Frontier NanoSystems announces plans to enter New Space Economy

Frontier NanoSystems (FNS) today announced plans to enter the spacecraft market. “The reusable booster rockets and, more significantly, the thrust-braked soft landings demonstrated by Blue Origins (Amazon) and SpaceX have confirmed the likelihood for further sharp reductions in the cost of accessing space. We expect these achievements will further accelerate growth in the New Space market,” explained L. Pierre de Rochemont, Founder and General Manager of Frontier NanoSystems LLC.

Frontier NanoSystems has tapped James C. Bennett to lead these business development efforts. Bennett said: “I have followed the development of Frontier NanoSystems with great interest over the years as a friend of, and informal advisor to, the Company. I was familiar with the work done at the key National Laboratories from which our proprietary Big Nano ultra-high performance materials evolved. I also shared Pierre’s chagrin watching intrinsically valuable technology assets that will catalyze the major innovations needed to drive economic renewal be subjugated to ethereal things like financial engineering and software applications, which only render transitory benefits. It was to me very reminiscent of the neglect of key space technologies, until private entrepreneurs began reviving America’s space capabilities. Now, with the launch of FNS’s Big Nano projects, we have the opportunity to further turbo-charge the engine of innovation in space as well as other vital economic sectors. Although details cannot be disclosed at this moment, we expect that there will be an impressive demonstration of Big Nano’s capabilities for space in the not too distant future. Watch the skies!”

James C. Bennett is a Space Fellow with the Economic Policy Center, London, a co-Founder of two private launch ventures (Starstruck, Inc., and the American Rocket Company) that revived hybrid rocket propulsion technology now used in the Virgin Galactic and Sierra Nevada Corporation space vehicles. He has served on the U.S. Secretary of Transportation’s Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC), the 1984 White House Task Force on Space Commercialization; and has testified before the U.S. Congress several times on the subject of space commercialization. James C. Bennett developed human spaceflight and launch regulations in the United Kingdom, worked with the U.S. executive and legislative branches to create regulatory and policy approaches for commercial spaceflight, and was a Member of the British government’s Spaceplane Regulation Workshops. Mr. Bennett is a co-founder and continuing Board Member of the Foresight Nanotechnology Institute, has served on the Board of Directors and Policy Committee for the National Space Society, and will be added to Frontier NanoSystems’ Board of Directors.

“We are blessed to be living in Interesting Times!” de Rochemont exclaimed. “The 30-year cycle of monetary expansion is finally coming to its bitter end. This cycle provided extraordinary means to consolidate markets around Unicorns that, despite their mystical valuations, inexplicably struggle mightily with, or are incapable of, making money through bottom-line profits. This actually makes the fairy tale reference an appropriate moniker. I can think of no better person than James C. Bennett to lead our efforts to re-industrialize the American economy through his plans for our New Space economy. He has the right character and understanding of what is needed to break the spell and allow U.S. interests to operate profitably in future Space environments.”

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