-openings and more. These alerts, which are delivered in-App and as push notifications, are archived for five days with new updates taking precedence.

In addition to providing users with the most up-to-date state information, Know NOW! also offers access to a variety of interactive maps. Central to this functionality is the COVID-19 Test Site Map. With the virus hitting so swiftly, the average person had no idea how to find their nearest COVID-19 test site. The team behind Know NOW! has sought to remedy this issue by researching an ever-growing list of over 7,000 test sites across the country, with directions from your current location available for each. On top of this, Know NOW! offers two other map views with official state and national CDC statistics as well as hospital and urgent care locations.

As the year wears on, Know NOW! will unveil new features with uses far beyond COVID-19. “We don’t want people to think of Know NOW! exclusively as a tool for fighting COVID-19 – we want users to be able to get other information too,” says Whattam. “Later in 2020, we plan to release additional features for Know NOW!, such as weather and other emergency alerts. We will also offer public and private entities alike the opportunity to create their own alert groups for more specialized communication.”

The Know NOW! App is available absolutely free for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic on the App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit

About CentrAlert

Founded in 1997 and based in Lexington, Kentucky, CentrAlert produces Crisis-Driven Alert & Control (C-DAC), an intelligent emergency alert and control system. C-DAC directs personal communication to targeted recipients, coordinates mass notification using any device, and provides adaptive intelligent controls to secure environments and mitigate the effects of a crisis. For more information, visit

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Dr. Carlos Alarcon and Dr. Elizabeth Taghechian of Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A. Recognized as “2020 Top Doctors” in Atlanta Magazine

News Image

We are so honored to have two of our exceptional physicians recognized as “2020 Top Doctors” by Atlanta Magazine. Our entire team provides patients with compassionate, high-quality care, said Kimberly Beatty, Practice Manager at Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates.

Atlanta Magazine partnered with Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., a healthcare research firm based in New York, to complete the “Top Doctor” survey. The mission of Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. is to help consumers find the best healthcare. A randomly selected sample of board-certified physicians and key medical leaders were asked to identify outstanding doctors in their respective specialties. As a result of the hundreds of medical professionals surveyed, Atlanta’s Top Doctors are named. Doctors do not and cannot pay to be selected and profiled as a Castle Connolly “Top Doctor.”

The respected medical professionals at Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A., provide a broad range of women’s care, from young adolescence to pregnancy, menopause, and beyond. Services offered at Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates P.A. include general medical care as well as specialized treatments relating to the reproductive system and complex gynecologic surgeries. Dr. Alarcon and Dr. Taghechian exemplify the practice’s mission of combining excellent medical care with sensitivity and compassion.

Dr. Taghechian earned her medical degree from Medical College of Georgia in 1998 and completed her residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at Greenville Memorial Hospital, in Greenville, S.C. in 2002. She provides a full range of gynecological treatments as well as general and high-risk obstetrics.

Dr. Alarcon graduated from Emory University School of Medicine in 2006 and also completed his residency training at Emory. He has over 14 years of diverse medical experience and feels privileged to be involved in some of the most intimate and emotional events in patients’ lives.

“We are so honored to have two of our exceptional physicians recognized as “2020 Top Doctors” by Atlanta Magazine. Our entire team provides patients with compassionate, high-quality care,” said Kimberly Beatty, Practice Manager at Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates.

About Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A.:

Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A. serves its patients from its main office in the Kennestone Outpatient Pavilion attached to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital and a West Cobb office on Dallas Highway. Our attentive physicians and nurse practitioners provide a broad range of women’s general medical and specialized reproductive care. Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A. is dedicated to meeting the needs of women of every age, from adolescence through menopause and beyond.

For more information about Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A. or to schedule an appointment, please visit, or call (770) 422-8505.

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Filtra-Systems Introduces A New Point-Of-Use PFOA and PFOS (PFAS) Removal Filter For Homes, Apartments and Offices

Filtra-Systems New Under-Sink PFAS Removal Filter

Filtra-Systems New Under-Sink PFAS Removal Filter

Filtra-Systems Company, manufacturers of filtration systems and products and other high-performance filtration systems, announced today the largest consumer product launch in company history with the release of a new point-of-use PFAS removal filter.

For almost 90 years, manufacturers have been using the man-made chemicals Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) to make many consumer products, including carpets, clothing, non-stick pans, paints, polishes, waxes, cleaning products, and food packaging.

