The Dentists at Creekwood Dental Arts Attend the TDA Legislative Day to Improve Oral Health in Waco, TX

The Dentists at Creekwood Dental Arts in Waco, TX

The Dentists at Creekwood Dental Arts Attend the TDA Legislative Day

The Epic laser has played an essential role in keeping our staff safe, while enhancing the safety and oral health of our patients during this unprecedented time.

Dr. Donna Miller and Dr. Austin Green of Creekwood Dental Arts will attend this year’s virtual Texas Dental Association (TDA) Legislative Day on February 17. Participation in this event supports the practice’s ongoing efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide optimal safety and oral health in Waco, TX, whether a patient needs general dentistry, dental implants or gum disease treatment.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, TDA is pursuing legislation to align dentistry with telehealth and telemedicine, uphold the current standard of care in dentistry and mandate proper dentist oversight, supervision and delegation. The other two legislative priorities in this session are insurance reform to maintain fairness and disclosure and budget protection for the benefit of educating students, treating those on Medicaid and regulating the profession.

The pandemic has been devastating on many levels, including the ripple effect of increased stress and delayed oral health treatment. Research conducted by the American Dental Association (ADA) shows a surge in gum disease, cracked teeth and teeth grinding, as an example.

As such, Dr. Miller, Dr. Green and Dr. Michelle Hinds continue to raise the bar on keeping their patients safe while delivering the most advanced oral health treatments. In addition to implementing rigorous recommendations from the ADA, CDC and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), they stay up to date on changing guidelines, relevant legislation and minimally invasive dental technologies, such as laser dentistry.

Epic laser dentistry is a revolutionary technology that Creekwood Dental Arts has added to their dental practice in Waco, TX. While Epic lasers have been a game changer for treating patients with gum disease non-surgically, this innovation has also been instrumental during the pandemic to minimize aerosols during routine cleanings. FDA approved for laser bacterial reduction, the Epic hygiene laser is effective at reducing bacteria with minimal aerosol production.

“The Epic laser has played an essential role in keeping our staff safe, while enhancing the safety and oral health of our patients during this unprecedented time,” said Dr. Miller.

Additionally, Creekwood Dental Arts provides solutions to the rise in oral health issues which are occurring due to the pandemic. With the nationwide increase of teeth grinding and associated issues due to pandemic-related stress, the dentists at Creekwood Dental Arts are providing custom and efficient solutions. When left untreated, teeth grinding may cause chronic jaw and facial pain, frequent migraines, headaches and even cracked teeth. However, Creekwood Dental Arts offers occlusal guards (mouth guards) for patients with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and for those who clench or grind their teeth.

Patients with missing teeth who have delayed treatment or are struggling with their bite and confidence can receive a radiant new smile with Teeth-in-a-Day™ in Waco, TX. This same-day dental implant treatment offers patients stronger biting power and a boost in confidence. The one-day treatment limits the need for multiple appointments, thereby helping patients restore their smile and oral health more quickly than traditional full mouth dental implants.

To learn more about safe and highly effective dental implants and other advanced services offered in Waco, TX, visit or call 254-870-9026 to schedule an appointment with one of the experienced, caring dentists.

About the Dentists

Creekwood Dental Arts is a general dental practice offering personalized dental care to patients in Waco, TX. Drs. Donna G. Miller, Austin Green and Michelle Hinds provide an array of services with state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Miller was voted the Texas Dentist of the Year™ from the Texas Academy of General Dentistry as well as accomplished The Mastership Award from the Academy of General Dentistry, the highest and most respected award in general dentistry. Creekwood Dental Arts is also an award-winning team, over the last two years they have received The Best Dentist Award by Locals Love Us Waco. To learn more about Drs. Miller, Green and Hinds or the services they offer, please visit their website at or call 254-870-9026 to schedule an appointment.

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