Mode Analytics Brings Home the Gold in the 15th Annual Network PG’s 2020 IT World Awards for the Introduction of Helix

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Mode Analytics earned a Gold for the “Best Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution” in NPG’s 2020 IT World Awards

“Regardless of the complexity of the problem at hand, users can increase the speed of better decision-making with Helix,” said Benn Stancil, Co-founder and President, Mode Analytics.

Mode Analytics, the leader in collaborative Business Intelligence and Interactive Data Science, today announced its recognition by Network PG’s IT World Awards, having earned a Gold Award for the “Best Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution” for its introduction of Helix, the first instant, responsive data engine.

Network PG’s 2020 IT World Awards honor achievements of world’s best in organizational performance, products and services, hot technologies, executives and management teams, successful deployments, product management and engineering, customer satisfaction, and public relations in every area of information technology. Judges from a broad spectrum of industry voices from around the world participated and their average scores and inputs determined the 2020 award winners. Winners will be celebrated and presented their awards during a virtual awards ceremony in November.

Mode Analytics combines the best elements of Business Intelligence (ABI), Data Science (DS) and Machine Learning (ML) to empower data teams to answer impactful questions and collaborate on analysis across a range of business functions. The Mode platform enables data teams to visualize, analyze and share data in a powerful end-to-end workflow. In Q4’19, Mode Analytics introduced Helix, the world’s first instant, responsive data engine. By combining the workflows of BI and DS, Helix fundamentally changes how companies explore and extend analysis.

As competition and volatility increase in the business environment, companies are investing more in strategic analysis and advanced data science solutions than business-as-usual dashboards and BI reporting. Typically, data scientists work across two different tracks: 1) Answering strategic ad-hoc questions with focused reports, and 2) Building BI reports and dashboards that provide stakeholders with a wide breadth of exploratory coverage. Until the launch of Mode’s Helix engine, data teams had to choose different tools for these tracks, trading off speed and depth for coverage and breadth. In both cases, they also had to predict their customers’ questions by anticipating follow-on questions or preempting the business’ future needs by building a time-consuming, untested reporting suite.

“With Helix, data scientists no longer have to choose between shipping fast, one-off answers and building dashboards for broader coverage,” said Benn Stancil, Co-founder and President, Mode Analytics. “Stakeholders can extend any analysis to answer their own questions, which means neither stakeholders nor data scientists have to predict what they’ll be asked next. Regardless of the complexity of the problem at hand, users can increase the speed of better decision-making with Helix.”

In Spring 2020, Mode was the recipient of four G2 Awards (for a total of nine), including Best estimated ROI, Fastest Implementation, Highest Performer, and Overall Leader.

“Helix is saving us weeks of development time because we can build new dashboards quicker than ever before,” said Andrew Zirm, senior data scientist at Greenhouse, a Mode customer. “Marketers, product managers, and executives are also discovering new opportunities and asking new questions.”

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About Mode Analytics

Mode’s advanced analytics platform was designed by data experts for data experts. It allows data scientists and analysts to visualize, analyze, and share data in a powerful end-to-end workflow that covers everything from the exploration stages to a final, shareable product. Unlike traditional business intelligence tools that produce static dashboards and reports, Mode brings the best of BI and data science into a single platform, offering the best way to empower everyone at your organization to use data to make high quality, high velocity decisions. Mode also supports the analytics community with free learning resources such as SQL School, open source SQL queries, and free tools for anyone analyzing public data. To start a free trial or learn more, visit


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