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International Integrated Solutions Welcomes Dell Expert Jay Singh as Practice Manager

Jay Singh, Dell practice manager, IIS

I am eager to add value to the IIS team as the firm continues its expanded focus on delivering Dell offerings to customers. I look forward to helping more customers transform and thrive with innovative end-to-end technology solutions.

International Integrated Solutions (IIS), a leading managed services provider and systems integrator, has just announced the appointment of Jay Singh to the position of practice manager, with responsibility for the Dell tri-state area relationship. In this role, Singh will help develop the firm’s capabilities around Dell’s expansive technology and services portfolio to help customers drive digital transformation.

Prior to joining IIS, Singh was a data center compute executive with Dell Technologies where he was responsible for servers, networking and storage. With extensive experience designing end-to-end Dell Technologies solutions, Singh brings advanced Dell expertise to the role to empower IIS customers to solve their most pressing IT challenges.

“I am eager to add value to the IIS team as the firm continues its expanded focus on delivering Dell offerings to customers,” said Singh. “I look forward to helping more customers transform and thrive with innovative end-to-end technology solutions.”

“The addition of Jay to our team marks a significant milestone for IIS, as we take yet another step in building out our capabilities around Dell Technologies,” said John Iacone, CEO, IIS. “His strong business acumen coupled with a deep knowledge base of Dell’s portfolio of solutions position him perfectly for this role, as we continue to deliver technology innovation with profound impact to customers.”

As a Dell Technologies Platinum partner, IIS offers expertise in Midrange and Enterprise storage, Dell’s next-gen PowerStore solution, as well as end-user computing, hyperconverged infrastructure, Data Protection Suite, PowerEdge Servers and Dell Networking technologies.

About IIS

International Integrated Solutions (IIS) is a leading managed services provider and systems integrator that delivers compute, storage infrastructure and management solutions for the data center, public and private clouds. Since its inception in 1990, IIS has built high-status partnerships with the likes of Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Microsoft, Nutanix, Nvidia, RedHat, VMware and others.

The company has earned numerous awards and accolades, including the CRN Solution Provider 500, CRN MSP Elite 150, CRN Women of the Channel, CRN Triple Crown, CRN Big Data Solutions Provider Innovator, CIO Applications Magazine’s Top 25 Cloud Solutions Providers, CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising IT Infrastructure Providers, CIO Review’s Top 50 Most Admired Companies, Insight Success’s Most Trusted Brands, Silicon Review’s Top Big Data Company and more.

For more information visit, Twitter or LinkedIn

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Genuitec Takes Pair Programming to the Next Level with CodeTogether 2.0

CodeTogether 2.0

CodeTogether 2.0

CodeTogether’s unique approach to remote pair programming makes it as intuitive as pairing on the same machine—minus arguments over keyboard control.

“CodeTogether’s unique approach to remote pair programming makes it as intuitive as pairing on the same machine—minus arguments over keyboard control,” said Todd Williams, Vice President of Technology at Genuitec. CodeTogether 2.0 brings major improvements to its already robust collaborative coding capabilities, including simultaneous editing and support for multiple developer groups.

Control flow enhancements in this release allow developers to code at will, organically. Whether coding alone or in a team of 10, no time is wasted with hotkeys, dialogs or control requests. If developers would like to pursue their own investigation or code alone, they can flip a switch to do so. Multiple developers, or groups of developers, can be editing simultaneously in a session, naturally switching between driver and navigator roles, resulting in a truly powerful remote working environment.

“The new IDE Experience feature allows developers to use their preferred IDE’s key bindings and look and feel for a smoother transition to coding in the browser,” said Brian Fernandes, Genuitec’s Customer Evangelist. “We wanted developers to feel at home, even as they code in a completely different environment, and believe having a familiar set of key bindings is a critical step in that direction.”

This release continues to improve IDE support—with a special focus on IntelliJ, it provides improved content assist, participant annotations, and supports projects with multiple modules/content roots. Across IDEs, it adds support for quick fixes, additional languages and structured outlines. Validation is now more reliable, and dozens of fixes have been included to further improve the remote coding experience.

