Polysense Announces industrial Grade Intrinsic Safe Gas Sensor Product Line with Superior Performance and Fractional Price

Industrial Grade Intrinsic Safe Gas Sensor Product Line

Existing industrial grade gas sensors for oil and gas are not only expensive, difficult to maintain and deploy, but also rigid with limited or no flexibility for measurement ranges or multiple gas combination. I believe product line in this press release resolved that

Polysense Technologies Inc., (Polysense) an innovation leader in IoT solutions for wireless sensing, today announced the immediate availability of its industrial gas sensor product line with full intrinsic safe certificates and governmental regulatory certificate.

“Existing industrial grade gas sensors for oil and gas are not only expensive, difficult to maintain and deploy, but also rigid with limited or no flexibility for measurement ranges or multiple gas combination.” said Alex Wu, President of Polysense. “Our customers keep asking us to deliver a solution with flexibility, plug and play, affordable cost with all required certificates. I believe product line in this press release did just that.”

Advanced Features

This industrial gas product line supports the followings:

  • 1,000+ types of gases to choose from with modular design for in-line or hand-held monitoring
  • Combustible, odor, explosive or pollute gases
  • All necessary intrinsic safety certification for deployment in complex environment, including SIL Level 1, ATEX EXD II GB CT6, CNAS/CNEX, RoHS, PA, IP67
  • Thermal Diffusive or pumping
  • High performance industrial grade with superior sensitivity, accuracy and resolution
  • Wide selections of gas sensors with flexible measurement ranges to meet different needs
  • Support of rich output such as 4-20mA with or without HART, RS485, MODBUS-RTU protocol for seamless connectivity in existing structure
  • 12-30v power supply
  • Response time: less than 30 seconds

Below is a sample selection of common industrial gas sensors:

chemical formula    Typical range    Resolution

EX    0-100%LEL    0.1%LEL

EX-G    0-100%LEL    0.1%LEL

CH40    0-100ppm    0.1ppm

    0-100%LEL    0.1%LEL

C2H2    0-100%LEL    0.1%LEL

HCHO    0-10ppm    0.01ppm

H2    0-100%LEL    0.1%LEL

    0-1000ppm    1ppm

CO    0-1000ppm    1ppm

    0-100ppm    0.1ppm

    0-30%VOL    0.1%VOL

NH3    0-100ppm    0.1ppm

CL2    0-10ppm    0.01ppm

    0-100ppm    0.1ppm

    0-20ppm    0.01ppm

    0-200ppm    0.1ppm

    0-100ppm    0.1ppm

CO2    0-5000ppm    1ppm

CLO2    0-50ppm    0.1ppm

ETO    0-100ppm    0.1ppm

C2H4    0-10ppm    0.01ppm

CH3COOH    0-100%LEL    0.1%LEL

    0-100ppm    0.1ppm

C2H3CL    0-100ppm    0.1ppm

COCL2    0-1ppm    0.01ppm

N2O    0-1000ppm    1ppm

F2    0-1ppm    0.01ppm

SIH4    0-20ppm    0.01ppm

FREON    0-1000ppm    1ppm

HF    0-10ppm    0.01ppm

HCL    0-50ppm    0.01ppm

PH3    0-500ppm    0.1ppm

HCN    0-50ppm    0.01ppm

SF6    0-1000ppm    1ppm

H2O2    0-100ppm    0.1ppm

VOC    0-200ppm    0.01ppm

CF4    0-1000ppm    1ppm

In addition to be deployed and connected in existing infrastructure, all such industrial gas sensors can be seamlessly combined with Polysense smart IoT terminals (WxS 8000 for LoRaWAN, WxS 9000 for NB-IoT, and WxS 7000 for Wi-Fi), enabling shared power supply, easy installation, long wireless connectivity for large geographical plants.


Further, the portable hand-held gas detector offers superior performance and flexibility for spot check at strategic locations, thereby enabling combined online/inline and offline solution for best gas leaking and gas presence coverage.


Orders can be placed immediately. For pricing or further information, Please contact : info@polysense.net

About Polysense

Located in Santa Clara, California, with offices in Beijing, Luo Yang and Shanghai, China, Polysense develops IoT products and solutions for smart enterprise, city and home, including distributed fiber sensing, LPWAN LoRa, NB-IoT/LTE CAT M and Wi-Fi/BLE based wireless IoT sensors and cloud based data management and analytics cloud platform iView, edge computing platform iEdge, smartphone App iPalm

Polysense Press Contact: Lavinia Chen

Email: lchen@polysense.net

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Web: http://www.polysense.net

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