Fortifies 1,000,000 Meals For Malnourished Children

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“It feels great to be contributing to such an important cause,” said Martyn Cook, CEO and Co-Founder. a superior, drinkable powdered Nootropic company in the brain cognition space – today announced that it has now fortified over 1 Million meals for malnourished children via it’s charity partner Sanku (Project Healthy Children).

When launched in January of 2020, it made a splash with it’s bold mission and pledge to “Fortify 1 Billion Meals by 2025” – targeting the global malnutrition problem which causes 1 in 3 child deaths globally and affects 2 Billion people every year.

“It feels great to be contributing to such an important cause,” said Martyn Cook, Noobru’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Every day we help our customers achieve success through improved focus, memory and better thinking with our Noobru™ Advantage flagship product. But our contribution to this much larger cause enables us to really positively impact the whole planet, in addition to our loyal customers.” already serves customers in over 50 countries with it’s Strawberry Lemonade flavoured “Noobru™ Advantage” product. customers typically fall into 4 main categories – “In The Workplace” , “In Sport and Competing” , “In Study and Exams” and “In Later Years” – with customer reporting feedback such as “Noobru increased my productivity by increasing my energy levels and helping me focus”, that it’s “Best tasting nootropic drink i’ve ever had.” and “After trying NooBru I have felt more energetic especially during the morning”

The premise is simple – “If your brain works better, you achieve more and succeed more – whatever it is you’re trying to do”.

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