Over time, PFAS released from manufacturing sites, landfills, firefighting foam, and other products seep into the soil. PFAS then gets into groundwater and can contaminate drinking water. PFAS have been widely detected in air, soil, water, and food.

The C8 Health Project* study conducted in West Virginia and Ohio included 69,030 participants who had elevated PFOA levels in blood that are approximately 500% higher than the representative population. The study found a link between high blood concentrations of PFOA with ulcerative colitis, impaired thyroid function, high blood cholesterol, testicular cancer, kidney cancer and preeclampsia.

These high risk health concerns are the reasons Filtra Systems decided to take action by engineering a low cost, safe and effective PFAS filter.

After investing countless engineering hours in research and discovery, Filtra Systems successfully developed a point-of-use PFAS removal filter for homes, apartments, and offices.

The final design focused on operation and ease of installation. Filtra-Systems engineers knew the filter had to be nimble and versatile to fit in most home/office/apartment installations. It was also designed for other installations including beverage faucets and refrigerator/freezer water line connections.

The PFAS filter was tested in an EPA certified lab, with results showing the filter removes 85.7% more PFAS than the federal mandate to levels which are considered to be non-detectable.

The new PFAS removal filter can be purchased individually or with multiple connection kit options. All connection kits come complete with PFAS removal filter, hoses and certified fittings. Optional faucet selections are also available, which include a filter replacement LED indicator.

Features and benefits include:

  •     Protects your family and pets from harmful PFAS contaminated water health problems
  •     Fast and easy 10-minute self-installation to your existing cold water line using only a wrench
  •     Filters up to 1,000 gallons of drinking water lasting approximately 6-months
  •     Works with all water systems including rural wells, community wells and municipal city water.

“It’s with great happiness and genuine excitement that we announce the release of the new PFAS Removal Filter system,” said Keith Bratten, President of Filtra-Systems Company. “We have a proven track record when it comes to providing industrial PFAS removal systems, and now you can trust that your water at home is PFAS-free thanks to this new easy-to-install filter system that offers the same results on a much smaller scale.”

Filtra-Systems is a Chickasaw Nation Industries, Inc. (CNI) company. CNI regards water as the most valuable resource on our planet. Together we are focused on removing PFAS from water to help preserve and protect as much of our population as possible.

To learn more about the new PFAS Removal Filter system, please visit Filtra Supply.

About Filtra-Systems Company LLC

A pioneer in groundbreaking scientific, engineering and manufacturing developments since 1979, Filtra-Systems Company LLC has completed more than 16,000 projects in the United States and globally.

We help a wide range of public and private clients, directing complex projects from concept to successful operation to help solve the toughest filtration and separation challenges.

Our products and services, used alone or jointly with other strategies and systems, include: wastewater, groundwater, produced water and industrial process water cleanup and more.

Filtra-Systems has applied these technologies in tens of thousands of applications worldwide and are proud to help people remove PFAS from their drinking water.

For more information please contact Filtra-Systems at 248-427-9090 or email info(at)filtrasystems(dot)com.

To learn more about Filtra-Systems and the products and services offered, please visit

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How Consumerism, Technology, and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future

At a time when the healthcare industry is accelerating the adoption of telehealth and virtual care models in the wake of the pandemic, Healthcare Digital Transformation: How Consumerism, Technology, and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future (Taylor & Francis, August 2020) is an essential handbook and guide for digital health and digital transformation leaders in healthcare in response to the pandemic and changing consumer preferences.

The new book by Paddy Padmanabhan, CEO of Damo Consulting, and Edward Marx, Chief Digital Officer, The HCI Group, is a reference guide for healthcare executives and technology providers responsible for telehealth and digital front door solutions and for leaders involved in the ongoing digital transformation of the healthcare sector. It provides telehealth and digital transformation strategies for a post-pandemic era.

Based on the authors’ extensive experience as hands-on practitioners, Healthcare Digital Transformation provides actionable insights on developing enterprise digital roadmaps and implementing digital health solutions at every touchpoint in a consumer’s journey for a post-COVID-19 future. With strong backgrounds in healthcare technology, the authors provide practical insights and guidance on developing robust digital roadmaps, picking the right technology partners, and implementing enterprise digital transformation successfully using agile principles.

