The Silberg Center For Dental Science Announces Name Change to Pinnacle Center

As part of its mantra “good enough never is,” The Silberg Center for Dental Science has rebranded as the Pinnacle Center – Dental Implants & Periodontics. Despite the name change, the practice confirms that the patient experience will remain the same, with all the same products and services available as before.

Previously, the name of the practice referred to its founding periodontist, Dr. Mark Silberg. However, the organization has grown substantially and wants its name to better reflect its ethos and mission. “Pinnacle Center,” it says, encapsulates its new ambitions.

“We strive to be the very best at what we do,” said the Pinnacle Center in a statement. “It’s an ever changing world and while we never claim to be at the top of the mountain. We are always climbing, always striving, always seeking to be better by keeping up with the changing times, new science and new demands on us as a people and a culture.”

According to the practice, the image of the mountain “represents the future and the journey,” and is the destination they seek for themselves, their patients, and the community as a whole.

The use of the name “Pinnacle” also ties in deftly with the practice’s “5P Pledge.” This guiding set of principles promises Partnership with patients, Planning (including a thorough examination), Precise treatment (based on established scientific principles), Prevention (the key to lasting care) and a final Pledge in which the practice promises to do everything in its power “to get it right and make it right.”

Originally, the practice was based primarily around the work of long-established periodontist Dr. Mark Silberg. However, as it grew and new doctors were added, the need for a rebrand became ideal.

“We found that it was time to incorporate that growth into our branding and identity as a business,” a spokesperson commented.

The practice, however, is keen to emphasize that the patient experience will not change. In a statement, it says, “to our valued patients, this does not mean that the care you receive from us will change. We will continue to strive to always be our best and we remain dedicated to our goals and promises as we aim to new heights.”

The Pinnacle Center – Dental Implants & Periodontics is one of the most celebrated periodontics practices in Pittsburgh. Drs. Silberg and Roll are award-winning, board certified periodontists who have been voted Top Pittsburgh Periodontists since the inception of the annual award.

If you would like to find out more about the rebranded Pinnacle Center, please visit the practice’s website at For more information regarding treatments, please call at (412) 787-8590.

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