PuppyBuddy Reaffirms Commitment to Highest Safety Standards by Supporting Nationwide Certification Program

PuppyBuddy, a network of passionate dog lovers and elite dog breeders working together to find families their dream puppies, has committed to supporting and encouraging breeders to become Canine Care Certified™.

“PuppyBuddy is committed to supporting the Canine Care certification program. Its rigorous, science-based approach to standards of care is exactly what our industry needs right now,” President of PuppyBuddy Dayron Portela said. “I’m confident that if more breeders throughout the country commit to this program, they will breed and raise happier and healthier dogs and puppies and potentially eliminate the bad actors who do not commit to the highest standards of care for the animals.”

Created by Dr. Candace Croney at Purdue University, Canine Care Certified™ standards go far above and beyond existing canine care standards. This nationwide, voluntary program addresses the health and overall welfare of dogs in the care of breeders in the United States. It is the only program that not only incorporates measures of the physical health of dogs and puppies raised by breeders, but also strongly emphasizes their behavioral well-being. The program’s standards were developed, peer-reviewed, and are updated in collaboration with renowned scientists and veterinarians with diverse expertise in canine health and welfare sciences, as well as ethics.

Breeders seeking to be certified must commit to meet or exceed the rigorous, expert-reviewed Five Pillars of Care for Physical Health, Behavioral Health, Environment, Breeding Life and Retirement, and Caretaker Expectation. Since 2019, 70 breeders have committed to being Canine Care Certified™.

For more information on Canine Care Certification, visit https://vet.purdue.edu/ccc/.

About PuppyBuddy

PuppyBuddy is a network of passionate dog lovers and elite dog breeders working together to find families their dream puppies. Our top priority is to ensure our puppies come from an excellent, loving, healthy environment. To maintain our quality standards, we connect and work closely with a network of the top one percent USDA licensed and inspected breeders. Each of our breeders are carefully screened and selected, held to excellent quality standards in dog breeding, and are amazing at what they do.

PuppyBuddy has two store locations in South Florida. The first was opened earlier this year in the city of Doral in Miami-Dade County. A second location is in development in Boca Raton in Palm Beach County.


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