Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada to Host $10,000 Fortnite Tournament to Bring Awareness to Brains and Brawn Fundraising Campaign

Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada (CLFC) is proud to announce its upcoming Brains and Brawn campaign. The campaign will feature a two-week livestream fundraiser along with a two-day online Fortnite tournament with total prizing of $10,000. CLFC is a Registered Canadian Charity whose mission is to advance the study, treatment, and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in Canadian athletes, military personnel and other at-risk groups.

“Teaching young people about brain health and performance, by leveraging the powerful engaging medium of video games, can have a life-changing impact on their development,” said Tim Fleiszer, Executive Director of CLFC. “As we prepare for a return to sports and activity in the Fall, this is the optimal time to encourage students to be physically active and to help them to consider concussion prevention strategies.”

From June 28th to July 9th, Brains and Brawn will present a fundraising streamathon featuring different content creators each day, all discussing and raising awareness about CLFC, the impact of concussions and head injury, and the importance of brain health research.

The fundraising streams will be hosted on the content creators’ own channels, as well as on host channel “ConcussionCan” on Twitch.

The livestream fundraiser will be capped off by a two-day Fortnite tournament, also hosted on Twitch, featuring up to 1000 players and a prize pool totalling $10,000, including a $3,000 1st place prize. Players will participate in 6 games per day, with Day 1: Groups Stage featuring all participants and Day 2: Tournament Final consisting of the top 99 players from Day 1. During the tournament, the players and audience will also have the opportunity to hear from a series of expert panels who will explore – among other topics – the culture of esports, the intersection of neuroscience and video games, and how to increase the overall physical health and wellness of gamers.

The Fortnite tournament and expert panel series will take place July 10th-11th; those interested in participating can register at Participants must be at least 13 years of age and are encouraged to fundraise or donate at least $20 to participate. All donations support CLFC. In addition to the cash prize pool, prizes will be available throughout the campaign from leading endemic brands such as Aimlabs, Corsair and Zowie. Leading influencer law firm Greenberg Glusker is supporting the tournament as the title sponsor.

The event is also made possible by a generous gift from Aune Foundation and is being produced and managed by Rumble Gaming and Amuka Esports.

“My heart goes out to all students across Canada,” said Jonathan Aune, Director of Aune Foundation. “While we can never replace the activities canceled during the pandemic, we want to help host a fun virtual event for young students, while teaching essential lessons about brain performance that they can apply for a lifetime.”

About Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada

Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada was founded in December 2012 to help solve the concussion crisis in Canada. Since then, the organization has operated prevention, education and awareness events across Canada, with a mission to advance the study, treatment, and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in Canadian athletes, military personnel, and other at-risk groups.

About Rumble Gaming

Rumble Gaming is a full-service esports and media company, offering talent management, legal and marketing services, as well as access to a fully integrated media platform and distribution network. As a talent agency, Rumble bridges the gap between brands and the esports/gaming ecosystem by facilitating partnership opportunities and creating authentic marketing activations. Through its media platform access, it has a content distribution network bolstered across the spheres of digital and linear media which, coupled with production studios in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles, uniquely positions Rumble Gaming to help create and disseminate content.

About Amuka Esports

Amuka Esports creates local esports hubs in cities across North America. Each hub consists of an esports venue, tournament organizer, content team, and incubator all rolled into one complete ecosystem. We are finishing our flagship hub in Toronto and looking to expand to new markets.

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About Aune Foundation

Established in 2019, the Aune Foundation supports nonprofit organizations focused on the areas of brain and mental health, youth development and medical research. Its belief is that these are key contributors to personal and collective health and that the betterment of education, research and treatment in these areas is essential to improving the lives of Canadians – and people all over the world. Through financial donations and personal commitment, the Aune Foundation aims to help passionate leaders with the capacity to effect lasting change.

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