The Right Step DFW Announces The Addition of Adolescent Residential Programming

Adolescent Program at The Right Step DFW

R.I.S.E Adolescent Program at The Right Step DFW

It is our hope to fill the void in adolescent treatment here in the Dallas, Fort Worth area…When we show up for them at an early age, we have the ability to break the cycle before it’s too late.

The Right Step DFW, a well-established addiction and mental health treatment center, has added a youth specific program for adolescent males ages 13-17 known as Regaining Independence & Sober Education (R.I.S.E.). By adding R.I.S.E, The Right Step DFW hopes to inspire teen boys to transform their harmful behaviors before reaching adulthood. Through comprehensive staff training, utilization of the Seven Challenges® curriculum and facility renovations, The Right Step DFW has taken purposeful steps to accommodate the needs of their incoming adolescent clients.

Young people, especially male teens, are more susceptible to the influences of drugs and alcohol through peer pressure, academic pressure or coping with mental health disorders such as trauma, depression or anxiety. Studies show that young individuals who begin abusing substances such as drugs and alcohol at a young age are more likely to continue these habits into adulthood and can progress into destructive addictive behaviors. The R.I.S.E program at The Right Step DFW uses the Seven Challenges® curriculum, which consists of comprehensive, evidence-based treatment that is tailored specifically to young minds in order to motivate teen clients toward healthier lifestyle choices. Traditional drug treatment models have little effect on teens, but this curriculum offers a unique approach to adolescent treatment by allowing young clients to evaluate their addiction and discover how to successfully change their lives. The foundation of the R.I.S.E. program utilizes relationship building practices, integrates key family healing components and creates a trusting environment for each teen client to heal.

“It is our hope to fill the void in adolescent treatment here in the Dallas, Fort Worth area,” noted Charles Fry, Director of Clinical Operations with The Right Step DFW. “The kids we work with are our future leaders. When we show up for them at an early age, we have the ability to break the cycle before it’s too late. We want to invest in them because we know that they will be the people who will go on to change the world.”

The Right Step DFW is working to make this treatment as accessible as possible by accepting most major insurances and providing care for adolescent males with secondary, co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety. Through this program, The Right Step DFW hopes to help empower Texas male teens to overcome their negative behavior patterns and live full, successful lives.

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