Since version 1.2, CodeTogether has been end-to-end encrypted, making it impossible for anyone outside the shared session to access source code. With this release, for even greater control over source access, enterprise customers can now deploy private instances of CodeTogether behind the firewall. This added option provides a unique offering for enterprises as the only pair programming solution for desktop IDEs that is both heterogeneous and able to run fully on-premises.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Genuitec continues to delay the monetization of premium level features in its cloud based SaaS offering – all CodeTogether features are currently available free of cost. CodeTogether will always have a free usage tier for all users.

To learn more about CodeTogether, visit Chat with the development and support teams live on the CodeTogether Gitter community, or use the issue tracker to submit bugs or feedback.

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Introducing Petpuls, the AI-powered Dog Collar That Gives Your Dog a ‘Voice’

Petpuls, the AI-powered dog collar that gives your dog a ‘voice’

“Petpuls was born from my desire to use AI and IoT technology to help dog lovers better understand their canine companions. The AI-driven data accumulated by Petpuls can create more meaningful relationships between dogs and the humans they interact with: dog owners, walkers, caretakers and vets.”

Petpuls, the AI-powered dog collar that gives your dog a ‘voice,’ today announced a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to bring its smart dog collar to the US market. Petpuls utilizes a collar with built-in, AI-enabled voice recognition technology. The collar pairs via Wi-Fi with an accompanying iOS or Android app to detect and analyze a dog’s emotional state and also tracks its physical well-being — to help dog owners better understand and manage their dog’s entire life span. View a short video of Petpuls in action here.

How Petpuls Works.

Petpuls uses voice recognition technology to analyze and track a dog’s emotional well-being by day, week and month. Petpuls’ patent-pending, AI-enabled voice recognition technology uses a proprietary algorithm in combination with a database of more than 10,000 bark samples from 50 breeds of dogs in four different sizes to detect and determine a dog’s five emotional states — happy, anxious, angry, sad or relaxed — with an Emotional Recognition Accuracy Rate of more than 80%. (Source: Seoul National University R&D). Petpuls’s AI-driven database grows even more accurate over time as it records and accumulates the dog’s ‘voice’ data, helping the dog’s owner to better understand their dog’s emotions — and what triggers them — to better manage their furry friend’s full 10-15+ year life span. The collar also functions as an activity tracker, with a built-in accelerometer sensor that automatically calculates the number of calories a dog burns from exercise by the hour, day, week or month.

Petpuls Key Features and Specifications:

  • Smart dog collar with an adjustable strap available in two sizes — small, 15.75” (40cm) or large, 31.5” (80cm) — to fit small and large breed dogs from Chihuahuas to Great Danes
  • Eco-friendly, detachable, interchangeable silicone collar strap is bright safety orange by default. Additional collar straps are available for purchase in blue, green, hot pink and turquoise to allow for unique color combinations.
  • Lightweight (approx. 1 oz / 25g) smart collar is water-resistant (IP65) and features a 3-color, backlit LED display optimized for outdoor use, power button, microphone, reset button and a USB charging portal
  • Battery life: 8-10 hours on a single charge; nightly charging recommended
  • Petpuls App supports up to five different dog profiles, enabling people who own multiple dogs and Petpuls smart collars to track them in a single app
  • A “My Pet Registration” feature for dog owners to create a unique profile of their dog within the Petpuls Community — its name, breed, age, gender, weight and more
  • A “Pet Favorites” feature allows dog owners to keep track of their dog’s food, toys and other dog friends who are also registered as part of the Petpuls Community
  • Companion app compatible with iOS (version 11 or higher) and Android (version 4.1 or higher)
  • Wi-Fi pairing in house – about 15 ft (5m): smart collar tethers to the owner’s smartphone outdoors and syncs with the paired app once they reconnect to Wi-Fi
  • KC, ROHS and MSDS Certifications; FCC certification pending

The global pet care market is expected to be worth $42.6bn by 2022, with 40% of its expected growth forecast to come from the Americas region. The growing trend for pet humanization and changing consumer preferences have made pet owners increasingly conscious of their pets’ health — particularly in the US market where Gen X and Millennial dog owners define dog ownership. Dogs in the Western world are regarded as more than “just a pet” by their owners; they are part of the immediate family.

