Seniorly’s March Senior Sentiment Report shows improving financial health, as lockdown policy divides the nation

Today, Seniorly, the fastest growing online marketplace to find senior living and care services, announced the results of its March Senior Sentiment Report.

To produce this monthly report, active Seniorly users were surveyed on topics such as their community support, finances, stress and physical and mental health. The March 2021 report reveals the impact of COVID-19 vaccination on seniors behavior as they grapple with re-opening protocols throughout the United States.

Results from the March 2021 report revealed three significant findings:

  • Vaccines Don’t Change Behavior
  • Seniors Divided on Lockdowns
  • Economy Improves Seniors’ Finances

The rolling out of the vaccine has not contributed to a growing connectedness score. The vast majority of seniors report that vaccines have not changed their interpersonal behavior or their thoughts around returning to senior living.

In parallel, Seniors are divided on what should be done about the lockdowns. Roughly 50% voice an opinion that lockdowns should be extended or held in place until the end of the pandemic, while the other 50% would like lockdowns eased or eliminated entirely.

Lastly, Seniors finances improved over the last month as well. The share of seniors who reported improving finances rose from 9% to 12% and the share who reported worsening finances fell from 18% to 14%

The survey data reveals many insights into how living conditions and support from family and friends correlate to current happiness or feelings of discontent. This month’s report includes responses from hundreds of older adults who are actively searching for senior living options with nearly 65% of respondents over 70 years old. The full report, along with our top data takeaways, is available here:

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