Neosinus enters into Strategic Partnership with DailyBreath to Collaborate on Improving Allergy and Asthma Management

“The synergy and value of a partnership with DailyBreath was evident on the first call, where it was clear that both companies are focused on the importance of ensuring proper self-care to enhance the quality of life for people with respiratory conditions,” said Don Turner, Chairman and CEO of Neosi

Neosinus Health, an emerging and award-winning drug development platform company, which has commercialized a fully integrated platform for optimizing drug delivery and health outcomes, has partnered with DailyBreath, a data-driven software platform for diagnosing environmental health triggers to support allergy and asthma management and to improve breathing health.

According to the Global Allergy and Airways Patient Platform (GAAPP), a steady increase of allergic diseases globally has occurred, with about 30-40% of the world population now being affected by one or more allergic conditions, which represents 2.4 and 3.2 billion people. By merging the advanced environmental diagnostic insights offered by DailyBreath with the revolutionary suite of nasal rinse products from Neosinus, patients across the globe will now be empowered to take control and transform their health.

DailyBreath will accelerate market access to the expanding Neosinus line of consumer products, starting with their novel nasal rinse products, which are designed for the treatment of sinus pressure, allergies, asthma, nasal congestion, and to improve overall sinus health and breathing. Neosinus will cross-promote DailyBreath as an intuitive tool (available as a mobile app in the App Store and on Google Play) to help those with allergies and asthma diagnose their environment and reduce or avoid allergens and irritants. The collaboration will also focus on educating people about the role of the respiratory region of their nose in managing allergy and asthma symptoms, which will improve the function and quality of their breathing.

It is forecast that allergic problems will increase further as air pollution and ambient temperature increases, and these environmental changes are increasing pollen counts, the allergenicity of pollen, and the presence of molds associated with allergic disease. Considering that the nasal cavity functions as the air filter for the body, proper nasal rinsing will play a key role in allergy and asthma management. With the ever-changing and challenging air we breathe every day, nasal rinsing daily to clear out your nasal passages could be an easy step in helping to improve daily wellness for allergy and asthma sufferers.

A New Design and Rinse Experience: Unlike any other intranasal delivery product on the market, the Neosinus rinse device is designed by sinus surgeons and is based on the anatomy of the nose. It features a curved nozzle with directional flow control, which delivers a targeted and optimized rinse experience. This allows the device to bypass nasal barriers and directs the fluid towards areas that benefit from rinsing and away from areas that cause discomfort. The nasal rinse device will not block the opening of the nose or force the fluid out the opposite nostril, which means that all allergens and bacteria are properly flushed out of the nose and not pushed towards the back of the throat and into the body like other products.

Improved Treatment Compliance: As noted by a recent usage study conducted by Neosinus, the effectiveness of the product and improved overall experience for patients has resulted in medical compliance in terms of product usage near 90%. As highlighted by the global problem of medication adherence being less than 50%, healthcare providers recognize that outcomes will not improve unless usage compliance improves, so the level of compliance achieved by the Neosinus device represents a major medical step forward.

“The synergy and value of a partnership with DailyBreath was evident on the first call, where it was clear that both companies are focused on the importance of ensuring proper self-care to enhance the quality of life for people with respiratory conditions,” said Don Turner, Chairman and CEO of Neosinus. “DailyBreath is delivering a unique offering that helps those who suffer from allergies and asthma take control of their health through trigger education, awareness, reduction, and avoidance. The Neosinus products will deliver a better nasal rinse experience that has the potential to improve health and wellness for so many people across the globe.”

Eric Klos, Founder of DailyBreath, said “DailyBreath is excited to be in partnership with Neosinus to promote the self-care steps required to improve overall breathing health. DailyBreath is focused on allergy trigger management through education and awareness, that supports symptom reduction and avoidance. The effectiveness of the Neosinus nasal rinse products offers great potential to reduce the health implications from encountering new allergens and irritants. It may ultimately help those with allergies and asthma to stay below the symptom threshold – the point where people start experiencing allergy and asthma symptoms.”

About Neosinus Health

Neosinus Health Inc. is a Raleigh-based drug development platform company that has commercialized a fully integrated Platform for optimizing drug delivery and health outcomes. The core platform is designed to optimize the delivery of medications to essential drug pathways and overcome physiological barriers like no other device. The company has commercialized a platform that will transform the delivery of drugs for neurological and psychiatric disorders, respiratory illnesses, viral infections, and more through strategic out-licensing partnerships and internal clinical development programs. The company is playing a leadership role in advancing a new and innovative class of brain drugs and psychedelics that will address the largest global health burden and finally deliver new therapies that have been unattainable for many decades.

About DailyBreath

DailyBreath is a cloud based SAAS company delivering personalized environmental insights for better breathing outcomes. DailyBreath is a mobile app that helps those with respiratory conditions to pinpoint THEIR triggers. DailyBreath is unique in that we are trying to diagnose the environment around YOU that impacts YOUR breathing. Our mission is to help everyone breathe easier by pinpointing triggers one symptom at a time. Our vision is a world where uncertainty, fear, and suffering associated with daily breathing is lessened for those with allergy, asthma, and COPD.

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