Thriveworks Counseling Opens New Office in Stamford, CT—Provides In-Person and Online Counseling

Thriveworks Counseling commits itself to an important mission: helping people live happy, successful lives. They set out to accomplish this mission by setting individuals up with skilled, caring mental health professionals.

Thriveworks Counseling distinguishes itself from other practices by offering premium benefits, including appointments within 24 hours, online counseling options via telephone and video, and innovative technologies such as text support

The Thriveworks team acknowledges the many barriers that might prevent one from seeking out or receiving mental health services, such as inconvenience. Thriveworks offers a solution to his problem by offering convenient sessions in the evenings and on the weekends, in addition to the normal daytime appointments throughout the week.

“People struggle to find providers who have availability that works for them, like evenings and weekends. Thriveworks addresses this problem and not only offers premium session times, but sets clients up with exceptional providers,” says Thriveworks Chief Compliance Officer Heidi Faust.

Thriveworks Counseling sets people up with skilled, caring, and experienced counselors who help their clients address specific challenges and fulfill unique needs. Depression therapy, anxiety therapy, stress management counseling, child therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and life coaching are but a few of many services offered at Thriveworks Counseling.

About Thriveworks:

Thriveworks Counseling is dedicated to providing people with quality mental health services as well as exceptional customer service. When an individual calls to set up a counseling session, they speak to a scheduling specialist who walks them through the quick and easy process. They have flexible scheduling options to choose from, including evening and weekend sessions as well as online counseling opportunities.

Thriveworks Counseling helps individuals begin a relationship with a skilled, caring mental health professional who has the right skills, training, and experience to help them. To schedule a session or find more information about Thriveworks in Stamford, call (203) 635-5693 or visit

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