Free CBD Breath Mints for Valentine’s for Frontline Workers

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t find love. For this Valentine’s Day, Zelm wants to offer a gift to the brave front line workers who we couldn’t live without during this pandemic. In light of the times, we’re offering free CBD breath mints with any purchase to show our thanks.

Finding Love During COVID

We’ve all realized a lot of things about ourselves and each other during this pandemic. For one, social distancing and the loss of casual socialization at the bar or the cafe has made us see how much we all crave deeper social connections. For another, wearing a mask all the time has made many of us realize that our breath doesn’t exactly smell like roses and chamomile. You wouldn’t want to find yourself acting awkwardly on a date because your breath is less-than-pleasant.

Even then, wearing a mask while working is also plenty of reason to stock up on breath mints. At the very least, some CBD breath mints can help make wearing a mask a bit more pleasant even if you don’t have a date you’re looking forward to. Zelm hopes that our line of CBD breath mints will help make the hard work of being a front line worker a bit easier. This isn’t just a matter of nice breathe, either, but of the benefits that CBD has for promoting calm and reducing stress and anxiety.

How CBD Might Help You Feel Better

While the science behind CBD is just beginning to develop, there’s a growing body of study showing it has a powerful capacity to help people feel better. For one, it appears that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-pain agent that may help soothe multiple types of discomfort. Besides the potential for treating physical ailments, studies indicate that CBD products can help with sleep and stress as well.

A large case study on using CBD to promote sleep and reduce anxiety had interesting conclusions. Almost 80% of all participants experienced reduced stress, and close to half experienced varying degrees of improved sleep. In all, there’s every reason to give CBD breath mints a try, and thanks to Zelm’s new promotion, there’s no reason not to.

About Zelm

Zelm is a retailer that strives to make a difference by offering high quality CBD products. And sometimes, that means offering a morale-boosting gift to the invaluable front line workers who are braving the pandemic to keep the country running. On a day-to-day basis, helping our customers means making a great selection of CBD products and other supplements easily available at a fair price.

Front line workers can use code LOVECBD when checking out to receive their free CBD breath mints. Thank you for all you do to keep us safe!

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