Saving Society from the ‘Grey Tsunami’; Synaptitude Brain Health Launches Digital Program to Help Retirees Max Out Their Brain Power

Synaptitude Brain Health

Synaptitude Brain Health announces the launch of their digital brain fitness program. Synaptitude helps retirement-age individuals to seamlessly integrate a brain health improvement plan into their daily routine. After a short self-evaluation, Synaptitude clients will receive a personalized program and coaching centred on the 5 pillars of brain health: sleep, stress management, fitness, nutrition, and cognitive training. The program requires as little as 10 minutes a day, and can be incorporated into an existing daily routine that includes activities from any combination of the five pillars.

Preventative Healthcare Today Increases Your Quality of Life Tomorrow

In the past few years, the average Canadian cost for medical care has been $7064/year, while the average American has spent double what they used to in the 1980s, or about $11,582/person. In both cases, healthcare costs can double or triple as you age. It is now expected that – assuming medical costs rise with inflation and not more – the average cost for healthcare will top out at around $400K in your lifetime. What’s worse is that this price tag doesn’t guarantee a clean bill of health.

Enter Synaptitude Brain Health. Our program is designed with prevention in mind, which means that if you approach your brain health consistently and in bite-sized chunks over an extended period of time, you can improve your long-term health outlook, reduce your risk for cognitive impairment and avoid large, consolidated health-related expenses.

The “Grey Tsunami” is Coming

By 2035, at least 25% of the global population will be above the age of 65. The era of the “blue rinse set” is upon us, and the healthcare system isn’t ready. In 2021, this population currently accounts for 17.4% in Canada, 16% in the US, and over 25% in Japan. The numbers are staggering.

This “grey tsunami” puts an incredible strain on the medical system, which means longer wait times, limited supplies and less attention to acute health issues. The Synaptitude program seeks to solve this problem by helping to guide individuals to better brain health and keeping them in the golf club, on the tennis court, or out on the walking trail instead of in waiting rooms.

The Synaptitude program includes a series of assessments to determine strengths and weaknesses in the five key pillars of brain health, with the purpose of improving brain function and building up defences against risk factors related to long-term cognitive decline. Science shows that eating nutritious food, managing stress better, sleeping through the night, exercising daily, and strengthening identified weaknesses in cognitive abilities will help to reduce risk and improve function over time.

Genes Aren’t the Only Strong Determinant of Alzheimers, Lifestyle Choices Are

While genes play a role in the risk of age-related illnesses like Alzheimers, research has shown that lifestyle factors are a key differentiator in determining the chances of getting these diseases. In fact, improving one’s lifestyle can decrease the likelihood of developing these illnesses by as much as 40%. No pills or expensive tests are needed. Studies also show that even brief, well targeted interventions can improve cognition, and the more consistent the effort, the more effective the impact.

Connect With the Synaptitude Program to Monitor and Improve Daily Routines

Synaptitude makes it simple and easy to integrate its program into your daily routine. Chances are that every person already practices good habits in at least 1 of the 5 pillars of brain health, whether it’s eating healthy meals, playing tennis, or having a soothing bedtime routine. The Synaptitude program will assess weaknesses and provide the simplest path to reinforce these habits within these different areas. For instance, did you know that exercise is one of the only ways to grow new neurons as we age? So, if you are already practicing yoga 5 times a week, perhaps swapping out two sessions for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) will both expand your brain power and improve your muscular strength, all while maintaining your efficient daily schedule. It’s as easy as that.

About Synaptitude

Synaptitude aims to bring revolutionary advances in brain research to the general public for the benefit of human brain health. The program is designed by brain researchers who deploy the most recent and advanced discoveries in neuroscience to streamline daily health and wellness habits for anyone wishing to strengthen their brain health today and into the future.

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