New Guide Shows Dieters How To Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Cardio

I Couldn’t Even Tie My Own Shoelaces. Now I help others live a life without dieting”

Research indicates 80-95% of diets fail. It is believed this is due to most diets not fixing the behaviours that led dieters to their current weight. As a result of going back to those behaviours, dieters often find themselves regaining the weight they’ve lost when their diet ends.

The Non-Diet Coach helps people change those behaviours, and develop habits and routines that form a lifestyle they can maintain. The release of their “3-Step Guide To Losing Weight Without Dieting Or Cardio” aims at helping lifelong dieters lose weight without food restrictions.

Having been overweight his entire life, 40-year old Leo Judkins had struggled with weight all his life. And no matter what diet he tried, the weight always came back. And then in 2015, he found the breakthrough. He lost 30kg and kept it off. And he did it without dieting or any cardio.

“I was afraid I wouldn’t see my new born son grow up. I was at my heaviest weight ever and I couldn’t even tie my own shoelaces.”

“After trying every diet, I had almost given up. Until I stopped working on cutting out foods and started working on my habits. The result? I lost 30kg and kept it off”

Inspired to help others do the same, he left his 6-figure job at the height of his 20-year career and has just founded The Non-Diet Coach.

“Our motto is; “Stop Dieting. Start Living”. And that’s exactly what our team does. As part of our company launch, we’re releasing our ‘3-Step Guide To Losing Weight Without Dieting Or Cardio’ to help inspire people just like us do the same.

The Non-Diet Coach is a company founded in 2021 in Gibraltar. The coaching team of 4 combines 40 years of personal training, fitness and lifestyle coaching to help lifelong dieters create a lifestyle they love.

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