DermBiont Announces Positive Results in Phase 2a Clinical Trial in Atopic Dermatitis with a Topical Live Biotherapeutic

“We learn more about the microbiome and how to make live bacterium into drug products with each clinical trial that we run at DermBiont,” said Dr. Robert Brucker, a co-founder and CSO.

DermBiont, a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing targeted topical therapeutics, – announced today that its Phase 2a clinical trial with its investigational drug product, DBI-001, in atopic dermatitis, has demonstrated decreases in the abundance in S. aureus, improvement in signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis, and no safety or tolerability issues.

Atopic Dermatitis is a multifactorial disease. Patients are characterized by a genetic defect in epidermal barrier function, deficient antibacterial defenses, chronic inflammation, and a dysbiosis characterized by a marked decrease in microbial diversity and an increase in S. aureus.

“This was our first proof of mechanism clinical trial in atopic dermatitis, and we have demonstrated that DBI-001 is both safe and a promising therapeutic candidate for the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis in adults and children that warrants further investigation,” said Dr. Karl Beutner, a co-founder and CEO. “Under existing IND approval, we plan to commence a larger proof of concept trial with the learnings of this study in the first quarter of 2021.”

DermBiont’s Phase 2a trial was primarily designed as a safety and tolerability study with a secondary endpoint to demonstrate that DBI-001 could have a favorable effect on the skin microbiome of atopic dermatitis patients. A single topical application of investigational drug product showed DBI-001 to be well tolerated with no safety issues while also resulting in decreased abundance of S. aureus as well as changes in the community of microorganisms on patients’ skin.

“We learn more about the microbiome and how to make live bacterium into drug products with each clinical trial that we run at DermBiont,” added Dr. Robert Brucker, a co-founder and CSO. “It is fascinating to see the impact of a live bacterial therapeutic candidate on the microbiome of atopic dermatitis patients, and these early results have validated our hypothesis about the microbiome of these patients and the impact of a single application of a live bacterial therapeutic.”

About DermBiont

DermBiont’s mission is to become the world’s leading precision dermatology company developing targeted topical therapeutics that treat, cure, and prevent diseases. The company aims to impact the root cause of skin diseases with biotherapeutics that repair an imbalance of the microbiome as well as through the development of targeted small molecule therapeutics with well-defined mechanisms of action. DermBiont’s biotherapeutics discovery team leverages computational biology and a proprietary bioinformatics platform to identify clinically meaningful dysbiosis related to common skin diseases and mines a curated library of microbes to build a pipeline of products to treat identified dysbiosis across indications. For more information, please visit

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