Harris and Bizmatics Leadership Improves Implementation and Customer Care

Bizmatics and Harris Computers has merged together to improve the implementation process in a short amount of time. Harris acquired Bizmatics, makers of Prognocis and have been actively working together to improve the implementation process and overall customer journey.

The implementation process has become more streamlined and efficient starting with a customer’s first demonstration of PrognoCIS right up to their Go Live and transfer to our Customer Success Team. The entire customer journey has been improved by at least 20% and this is just the beginning. Together with Harris Computers, we have been able to improve customer communication and interaction as well as improve all processes regarding the implementation phase.

Our customers’ implementation is handled by seasoned application consultants that are Subject Matter Experts in PrognoCIS. Our application consultants have the knowledge, and now improved processes, to bring a client live within two weeks, improve more efficient workflows for the customer and decrease the amount of time they are documenting in order to spend more time with their patients.

The new and improved processes have shaved off a minimum of 10-15% of the implementation phase giving customers the power to take back control of their time, patient care and their workflows.

As a force to be reckoned with in the Healthcare Industry these two companies have been able to successfully merge as one and improve the implementation process and overall customer journey in just a few short months. Stay tuned for further updates, as we continue to grow and work together as one company with nothing more on our mind than improving our customers journey to improve patient care and overall customer care.

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