UNA Health Inc to Release UNA-Test, the World’s First Mobile Competency Testing Platform for the Healthcare Staffing Industry

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UNA-Test bundles competency exams, skills checklists, and annual mandatories into a single, easy-to-use mobile platform that caters to end users and staffing professionals alike.

UNA Health Inc – a leading provider of mobile recruitment, onboarding, and testing solutions for hospitals and healthcare staffing firms – will soon release its flagship product UNA-Test, the world’s first mobile competency testing platform for the healthcare staffing industry. Created by the former CEO and Founder of Prophecy Healthcare Testing, Ron Gonzalez, UNA-Test addresses the biggest drawbacks of traditional validation methodologies.

“UNA-Test bundles competency exams, skills checklists, and annual mandatories into a single, easy-to-use mobile platform that caters to end users and staffing professionals alike,” said Ron Gonzalez, CEO of UNA Health. “It shortens the time professionals spend on the applicant screening that’s used to determine their baseline minimum competency, without compromising on quality, and still adhering to Joint Commission standards for competency evaluation.”

UNA-Test was developed using a proprietary Expert Validation Protocol™, which focuses on the most critical aspects of job duties, knowledge, skills, and abilities required of a healthcare professional. This EVP methodology is superior to traditional testing because it uses highly-focused critical thinking scenarios to discern the critical thinking skills of the candidate. All test items are reviewed by a panel of subject matter experts for fairness, difficulty level, and importance to the job by using best-in-class validation software, and results are available immediately to both healthcare professionals and their employers.

And because of the platform’s portability, UNA users can complete skills tests at their leisure, as well as start and stop as many times as they wish. On average, skills checklists can now be completed in 50% less time than traditional competency and frequency checklists.

“Our assessments are more focused and can better determine if a professional demonstrates the minimal level of competency required to deliver safe and effective patient care,” added Rich Benvenuto, Chief Relationship Officer of UNA Health. “The end result is quicker turn times, more accurate results, and faster placements.”

About UNA Health Inc

UNA Health Inc is a leading provider of mobile recruitment solutions for hospitals and healthcare staffing firms. The UNA platform of fully customizable mobile solutions includes engaging onboarding tools, competency testing, skills checklists, annual competencies, credential management and position notifications – all in one client branded app. The platform seamlessly integrates with applicant tracking systems and hospital H.R. software, and provides end users with a truly mobile experience and the ability to effortlessly apply for positions with one-click, as well as upload credentials into our proprietary credential management portal.

UNA streamlines the hiring and credentialing process, and saves both recruiters and Q.A. teams worker hours, which translates into increased efficiencies, and ultimately, cost savings.

For more information, contact Ronald Gonzalez at ron@unahealth.co or 866-UNA-HLTH, 866-862-4584.

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