Petpuls is the life’s mission of its founder and CEO, Vincent Kim, who became a dog lover at an early age and is currently a dog parent to a Korean Jindo named Dori. “Petpuls was born from my desire to use AI and IoT technology to help dog lovers better understand their canine companions,” said Kim. “The AI-driven data accumulated by the Petpuls collar can create more meaningful relationships between dogs and the humans they regularly interact with: dog owners, walkers, caretakers and veterinarians. We envision the Petpuls platform as a large global community of dog lovers: a community that is safe, fun, playful and informative, where dog owners not only track their dog’s emotions and exercise, but also meet other dog aficionados, set up dog play dates, talk about the latest in dog food, fashion, healthcare and more.”

Petpuls is available now on Indiegogo at a special early bird price of $79.00 and will begin shipping to customers in late August 2020. Additional straps are available for purchase for $25 each. The smart collar will retail for $99 on Amazon once the Indiegogo campaign ends in late August. Access the Petpuls Press Kit here or learn more about Petpuls at

About Petpuls

Petpuls is the AI-powered dog collar that gives your dog a ‘voice.’ The Petpuls system utilizes a smart collar and an accompanying iOS or Android smartphone app to analyze your dog’s emotional state and its physical well-being — allowing you to better understand and manage your dog’s entire life span. Our patent-pending, AI-enabled voice recognition technology uses a proprietary algorithm combined with a database of more than 10K bark samples from 50 breeds of dogs in four different sizes to detect and determine the five different emotional states of your dog — happy, relaxed, anxious, angry or sad.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Seoul, with an additional office in San Francisco, Petpuls is a privately held company and a subsidiary of RWave, Inc. Follow us on social media on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or learn more at

All trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

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Experts Launch the RightStar Alliance to Fuel B2B Private-Equity-Backed Portfolio Company Growth

RightStar Alliance

The RightStar Alliance seamlessly delivers the brand development, marketing, sales, and GTM technology expertise that B2B private-equity-backed portfolio companies need to fuel growth and long-term value.

SBI, Sustena Group, and OpFocus today launched the RightStar Alliance to help B2B private-equity-backed portfolio companies fuel growth and create long-term enterprise value. The Alliance seamlessly delivers critical brand development, marketing, sales, and go-to-market (GTM) technology expertise from a single, trusted source.

In private equity (PE), the first year of an investment can set the growth trajectory for the duration. Research shows that getting GTM right that first year can accelerate sales results and follow-on valuation multiples by as much as 50 percent.

Brenna Garratt, CEO, Sustena Group shares that “the brands of private equity portfolio companies are often underleveraged and out of sync with their business strategy. Our focus is to define what differentiates them, bolster their brands to engage their markets, and increase their market share and business value. This strategic foundation underpins the expertise our RightStar colleagues bring in shaping the companies’ revenue growth and go-to-market technology recommendations and actions. Together, we deliver on our commitment to ensure the growth and success of these businesses.”

PE operating partners often hire multiple firms to help with sales and marketing. However, this risks duplication of efforts, inefficiencies, and siloed thinking that can delay GTM initiatives and make it harder to realize goals. With deep experience in PE and their respective areas of expertise, Sustena Group, SBI, and OpFocus work as one to enable portfolio companies to:

  • Ensure clear brand positioning and consistent messaging, which are essential building blocks for all marketing and sales activities
  • Craft a revenue growth plan in which marketing and sales are aligned around a data-driven GTM strategy that accelerates results
  • Build a robust GTM tech stack and processes that help sales and marketing teams deliver on their goals

According to Mike Hoffman, Senior Managing Director of SBI’s Private Equity Practice, “We are increasingly seeing PE firms’ value creation theses shift from more traditional levers toward underwriting to and executing against growth theses. The RightStar Alliance offers leading PE Firms the opportunity to adopt more sophisticated marketing and revenue growth strategies with an integrated team of experts to ensure their portfolio’s success.”

“The operating leverage gained from effective business strategy and execution can be considerable. We see it firsthand within our SaaS clients leading up to and in the year after receiving investment. The pressure to grow can be crushing, but scaling operations does not have to be,” says David Carnes, CEO, OpFocus. “I couldn’t be more thrilled for OpFocus to join forces with the other RightStar Alliance firms. Together we provide extensive expertise in scaling SaaS organizations, from strategy to execution.”

