The 20/22 Act Society Donates Over $1 Million Dollars

At the end of an atypical year for all, where challenging news has been the order of the day, the 20/22 Act Society announced a record in the distribution of funds this year helping more than 30 non-profit organizations on the Island. The grand total distributed to date was $1,085,000.

“Since 2013 we have made a strong commitment to support charitable organizations in the Puerto Rican community,” said Robb Rill, founder of The 20/22 Act Society. “This year despite all the difficulties that arose, we were able to impact over 30 organizations, by offering the financial support they needed so badly to continue their commendable work. Our commitment is for our members to be net contributors to the island through employment, investment, and charitable contribution. Collectively, the metrics bear that out, not with just these donations, but overall employment by the 20/22 community which is in excess of 40,000 jobs and capital investments throughout the island which are now in excess of a couple billion.”

Of the organizations to which the foundation contributes, those that work for health care and well-being stand out due to the relevance they have during the period of health emergency that is being experienced worldwide. Organizations that received donations during this year were (in alphabetical order):

Ángeles Vivientes

Asociación Puertorriqueña Pro-Bienestar de la Familia

Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico

Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare

Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos

Centros Sor Isolina Ferré

Chabbad of Puerto Rico

Fondos Unidos

Fundación Asistencia Centro de Trauma

Fundación Hogar Niñito Jesús

Fundación Hospital Pediátrico

Fundación Kinesis


Haibtat for Humanity

Hogar Cuna San Cristóbal

Hogar Mis Primeros Pasos

Hogar Santa María Eufracia

Humane Society of Puerto Rico

Jane Stern Library

Karma Honey Project

Limpiar Puerto Rico, Inc.

Puerto Rico Alliance of Companion Animals

San Juan Community

Santuario San Francisco de Asís

Sato Project

Save a Gato

Sociedad Americana Contra el Cáncer

Sr. Clair Foundation

Stefano Foundation


Voces Coalición de Vacunación de Puerto Rico

World Computer Exchange

Young Life of Puerto Rico

Several leaders of the organizations were very grateful for the contribution they received during the year. Ana Ivette Santiago, Director of Institutional Development of the Fundación Hogar Niñito Jesús, mentioned that they were able to “maintain the efficient operation that otherwise would not have been possible while continuing with the professionalization of the staff and direct service to the children.” On the other hand, and also commenting on the contribution received, Patricia de la Torre, “Senior” Development Leader at Boys & Girls Clubs commented that the support has “helped them to expand services and offer the educational help that our children need so much during the pandemic.” Lilliam Rodríguez, CEO and Founder of Voces Coalición de Vacunación, also praised the support provided, mentioning that “their help has been important and much more at this time where resources are needed to continue educating the people about the importance of vaccination and general health well-being.”

“In the historic moment that we live in, these grants are of vital importance in accordance with the mission of our foundation,” Rill continued. “We are grateful to our members, partners, and collaborators who have gone out of their way to achieve this. It’s a great way to end a difficult year and know our contributions have a meaningful impact.”

The 20/22 Act Foundation’s primary mission is to assist local philanthropic entities so that they can improve the quality of life in the communities they serve. The Foundation has a special interest in helping areas such as health, education, eradication of child poverty, care for the elderly, support for victims of violence, the homeless and animal welfare, among others. The Foundation works on the corporate social responsibility aspect of the 20/22 Act Society, a private organization of individuals and companies who have relocated to Puerto Rico under the decrees of Laws 20, 22 and act 60.

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