A Unified System of Strength Training” is an educational presentation on safe and effective weight training

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“Omniflex: A Unified System of Strength Training”: an informative guide for effective muscle training. “Omniflex: A Unified System of Strength Training” is the creation of published author Edward L. Wallace, B.Ed., MSc., a graduate of George Williams College with a master’s degree in exercise physiology who has spent a lifetime training and encouraging athletes. Notably, he was a consultant in the development of the Nautilus exercise machine and trained US national champions and a US Olympian.

Wallace shares, “Omniflex is a unique training system that incorporates five kinds of muscle contractions, five classes of muscle fibers, combined with time under load, tonnage, intensity, and periodization. Current Eastern European training methods, restoration techniques, and variations are codified into a revolutionary unified system of strength training.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Edward L. Wallace, B.Ed., MSc.’s new book is a carefully detailed discussion of the unique Omniflex system.

The author’s extensive knowledge of muscle groups and training practices are on display in this meticulously detailed discussion of Omniflex training techniques.

View a synopsis of “Omniflex: A Unified System of Strength Training” on YouTube.

Consumers can purchase “Omniflex: A Unified System of Strength Training” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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