The founding members of the RightStar Alliance have worked with over 50 private equity firms and over 200 portfolio companies. The Alliance tackles the brand, marketing, sales, and GTM technology challenges required by Roll-Ups, Platform-Plays, and Corporate Carve-Outs. RightStar’s methodology leverages its members’ complementary expertise to deliver efficient and strategic solutions for creating near-term growth and longer-term enterprise value.

Please also register for RightStar’s upcoming webinar – Refine the Roll-Up: Maximizing GTM Growth Levers for Roll-Ups on July 23, 2020 at 1pm ET.

About the RightStar Alliance

Focused on B2B private-equity-backed portfolio companies, the RightStar Alliance is a seamless team of expert partners who can deliver every aspect of brand creation, marketing, sales, revenue growth, and the GTM technology. Our founding partners include Sustena Group, a B2B brand development and go-to-market firm that helps companies improve value, grow business, and increase stakeholder returns; SBI, a management consulting firm focused on revenue growth via the marketing and sales functions; and OpFocus, a strategic Salesforce advisory that empowers companies to achieve growth goals. For more information, please visit

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UTECH Launches Comprehensive Load Board

Our free load board solution is going to help users improve their bottom line and add value to their operation as a whole as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

UTECH, a leader in the transportation software industry, announced that it’ll be launching Dispatch Board, a one-of-a-kind load board. The addition of Dispatch Board will be free for GPSTab users and provide them with a comprehensive user-friendly experience, allowing them to book premium loads with ease.

With over 30,000 unique loads available per day that are consolidated and powered by AI, email parsing, and machine learning, Dispatch Board streamlines day-to-day operations and maximizes your time and profit. With this patent-pending, first-of-its-kind load board technology, users can skip the hassle of parsing through various load boards, instead finding loads that meet their needs with a click of a button.

Integrated with 25 load boards and over 400 brokers in UTECH’s network, Dispatch Board analyzes data from across various load boards and provides users with the best 10 percent of loads that meet their specifications. By leveraging Dispatch Board, users can improve operational efficiency and streamline the process of finding loads.

Additionally, Dispatch Board will come equipped with Driver Scheduler, which will facilitate planning and increase efficiency by providing crucial driver information such as driver locations and available hours of service. Driver Scheduler will also provide features such as location sharing and an in-app chat, which can be used to effectively communicate with brokers and improve reliability.

“The addition of Dispatch Board to GPSTab is monumental for us,” UTECH CEO Yuriy Nekrasov said. “With its one-of-a kind technology, Dispatch Board is sure to provide users with a unique load booking experience. In the end, our free load board solution is going to help users improve their bottom line and add value to their operation as a whole as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

About UTECH: UTECH is a transportation software development company with offices located globally in California, Illinois, Lviv and Ternopil. Founded in 2015, UTECH quickly moved into the forefront of the transportation software industry by releasing solutions such as GPSTab and UTECH TMS.

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EduSynch Signs Partnership with University of Auckland New Zealand for Remote Testing

EduSynch + University of Auckland

EduSynch signs deal with the University of Auckland

EduSynch is pleased to announce that the company has signed a deal with the University of Auckland, New Zealand, to offer a customized English test for PhD candidates applying to the university.

EduSynch developed the test with the university’s English Language Academy, or ELA. The customized solution provides a combination of both asynchronous testing procedures, AI-driven remote proctoring technology, as well as a final 1-on-1 Speaking interview executed through the platform.

The test is now readily available for any student to apply from the comfort of their own home.

“This unique situation required a unique solution,” says Sean Kilachand, Co-Founder & CEO of EduSynch. “We worked with the team at ELA to make sure the platform was built to spec for the University’s requirements. We’ve leveraged the platform’s asynchronous and synchronous testing facilities, antifraud features, and the ability to schedule 1-on-1 interviews with ELA teachers to make sure new PhD candidates were vetted fully.”

“We’re excited to offer this solution for international PhD applicants and candidates who wish to commence their PhDs outside New Zealand during the current period of travel restrictions,” says Mike Hughes, Marketing Manager at the ELA. “EduSynch’s intuitive and easy to use platform is a real step forward in terms of user experience for an online language test, and its robust security features give the University of Auckland full confidence in its reliability.”

