NES Health reveals secrets to gaining more clients

NES Health provides practitioners focused on wellness with a unique way to support the health of those looking for natural alternatives.

The Bionergetix WellNES System allows practitioners to view blockages in a person’s biofield. These blockages can reveal the true root cause of less-than-optimal health.

“Though the science surrounding bioenergetics is complex, NES Health has the easiest, most effective, and educative platform in bioenergetic health. But we were missing a key component Dean Akers can offer our practitioners — business education,” says founder, Harry Massey.

Dean Akers has a no-nonsense approach to business that eliminates destructive self-talk that hinders so many companies. He has a proven track record of growing companies for over 40 years both as a consultant and working directly with them as a CEO.

Each Thursday, Dean heads a new topic to help practitioners attract more clients and maximize their efforts.

In a time where remote practices are necessary to having a successful health business, it is imperative that businesses hone their marketing skills to reach a wide audience while building relationships with clients.

“The end goal,” says Tom Klausing, Chief Marketing Office, “is to help our practitioners be successful and give as many people as possible a genuine way to have energy for life.”

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