Dr. Kevin Postol Announces “Zip Code Day” Fundraiser

Dr. Kevin Postol

“This is our way of helping the community we live and work in to do even more good for others in need.” – Dr. Kevin Postol

At the offices of Dr. Kevin Postol in Ballwin, Missouri, supporting the community has always been a top priority. The practice is continually seeking ways and reasons to give back, and found a fun way to make the last day of June a special event.

“June 30th of this year is also our zip code,” says Belinda Postol, who serves as the office’s business manager and Director of Operations for the Sleep Disorder side of the practice. “We thought, ‘Why not donate proceeds in honor of 63021 on 6-30-21?” she explains.

The practice has been in operation since 1995, and the team delivers a range of dental services including cosmetic and restorative dentistry, gum treatment, sleep disorders, and TMJ/migraine issues. “We believe dentistry is a vital part of total health care, and focus on both preventing dental issues and restoring damaged smiles,” Dr. Postol says.

The practice chose three charities to focus on for this first ever event: Sneakers with Soul, The Kaufman Fund, and Circle of Concern. Each patient will be given a ticket at the time of their appointment, and allowed to use it to vote for one of the three charities. Proceeds will be divided according to the votes for each charity.

“We just closed nominations for our annual Smile Makeover, and are enjoying sorting through the smiles and stories in order to announce a winner,” says Mrs. Postol. “In the meantime, we’ve looked around and seen many organizations trying to help but struggling with increased demands and depleted resources.”

Dr. Postol agrees. “I’m a dentist. I can donate my time and skill to give away smile makeovers, but there are other needs that are better filled by charities with that broader focus, and we wanted to support their efforts as well. This is our way of helping the community we live and work in to do even more good for others in need.”

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