By integrating the EduSynch platform into the admissions process, the University of Auckland aims to facilitate the application process for international students given the closing of most test centers around the world.

With this most recent deployment, EduSynch is looking to provide similar solutions to other universities that are looking for a digital platform to administer exams to students remotely.

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We’ll spend more time talking to computers

The Bots & Assistants Conference

Once only science fiction, conversing with digital systems has become a daily activity for many of us. We talk with our smartphones using digital assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant, as well as with home speakers and newer cars. We speak to computers on customer service lines and text with company chatbots on web sites.

Conversations with computers is in its early stages, but the technology, driven by advances in computer power and a major investment in development of the technology by many companies, will continue to improve.

This new user interface option will grow rapidly in both its effectiveness and its use. It will be a major alternative to web search – Just say or text what you want.

“As they become more ubiquitous, digital assistants will also learn our preferences, our contacts, and other information we allow it to retain,” said William Meisel, president, TMA Associates and the conference organizer. “They will become increasingly personal assistants.”

Companies must recognize that this is a major trend, he added, as important as the Graphical User Interface and the Web were to the evolution of everyone connecting with computers. The conference addresses how they can they best take advantage of this opportunity.

The Bots and Assistants Conference has gone well beyond simply converting an in-person conference to an online conference. Among other differences, it has a virtual exhibit hall during the conference and afterward – a ‘Demo Derby’ – that attendees can visit to see how vendors can help them take advance of this major trend.

Vendors provide a wide range of tools, including:

  • Template-like tools for specific types of tasks or specific industries: Tuning of the conversation to a specific company is quick, and companies can manage changes with minimal expertise in conversational technology within the bounds of the template.
  • Versatile digital assistant and chatbot platforms, usually cloud-based, that allow more flexibility and hands-on tuning by company developers, without requiring any expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) or speech recognition.
  • Individual tools that can be combined by company developers that want even more control. These include NLP, speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, analysis of unstructured text or voice files to find what customers ask and unearth potential answers, and more.

“There is an important aspect of this trend that is seldom noted. It is driving AI technology that can provide direct answers, not just a list of web sites that might contain the answer,” Meisel added. “Providing an answer can maintain a conversation instead of driving the user out of the conversation. And an answer is what a user wants. Delivering what users want is an important aspect of this trend.”

The conference has a limited-time early registration discount. Check it out!

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“Pulse of HR” from Josh Bersin Academy, CultureX and Waggl Offers Valuable Insights on Organizational Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis

Screenshot of the COVID-19 Pulse of HR

The COVID-19 Pulse of HR offered HR leaders real-time insights from peers around topical issues relating to the pandemic

“Crowdsourcing responses from HR leaders around the world allowed us to surface best practices in responding to the COVID-19 crisis,” said Donald Sull, Co-founder, CultureX and Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management.

Josh Bersin Academy, CultureX and Waggl today released the first set of results from the COVID-19 “Pulse of HR,” a collaborative offering that enables HR leaders to share real-time insights about with their peers about their organizational responses to the COVID-19 crisis.

Josh Bersin Academy, which addresses the business and talent issues organizations face today, joined forces with CultureX and Waggl to create the “Pulse of HR” as a dynamic resource, inviting HR professionals to add their voices to the important dialogue about topics that matter most to organizations right now. In a series of three pulses in May 2020, thousands of HR professionals from organizations of all sizes were asked about their organizations’ responses to the COVID-19 crisis. The pulses were built on Waggl’s transparent engagement platform in partnership with CultureX, which incorporates the latest technology from MIT to provide AI tailor-made for understanding employees’ language and feedback. “Pulse of HR” was featured on MIT Sloan Management Review.

“Crowdsourcing responses from HR leaders around the world allowed us to surface best practices in responding to the COVID-19 crisis,” said Donald Sull, Co-founder, CultureX and Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management. “Our AI platform identified critical themes across hundreds of responses in real time. Effective responses promoted work-life balance during lockdown, promoted productivity and engagement during a crisis, and protected employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing.”