“The idea for the book came together as the result of the work that Ed and I did together while he was the CIO of Cleveland Clinic,” said Padmanabhan. “I am grateful to Ed for the partnership on this book. We spoke with over 150 healthcare and technology executives in writing this book. Their insights, especially with digital transformation, and their pandemic response have greatly informed the various themes we have explored in writing the book. This book provides insights on the future of healthcare in a post-COVID-19 era and healthcare’s digital transformation journey,” he adds.

“COVID-19 has forced us to rethink our options for accelerating healthcare digital transformation,” said Marx. “We need to embrace the digital health platforms in dealing with the disruption of the pandemic, find opportunities for innovation, and prepare for the post-pandemic era. My association with Paddy goes back to several years and I am once again pleased to work with him in writing this book,” he adds.

About the authors:

Paddy Padmanabhan is an award-winning business leader and entrepreneur with deep experience in healthcare technology markets. Paddy is the Founder and CEO of Damo Consulting Inc., a digital transformation and growth advisory firm focused on healthcare. He is also the author of the best-selling book The Big Unlock – Harnessing Data and Growing Digital Health Businesses in a Value-based Care Era (Archway Publishing, 2017). Paddy is the host of the highly subscribed The Big Unlock podcast on digital transformation in healthcare featuring C-level executives from the healthcare and technology sectors. He is widely published and has a by-lined column in CIO Magazine and other respected industry publications. Paddy is a graduate of the executive management program of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, and a B.S in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Edward Marx serves as the Chief Digital Officer for Tech Mahindra / HCI Health & Life Sciences division. He has served as CIO in many progressive organizations that include Cleveland Clinic, New York City Health & Hospitals, Texas Health Resources, and University Hospitals of Cleveland. Edward began his distinguished military career starting as a combat medic and finishing as a combat engineer officer. He is the author of several books including the best-selling Voices of Innovation (2019), Scenes from an Early Morning Run (2019), Extraordinary Tales of a Rather Ordinary Man (2015). In his spare time Edward races for Team USA Duathlon and loves to hike and climb mountains with his wife Simran. Edward received his bachelor’s in psychology and master’s in design, merchandising and consumer sciences, all from Colorado State University.

About Damo Consulting Inc.

Damo Consulting provides digital transformation advisory services to enable healthcare organizations navigate the technology-enabled transition to telehealth and virtual care. We bring deep industry knowledge, market insights and technology skills to help develop and implement enterprise digital roadmaps. We work with healthcare IT and digital health firms to develop and execute market growth strategies.

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DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ Products Honored With Prestigious Industry Awards

Physician formulated DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ products continue to win praise in the Cannabinoid marketplace for quality and efficacy. The company’s Muscle & Joint Ointment placed third in the 710 Degree Cup industry awards topical category. The CBD Pure Pain Tincture and the CBD Soothing Honey-Lemon Lozenge scored top honors from CBD Informative, an independent reviewing agency.

The products were developed by Dr. Elaine Burns, the first Arizona healthcare professional to pass the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine certification test. Top orthopedic and sports doctors regularly refer patients to Dr. Burns, as does Barrow Neurologic Institute and Banner Health. All DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ products are made from proprietary formulas with every batch’s potency verified through independent lab testing.

Dr. Burns ReLeaf™ Muscle & Joint Ointment is a THC infused powerhouse for pain management. It relieves pain through a proprietary 1:1 blend of 400 mg. of CBD and 400 mg. of THC along with other botanicals like arnica and willow to further its pain relief effectiveness. The product’s base is highly absorbable, and there is no smell of cannabis advertising that the wearer is using a medical marijuana product. DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ Muscle & Joint Ointment is available for qualifying patients at select Arizona licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ CBD Pure Pain Tincture was awarded a 9.8 out of a possible 10 points by CBD Informative, with a 99.5% accuracy rating. Previously, this same product was ranked third in the tincture category at the 710 Degree Cup.

The CBD Soothing Lozenges were awarded 8.63 points. Designed to help ease the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety, DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ lozenges can be used daily for general wellness.

The CBD Pure Pain Tincture and CBD Soothing Lozenges do not contain THC and are available without a qualifying condition or prescription online.

CBD Informative provides third party testing, rating every product on potency, effects, taste and packaging. The categories are weighted, with a significant value placed on potency, which is verified through independent lab testing. Products lose points when this testing does not back up their stated potency.

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