Faith-based Wellness Program, Think Fit Method, Donates to PrayFit to Help Solve the Mobility Crisis and to Fund Special Needs Ministry

“Honoring God with our bodies isn’t measured by our waist, but by our reach.” – Jimmy Peña

According to the World Health Organization, 70 million people live without the gift of mobility, having no way of getting from one room to the next. Of those 70 million, only 5-15 percent of them have access to the most basic of resources to help them make their way to the bathroom, from their home to school or to a friend’s house.

Think Fit Method, a women’s faith-based wellness program, officially announced that a portion of every sale of their program will go to PrayFit, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the fitness industry to the doorstep of disability. The monthly contribution to PrayFit will help those with limited to no mobility by giving them access to a wheelchair.

Think Fit Method is a women’s faith-based lifestyle program focusing on whole body wellness for your mind, body and spirit. The program teaches women about a balanced approach to macronutrient cycling and tracking, intuitive fasting and strategic exercise while conquering negative mindset, emotional eating and self-sabotage on the journey to food freedom.

“We are honored to partner with PrayFit Ministries in effort to help bridge the gap between fitness and disability,” said Jenny Mire, founder of Think Fit Method. “As a brand partner, we fully support the efforts in ministering to those in need and we will do everything in our power to help spread the cause. There is no better way to serve God than by serving His people and I cannot wait to see how He provides for so many in need.”

PrayFit’s founder, Jimmy Peña, an exercise physiologist and best-selling author, has a mission to fund disability ministries in local communities and help purchase wheelchairs for those around the world who live without the gift of mobility.

“Mobility changes everything,” Peña said. “As we look ahead to the next two years, our hope is to impact both local communities and those in the farthest corners of the world. We can see how God is providing many paths to reach people with disabilities and we are excited to help the fitness industry pursue those paths. Our goal in the near future is to reach 5,000 children and families living with disabilities in the US and provide 2,000 wheelchairs to people desperate for mobility around the world.”

“When I saw those numbers and heard the heart behind PrayFit, I knew I needed to do something,” Mire said. “We look forward to supporting the organization for many years to come and getting our program members involved as well.”

Peña holds firm to the truth of “honoring God with our bodies isn’t measured by our waist, but by our reach.” This is exactly what the Think Fit Method hopes to accomplish by coming alongside them.

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