The National Lifeline Association Board of Directors Re-Elects David B. Dorwart and David Avila

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The National Lifeline Association (NaLA) is pleased to announce that the voting members of the board have re-elected David B. Dorwart, Chairman and CEO of Assist Wireless and ViaOne Services and David Avila, Associate Vice President II of TracFone, as members of the board.

Mr. Dorwart, who joined the NaLA Board of Directors in 2014, has been re-elected for another three-year term as Board Member and will continue to serve as the Chairman. He brings to the board over 20 years of wireless experience, a clear vision, innovative leadership, and a true passion for Lifeline recipients.

For more than 10 years, Mr. Dorwart has served as Chairman and CEO of Assist Wireless and ViaOne Services. Previously, he successfully managed and grew dPi Teleconnect, LLC to become the leading provider of prepaid telephone services.

Mr. Avila, who was re-elected for a second three-year term, has 13 years of Lifeline program experience and will assist the organization in supporting Lifeline recipients, providers, and program advocates.

Since November 2015, Mr. Avila has served as Associate Vice President II at TracFone where he provides leadership at SafeLink Wireless (the Lifeline division of TracFone). Safelink Wireless is among the largest Lifeline providers in the U.S. and is known as a pioneer in the Lifeline industry.

Mr. Dorwart said, “COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on our nation and has brought to the forefront the desperate need for every person to have the ability to access essential voice, text, and data services.” He added, “Mr. Avila and I will continue to work with the other NaLA Board members to bring more awareness of the difficulties low-income and disabled consumers in our country face in accessing essential communication services, including the ability to communicate with employers, schools, telemedicine, and emergency services.”

Mr. Dorwart and Mr. Avila sit on the NaLA Board with the following other members:

Issa Asad, Chief Executive Officer of Q Link Wireless; Ali Badran, Chief Executive Officer of MoreAble, LLC and; Jose Cortes, Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel of TSB, Inc.; Stephen Klein, Chief Executive Officer of SafetyNet Wireless; and Nathan Stierwalt, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of PWG Network Solutions.

About the National Lifeline Association (NaLA):

The National Lifeline Association is the only industry trade group specifically focused on the Lifeline segment of telecommunications. We support the four essential components of Lifeline: ETCs & Providers, Distributors, Lifeline Participants & Supporters, and Government & Regulatory Bodies. We are passionate about the continuity and advancement of the Lifeline program and we drive this vision through our mission to “support the providers, distributors, participants, and supporters of Lifeline through education, cooperation, and advocacy.”

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