WinCan Launches Sewermatics, AI-Powered Data Services for Sewer Inspection

WinCans Sewermatics Data Services

Sewermatics Data Services by WinCan

Our Sewermatics team of certified WinCan experts is supported by AI technology that helps get coding done more quickly and accurately.

WinCan, the world’s most widely-used wastewater infrastructure inspection and analysis software, is introducing Sewermatics, a new collection of AI-powered services that help inspection teams work more efficiently, gain new insights and make data-driven decisions.

Sewermatics offers four core services: AI-powered defect coding, data conversion, platform integration and cloud hosting. Municipalities and contractors can offload any or all of their data management and analysis to Sewermatics and focus on essential field work.

Sewermatics’ AI-supported defect coding lets municipalities handoff inspection footage for observation entry and QA. Not only does it alleviate workloads and accelerate progress, it minimizes user error and extracts value from legacy data. The Sewermatics team can also help transfer data from any software or database into WinCan standardized to NASSCO’s PACP 7 or any other inspection standard.

“Our Sewermatics team of certified WinCan experts is supported by AI technology that helps get coding done more quickly and accurately,” says Mike Russin, General Manager of WinCan LLC and Sewermatics. “We can even take legacy data that was coded to a different standard, giving that data value and helping inspection teams make more informed decisions when it comes to rehab planning and maintenance.”

Platform integration services from Sewermatics seamlessly integrate WinCan with industry-leading asset management and mapping partners, such as Esri’s ArcGIS, Cityworks, CentralSquare EAM (powered by Lucity) and Cartegraph. With multiple avenues for data visualization and greater insight into where pipes lay, engineers can make more informed decisions in planning inspection and rehabilitation projects, saving time and money.

Finally, cloud hosting through WinCan Web increases accessibility, automates inspection workflows, enables remote collaboration and streamlines deliverables. Integration with WinCan VX enables users to easily transfer project data back and forth for quick revision, backup or validation.

About WinCan

WinCan was the original sewer inspection and asset management software when it entered the market 20 years ago. Today, it’s the most trusted sewer software brand worldwide, thanks to continuous innovation and exceptional support. WinCan transforms raw inspection data into the intelligence municipalities and contractors need to make critical maintenance decisions.

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