Zenwise Launches Kombucha+ Product Roster

Zenwise Kombucha Line

Zenwise, the premium supplement brand known for its gut health and immune-aiding products, announced today the launch of its revolutionary new Kombucha+ line with four new supplement products made with a blend of probiotics and fermented tea that support gut health and the four key areas of beauty, stress, sleep and focus. These supplements pack all the punch of a kombucha tea, without the bitter taste or added sugar.

Now available on Amazon and the Zenwise website, these supplements harness the antioxidant and probiotic-rich properties of fermented Kombucha tea through a certified-vegan daily supplement. In addition to promoting regularity and overall digestive health through the Kombucha Gut Health Blend, each bottle has a specialized blend to target specific facets of health, so you can tackle your overall well-being one element at a time. As the brand with the #1 best-selling Digestive Enzyme on Amazon, Kombucha + is an extension of the established and sought-after Zenwise family of digestive health products. The best part is, all Zenwise Kombucha+ capsules were created with a Reliably Alive™ spore-forming probiotic that builds a shell around itself for protection, making them resistant to environmental factors such as temperature, and allowing for a longer shelf-life than most other probiotics.

“Zenwise researchers have studied the wide-reaching health benefits of fermented tea and we’re excited to provide these specialized Kombucha + formulas, which target various areas of health,“ said Zenwise CEO, Myron Lyskanycz. ”The ancient practice of using tea as nutrition has wide-spanning beneficial properties. We’re proud to provide innovative products that Elevate Your State of Being…Well™.“

The new line includes:

· Zenwise Probiotic + Kombucha + Beauty: Kombucha + Beauty features clinically-studied DE111® probiotic, kombucha fermented tea, a Beauty From Within blend with hyaluronic acid, organic broccoli sprout powder, and silica from bamboo extract, plus Dermaval®, to promote digestive health and contribute pro-collagen nutrients to help support the body’s own natural collagen production

· Zenwise Probiotic + Kombucha + Chill: We all have stress in our lives, which can take a toll on our gut and holistic health. The Kombucha + Chill formula features clinically-studied DE111® probiotic, kombucha fermented tea, plus a mood and chill support blend featuring Sensoril® ashwagandha, to promote digestive health, help maintain normal emotional balance, and promote a calm and positive mood

· Zenwise Probiotic + Kombucha + Focus: Without reaching for another cup of coffee, the Kombucha + Focus allows you to hone in on concentration, naturally. The formula features clinically-studied DE111® probiotic, kombucha fermented tea, a focus support blend with Sensoril® ashwagandha, and clinically-studied Lutemax® 2020 to promote digestive health and support for focus, mental clarity and stamina, and memory

· Zenwise Probiotic + Kombucha + Sleep: Sleep is an essential part of our overall health for optimal organ function. Kombucha + Sleep features clinically-studied DE111® probiotic, kombucha fermented tea, Aquamin® magnesium, and a sleep support blend featuring valerian root extract and tart cherry fruit to promote digestive health and support deep and restful sleep

Not sure which Kombucha will give you the best benefit? Take this interactive quiz to learn which product is best for you: http://www.zenwise.com/pages/kombucha

These supplements are available in capsule form for $26.97. Available now, you can purchase the Kombucha line at https://bit.ly/3wGQLIk. Learn more about Zenwise by visiting Zenwise’s Store on Amazon https://bit.ly/3wGQLIk.

About Zenwise

Zenwise is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of its customers through a collection of proprietary dietary supplements. Each Zenwise innovation is centered around a wellness approach incorporating holistic health, mindfulness, and the latest science. The ingredients in every Zenwise supplement tap into ancient wellness wisdom, validated by the latest proprietary science or clinical support to “Elevate Your State of Being…Well.™”

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