Only the Agile Can Win

Intrabranding: The Keystone of Corporate Agility

Without excelling at intrabranding — continuously selling and enforcing the corporate brand internally — agility is impossible

Most companies lack agility. They don’t anticipate and respond quickly to legitimate customer trends. Their brands (value propositions) don’t resonate with customers.

Yet, when it comes to virtue-signaling and appearing woke — like supporting and funding BLM, even as this group burns buildings — CEOs act with lightning speed.

Why is that?

Because wokeness is about appeasing mobs and self-congratulation, about the fear of taking a strong stand against disruptive forces. Branding, on the other hand, is about looking beyond self, beyond whining employees, to mature, paying customers.

The brand defines the emotional connection customers have with the vendor — even the scientific, technology, or industrial vendor — and sets the vendor’s purpose and direction. The brand dictates the products to be built, the people hired, and the processes implemented.

Marc Rudov, author of “Intrabranding: The Keystone of Corporate Agility,” boldly asserts, “To be the best for customers, to beat competitors, CEOs must make their companies agile, nimble, deft. The roots of agility are urgency, alignment, and communication. Only the agile can win.”

Rudov continues, “Without excelling at intrabranding — continuously selling and enforcing the corporate brand internally — agility is impossible.”

Effective intrabranding enables the CEO to convey urgency and to align his people with the brand — in other words to communicate, communicate, communicate.

There’s NO excuse for employees and executives being unable to recite the corporate brand, on the spot, in their sleep. Coordinated corporatewide intrabranding makes this happen.

“Intrabranding: The Keystone of Corporate Agility” is available in paperback (ISBN 9780974501772) and eBook (ISBN 9780974501789) via


Marc Rudov is a branding advisor to CEOs, media commentator, and author of two prior books, “Brand Is Destiny: The Ultimate Bottom Line” and “Be Unique or Be Ignored: The CEO’s Guide to Branding.”

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