Earth, Inc. Takes Big Steps Towards A Greener Future With Two Eco-Fashion Leaders

Celebrating 50 Years in business proved to be an opportunity of self-reflection for Earth, Inc. Since Earth was first introduced to the U.S. market in 1970, Earth Shoes instantly became synonymous with eco-minded culture. Fast forward to 2020, and it seems the fashion industry is catching up to the importance of sustainable, mindful fashion and manufacturing, as the issues facing the planet are more urgent than ever.

Now is the time to make a difference, and Earth, Inc. is making moves towards a brighter future with two new leads within the Earth Product team—welcoming Jocelyn Thornton in the newly created role of Executive Vice President of Product and Merchandising, and Fred Allard as Creative Director of Product.

Thornton comes to Earth with extensive experience in both Product Development in the footwear industry for brands including Sperry and Clarks as well as consulting experience at the Doneger Group, where in her role as SVP, she led large players in the fashion and retail industry, helping build and implement successful brand and product strategies.

“It’s a privilege to work for a brand with the name Earth, as it carries a daily reminder of what we need to protect,” says Thornton. “As we develop shoes for the future, we’re looking to make decisions that are not only considerate of the sourcing and manufacturing process, but also mindful of the end-of-product life cycle,” she continues. “I’m excited about the future of Earth, Inc. and thrilled to be on this journey with the brand.”

Fred Allard has been designing shoes and fashion accessories for over 35 years for brands such as Nine West and The Jones Group. Allard will be leading the design of the newly reinvented, eco-friendly Earth line, set to debut in Fall 2021. “There’s no plan B for our planet, a reality we all have to face.” Allard explains. “I realized I needed to re-think the way I approach my creativity to fashion for the future. Joining the Earth, Inc. team gives me the opportunity to design with purpose and bring sustainability to fashion,” concludes Allard.

Earth, Inc. welcomes Jocelyn and Fred and looks forward to an exciting future with new products that will speak to responsible design in comfort and sustainability—made with 100% recyclable materials. Just as Earth Shoes did fifty years ago, we hope our brand will inspire a new generation to live more mindful and fulfilling lives.

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