REIT fund Aditanium acquires Acquisition Specialist to oversee 2020 growth expectations

Aditanium Capital Corp. ( is excited to add the newest addition to the corporate board of directors, Alisha Ilaender. Earlier in 2020, the board of directors began planning to launch a robust marketing and recruiting system to support the anticipated growth efforts in the local Fraser Valley Real Estate market. The appointment of Alisha Ilaender will take the lead role in the newly formed acquisition team, which will focus on acquiring neglected and under managed multi-family apartment buildings.

“In the beginning of the year, we had no way of knowing that COVID-19 would come into the picture. That said, we have seen a massive demand for multi-family buildings and the need for a dedicated acquisition specialist. Myself, along with the other directors have put our full confidence and trust in Alisha Ilaender to take charge of preforming the required due-diligence involved in Aditanium’s strategic holdings,” said Taylor Apsouris, co-founder and CEO of Aditanium Capital Corp.

The Aditanium Acquisition Team will work closely with local commercial real estate holders across the province of British Columbia. Acquisition Specialists work to evaluate current opportunities to grow passive cash flow by leveraging the Aditanium REIT business model.

“It’s a unique time of opportunity to obtain and add to Aditanium’s Real Estate holdings. By leveraging technology and optimizing revenue streams, we have been experiencing growth during the market decline caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. While traditional Real Estate investors are struggling to simply maintain business, our diversified investment fund has not only adapted, but has also found huge opportunity in the Canadian market,” said Alisha Ilaender, Acquisition Specialist for Aditanium Capital Corp.

Aditanium is currently reviewing the engineering, installation and maintenance services required in order to acquire an additional asset held by the expanding Real Estate fund. This is in line with the core business model of acquiring income-producing commercial real estate buildings. Although some Real Estate Investment Funds are publicly traded, Aditanium Capital Corp is a private REIT and held as a BC Corporation. The fund allows investors the opportunity to invest in large-scale income producing real estate.

About Aditanium Capital Corp: Aditanium is a Real Estate Investment Fund, for qualified investors who desire a relatively low risk and steady stream of passive cash flow generated from the tenants who lease Aditanium’s Real Estate holdings. Aditanium has a proprietary technology, utilizing a secure and transparent investor dashboard; enabling investors to view their acquisition from the platform at

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