Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and St. Gabriel’s Marion Sued in Federal District Court

In amended filings, Eric J. Bonetti, part of the first same-sex couple married at Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria Virginia, earlier this week added the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and St. Gabriel’s Church in Marion, Massachusetts as defendants in a lawsuit previously filed in federal district court; revised case number 1 21 CV190.

The pleadings allege:

  • That a video on the church’s website, containing remarks by former interim rector Robert H. Malm, falsely claim that the plaintiff stalked and threatened Malm and his family, and thus are libelous.
  • That Plaintiff previously asked that the church remove the video, but was refused.
  • That the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts is conspiring with Malm and the church, to damage Plaintiff’s reputation and to prevent him from peacefully protesting outside St. Gabriel’s church.
  • That the Diocese and its officials have ignored perjury on the part of Malm, made before the Massachusetts courts.

The move follows a written statement by the Diocese declining to address the allegations that Malm committed perjury.

Bonetti, a resident of Northern Virginia, is a retired attorney and proceeding pro se in the matter.

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