The COVID-19 “Pulse of HR” consisted of three pulses on topics relating to the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic:

1. Remote Work. In the first pulse of the series, 93% of the participants reported that a large percentage of their organizations’ employees had transitioned to remote work as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Of those participants, 69% believed that their organizations were able to maintain the same level of productivity after transitioning to remote work. Participants were asked, “What is the most impactful thing your organization has done to support employees’ transition to remote work?” The most popular response was, “Maintained support and patience as employees try and balance remote work, young kids at home and the challenges of homeschooling all rolled into one.”    

2. Agile Engagement. In the second pulse, 61% of respondents said that they felt the transition to remote work had increased employee engagement in their organization. When asked, “What is the one thing your organization has done in response to COVID-19 that has positively impacted employee engagement?,” the highest percentage of respondents agreed with the statement, “Communicate our care and concern for our employees and their families and our community as a whole. We created a new COVID-19 mantra: Healthy Enough to help.”

3. Re-entry. In the third and final pulse of this series, 80% of participants reported that their organizations were still evaluating when and how to bring people back into the physical workplace, and only 28% said that their organizations planned to bring everyone back within the next 30-60 days. When asked, “What is the #1 thing you have done (or are planning to do) to make your physical workplace safe for returning employees?”, the most popular response was “Return to Workplace Protocol in place detailing: Self-declaration, Training, Incident Response Teams and their role, Available PPE, Workplace Hygiene, Physical Distancing, Traffic Patterns, Common Areas, Seating Reconfiguration, and the option to continue to work from home until further notice.”

“Our initial pulse showed a huge uptick in issues about remote work, including the desperate need for good technology, constant communications and listening, and requests for help with family issues, productivity, wellbeing and physical health,” said Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and dean of the Josh Bersin Academy. “In our second pulse, the biggest issue was regular two-way communication between leaders and teams, with a focus on flexibility and empathy as employees continued to focus on work, home, family and safety. And in the third pulse, it became clear that employees are very concerned about specific safety protocols as they come back to work. Employers and HR teams have to work hard to identify new practices that assure infection-safe workplaces.”

The most common themes that emerged in all three pulses in the series included:

  • Frequent, high quality communication
  • Promoting physical wellbeing
  • Checking in on employees
  • Enhancing work-life balance
  • Providing or subsidizing IT hardware and collaboration platforms
  • Having honest discussions
  • Offering virtual social activities.

“Remote work has already started to feel much more natural, thanks in part to technology tools and platforms that allow us to stay in touch with our co-workers better,” said Michael Papay, Co-founder and CEO, Waggl. “But as we’ve seen from this series of pulses, establishing a continuous two-way dialogue with employees is critical to maintaining engagement while working remotely. In a business context, respect has to happen both ways – with the organization respecting the needs of its people, and the people respecting the needs of the organization. As we move into the recovery phase, we need to hear from everyone, not just the voices of the people in the Boardroom and the Executive Suite. Let’s invite all employees to share their ideas about how to make this next phase successful, and make sure that we continue being more inclusive and committed going forward, building upon Employee Voice.”

The current “Pulse of HR” focuses on Racial Justice within the workplace. To participate in the Pulse of HR, please visit

About Josh Bersin Academy

The Josh Bersin Academy is the world’s first global development academy for HR and talent professionals and a transformation agent for HR organizations. The Academy, which currently has approximately 10,000 members, offers content-rich online programs, a carefully curated library of tools and resources, and a global community that helps HR and talent professionals address today’s unprecedented challenges. Memberships are available to individuals, HR teams, and entire HR organizations. For more details, visit

About CultureX

Founded in 2019 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, CultureX delivers actionable insights organizations need to measurably improve their cultures. Harnessing cutting-edge artificial intelligence developed at MIT, CultureX measures culture with high accuracy and pinpoints concrete ways to improve. Based on decades of research and work with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, CultureX provides evidence-based interventions tailored to the client’s unique needs. For more information, please visit

About Waggl

For HR leaders who need to measure, and truly improve engagement, Waggl is an Employee Voice platform that crowdsources real-time insight to drive faster action and alignment around critical business topics. Inspired by the waggle dance honey bees do to communicate vital information, Waggl believes every voice matters. Unlike heavy surveys or basic pulse tools, Waggl is a dialogue-first approach to engagement that creates shared ownership through inclusive team-based action planning.

