JourneyPure & Mindyra Health announce their strategic partnership designed to dramatically improve the lives of individuals

This partnership with JourneyPure is very exciting for both organizations. It combines the digital interactive behavioral care software system that Mindyra has built with the outstanding substance abuse coaching, evaluation and treatment delivered by JourneyPure.

JourneyPure Holdings, Inc. (“JourneyPure”) & Mindyra Health Corporation (“Mindyra”) announced their strategic partnership to dramatically improve the lives of individuals

JourneyPure and Mindyra are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership whereby Mindyra’s behavioral care software will be made available to all of JourneyPure’s practitioners and their patients. Mindyra’s software will help clinicians make more precise behavioral health diagnoses, create evidence-based treatment plans, and continuously measure patient outcomes for a period of 12 months after admission. All patients and their families will have access to mental health literacy resources and progress monitoring charts within Mindyra’s platform, which will empower them to better understand their ongoing difficulties and help them track their treatment progress. Launching today, Mindyra will be available to all JourneyPure care providers and their patients located in three states and up to 88,000 JourneyPure alumni located across the United States.

“Almost 20 million Americans suffer from substance abuse issues every day causing loss of life each year of over 600,000 people. Given the fact that over 7 out of 10 patients affected by substance abuse experience some form of mental health issues, integrated mental health assessment and care delivery is the most effective means to treat those in need. Combining Mindyra’s behavioral care tools with JourneyPure’s existing mental health and substance abuse counselor expertise leads to an integrated model that delivers the most effective treatment possible,” said Kevin Lee, CEO of JourneyPure.

Mindyra is a leading healthcare technology innovator providing a digital, integrated system of care for mental health and substance abuse providers like JourneyPure, chronic care management companies, large physician groups, hospital systems, self-insured corporations and payers. Mindyra’s clinical support system is designed to help patients identify, understand, and learn about avenues of treatment for their ongoing difficulties, and help providers more efficiently integrate real time patient data into their diagnostic and intervention decisions.

JourneyPure provides integrated, comprehensive treatment to patients experiencing co-occurring disorders. It is not uncommon for patients suffering from substance abuse to also experience co-occurring mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Further, people with mental health disorders are far more likely to abuse substances in an effort to self-medicate or cope with their ongoing challenges. There are approximately nine million Americans who abuse alcohol or drugs that have an undiagnosed mental health disorder.

The Mindyra offering within JourneyPure’s Coaching mobile application and other connected devices will provide:

● Proprietary diagnostic testing, treatment planning and outcomes measurement tools

● Direct linkage to expert treatment provided by JourneyPure practitioners

● Access to evidenced based self-help and community resources

● Real time advice to practitioners and patients on what treatment is working

● Patient educational resources for 67 emotional and substance abuse disorders

● The ability to immediately, securely and confidentially share information with patients

● Increased patient satisfaction through increased understanding and a deeper sense of engagement while in residential or outpatient treatment and as part of JourneyPure’s alumni organization through JourneyPure’s proprietary peer support application

“This partnership with JourneyPure is very exciting for both organizations. It combines the digital interactive behavioral care software system that Mindyra has built with the outstanding substance abuse coaching, evaluation and treatment delivered by JourneyPure. Together, our integrated solutions are well suited to help self-insured corporations, large insurance payer organizations, chronic care organizations, independent and hospital based physician groups deliver more effective care at a much lower cost, while measuring outcomes every step of the way,” says Bill Battey, CEO of Mindyra Health Corporation. “We look forward to working with JourneyPure to assist their clinical professionals in meeting their patients’ treatment needs.”

“The strategic partnership with Mindyra is consistent with our mission to support our patients who receive treatment through our residential treatment facilities, outpatient clinics, and virtual treatment settings across the country. Mindyra’s tools will provide our clinicians with the patient data they need to ensure that patients are getting healthy and staying healthy, which is the ultimate goal”, added Kevin Lee, CEO of JourneyPure.

About JourneyPure

JourneyPure is a leading provider of innovative addiction treatment services with an emphasis on treating co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Through a combination of inpatient facilities, outpatient centers and proprietary coaching services and technologies, JourneyPure delivers a full continuum of integrated, high quality services to assist each patient in becoming and staying healthy. Led by a highly accomplished team of industry experts, JourneyPure is a privately held company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information about JourneyPure and its services, visit or call 1-888-601-0982.

Press Contacts:

Dr. Brian Wind, Chief Clinical Officer – JourneyPure

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About Mindyra Health Corporation

Mindyra is a digital behavioral healthcare company that helps care providers efficiently and more precisely diagnose and treat their patients. Our platform can serve children, adolescents, adults and seniors – the only such platform in the world. The Mindyra platform includes proprietary, patient-administered diagnostic (assessing 67 clinical syndromes) and treatment progress measurement tools, providing critical data to help ensure patients are receiving the best intervention. Mindyra’s system simplifies and streamlines evaluation, treatment planning, and outcome tracking, and provides an ideal solution for populations experiencing comorbid problems that often wax and wane in conjunction with mental health difficulties – such as individuals with substance abuse disorders.

Press Contacts:

Bryan Robertson

(508) 567-9885 |

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