Leading US Based Minor Cannabinoids Producer Seeking International Partners

“To accelerate international expansions, PPM, the leading producer of minor and rare cannabinoids is seeking global partnerships.”

Powerful consumer trends are driving the rapidly growing market for minor and rare cannabinoids with therapeutic qualities, including preferences for natural alternatives to prescription drugs, personalized wellness remedies, healthy lifestyle products, functional foods and beverages, and payors interested in more cost-effective therapies.

Dr. Andrea Holmes, co-founder and chief growth officer, said, “Customers appreciate PPM’s scientific approach to rare cannabinoid development and its exacting processing and rigorous testing to achieve industry-leading levels of purity at kilogram and above scale.”

She commented that demand has been much more rapid than was originally anticipated and now requires international partnerships to serve markets beyond North America.

Having earned first-to-market recognition of its pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid isolates like CBN, CBC, and CBDV used as ingredients, Dr. Holmes said PPM is most interested in partnerships with companies with similar philosophies regarding safety and efficacy profiling and those who would be interested in pursuing such important research with PPM.

The Company also plans to relocate its main Colorado facility in Q1 2022 to meet the increasing certification requirements of health, wellness, OTC, nutraceutical, supplements, food, beverage, and other consumer product company supply chains who are formulating products with bioactive cannabinoids known for their health and wellness properties.

To achieve low-cost producer and superior quality status, PPM’s R&D and academically credentialed team has applied their pharmaceutical, plant-science, and natural medicine experience to develop cannabinoid-specific chemistry, unique proprietary methods, and processing approaches. The Company has commercialized the production of CBN, CBDV, CBC, CBT and is actively developing pathways to scalable production of other naturally-occurring cannabinoid molecules in both hemp-derived and biosynthesized from precursors.

The Company does not produce commodity CBD or hemp extracts, choosing instead to focus on the creation of products that have function-specific outcomes, such as CBN which is typically used as an ingredient in sleep aid products.

PPM’s pure cannabinoid isolates enable THC-free, standardized, compliant, easy-to-formulate, and accurate labeling of products.

Beverage, tobacco, food, and animal health product companies, and a wide variety of OTC and CPG brands, are seeking effective, novel and differentiated natural cannabinoid ingredients to meet consumer demand.

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