With a seasoned Executive Team and premiere customers including Freddie Mac, Paychex, Heineken, 3M, Mastercard, UCSF Medical Center, McGraw Hill, Taylor Morrison and Parsons, Waggl partners with leading enterprises to harness the collective intelligence of their people. For more information and an expanded customer list, please visit

InnerSpace Launches inTRACK, Contact Tracing to Keep Employees Healthy and Safe

Measure the Impact of COVID-19 in Your Office Quickly

InnerSpace inTRACK empowers employees in their own health management, while enabling businesses to contain the impact of infections and provide much-needed support to their employees.

InnerSpace, the world’s most accurate WiFi-based indoor location intelligence platform, today announced InnerSpace inTRACK, a contact tracing solution designed to empower employers and employees to manage COVID-19 exposure and transmissions in the workplace. The private and secure solution offers employers the critical data needed to quickly contain and manage the impact of an outbreak while empowering employees to monitor their own health risk profile.

InnerSpace measures how people travel inside buildings. Similar to ‘indoor GPS’ the platform uses the WiFi signal from smart devices including smart phones, laptops, and security badges to calculate a person’s location. InnerSpace inTRACK identifies the interactions between people as well as overlapping travel paths. This data is used to identify employees that come into direct or indirect contact with someone known to have COVID-19.

“Current Bluetooth-based solutions are limited to identifying direct physical interactions and require employees to download an app or opt in to the service. InnerSpace inTRACK is an always-on solution that identifies all potential exposure risks across an organization,” said James Wu, CEO, InnerSpace. “InnerSpace inTRACK is designed to empower employees in their own health management, while enabling businesses to contain the impact of infections and provide much-needed support to their employees.”

To see how inTRACK works, check out this infographic here.

To book a demo, please visit:


The web-based InnerSpace inTRACK, provides a simple, secure and private dashboard for Human Resources professionals and business leaders to quickly identify the impact to their employees in the event someone contracts COVID-19.

When someone is known to have COVID-19, HR officials upload a unique identifier of that person’s smart device to the InnerSpace inTRACK tool. InnerSpace inTRACK identifies the number of people across three risk categories:

Risk Level 1 – Those unlikely to have been exposed to COVID-19.

Risk Level 2 – Those at risk of surface transmission or indirect exposure with a person known to have COVID-19.

Risk Level 3 – Those people who have directly interacted with a person or persons known to have COVID-19.

InnerSpace inTRACK settings can be adjusted to accommodate cleaning schedules and exposure times to accurately reflect the workplace environment and routines. Each query is unique. Employee information and resulting calculations remain in control of the business and are not stored in the InnerSpace platform at any time.

“Leaders need assurance that it’s safe to re-open and to maintain business operations in the event of a second wave, or another pandemic,” said Cerys Goodall, President & COO, InnerSpace. “InnerSpace is the only WiFi-based platform designed to provide this information to businesses while protecting employee privacy, and painting the full picture of contact tracing by including surface transmission exposure risks.”


Employees use InnerSpace inTRACK to check their personal exposure risk level. The system uses the unique identifier of their smart device to provide that person with their exposure risk profile. At no time, does the system store the information. Employees can check their exposure status as needed based on their time spent in the office.


The InnerSpace API surfaces contact tracing data making it easy to incorporate InnerSpace inTRACK into existing solutions. All user identification remains managed by the health app, putting full control of the experience in the hands of the user.

Key metrics that can be surfaced include:

Employee Patterns – The number of employees, frequency and length of visits helping companies to measure social distancing mandates.

Space Usage Patterns – The utilization and occupancy by key areas, or zones, of interest such as meeting rooms, elevator banks, kitchens to identify risk factors and inform mitigation strategies.

Exposure & Transmissions – Known interactions or possible surface transmissions between employees and someone with COVID-19.


About InnerSpace

InnerSpace is on a mission to become the world’s leading indoor location platform. Delivering the world’s most accurate WiFi-based indoor location data, the company gives clients unparalleled value with its easy-to-use API, out-of-the-box analytics, and workflow initiation solutions. The company’s Fortune 500 clients use InnerSpace to create innovative solutions that drive revenue and improve operations in their Smart Buildings.

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