Optimize Alibaba Cloud costs and save beyond Aliyun Savings Plans with OptScale

Cut up to 35% of your Alibaba Cloud bill with OptScale, a FinOps and cloud management platform

OptScale is a FinOps and cloud management platform that is available in both ways: as SaaS or private deployments. It brings full cost transparency across Alibaba workloads or any Kubernetes environment, gains total visibility across ECS instances or any PaaS costs and suggests dozens of AI generated, ready-to-implement optimization scenarios to cut up to 35% of your cloud bill.

The solution provides budget allocation, resource lifecycle management with sophisticated TTL rules, analyses cloud usage patterns and engages the whole R&D team in a cost optimization flow.

The key features and benefits of OptScale as of the only instrument to optimize Alibaba bill:

  • The only solution that supports Alibaba Cloud cost optimization and management
  • Support of multicloud environments (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud) and Kubernetes
  • Free cost optimization, resource TTLs and cost limits, cost anomaly detection
  • Identifying workloads performance bottlenecks and recommending remediation
  • Slack integration to get alerts and manage product parameters
  • Integrated cost management and FinOps education center
  • Cost metrics for unit economics of Kubernetes and public cloud applications
  • In-depth cost analysis – resource pools expense history and fully detailed resources
  • Tag policies and resource auto-assignment

Hystax is aimed to ensure smooth and cost-efficient Alibaba Cloud usage offering a unique flagship solution. When Aliyun pricing gets complicated, it’s high time to start using OptScale.

‘Over the last several months, Hystax enjoyed its most prolific product launch period, bringing to the market OptScale – one of the most robust and reliable cloud cost management solutions that support Alibaba Cloud and allows companies to get full cloud bill transparency and control across Alibaba workloads. We are continually innovating and know that customers are looking for a secure and effective solution for Alibaba cost optimization; with OptScale it’s not an issue anymore.’ – said Nick Smirnov, CEO at Hystax.

About Hystax

Hystax is a leader in FinOps and cloud cost management software with OptScale that provides visibility, optimization and control over Alibaba, Microsoft Azure, AWS and Kubernetes. The company has 10+ years of cloud expertise and customers including Airbus, PwС, DHL, Bentley, Orange, Yves Rocher, Teekay, Burger King and Nokia in 43 countries..

Get more details about OptScale, FinOps & cloud cost management platform for Alibaba Cloud and other workloads here: http://www.hystax.com

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