Best Sanitizers, Inc. Participates in the Solution Exchange at IFT’s New Virtual Event, FIRST, July 19-23, 2021

Best Sanitizers, Inc.

The products and guidance we provide food processors is making a big difference in their ability to reduce cross-contamination in their facilities.

Best Sanitizers, Inc. will be participating in the virtual 2021 Solution Exchange at IFT’s new virtual event, Food Improved by Research, Science & Technology (FIRST) July 19-23, 2021. New this year, attendees will be able to connect with suppliers by scheduling a one-on-one virtual meeting.

To sign up for IFT’s FIRST digital experience at no charge, visit Best Sanitizers.

Finding the right cleaning and sanitation solutions for a food processing facility can be a challenge. Best Sanitizers, Inc. is focused on the food processing industry and has been assisting facilities with their hygiene and sanitation needs for over 25 years. Time spent in a short meeting with a Best Sanitizers, Inc. regional manager will allow attendees to ask questions and find the best solutions for their facilities.

This year’s online IFT event will focus on science, research, insights of the industry, and an opportunity to connect with suppliers providing products and services for food processors. Through the Solution Exchange, attendees will be able to schedule a targeted 20-minute meeting with Best Sanitizers, Inc. Whether a facility needs to find a quality surface sanitizer for food contact surfaces, improve their hand hygiene program, or implement a more effective footwear sanitizing system, Best Sanitizers, Inc. can help!

Best Sanitizers, Inc. offers a complete line of hand hygiene and surface sanitation products, which includes their Alpet® brand of E2-rated hand soaps, E3-rated hand sanitizers, and D2-rated surface sanitizers. These products are designed specifically to meet the tough requirements of the food processing industry. When looking for ways to improve their current sanitation program, Best Sanitizers’ customers can feel confident in the products they are using.

Additionally, Best Sanitizers’ HACCP SmartStep2™ Dual Footwear Sanitizing Unit is the newest innovation in footwear sanitation. It is a foot-operated system that requires no electricity and uses compressed air to deliver an atomized spray of Alpet® D2 Surface Sanitizer and Alpet® D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer to the bottom of footwear soles. Each application provides ample coverage to footwear soles yet uses only 0.4 ounces of chemical (0.2 oz per sole), which minimizes chemical waste and improves moisture control.

Combining the HACCP SmartStep2 with Alpet® D2 or Alpet® D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer creates an effective solution to reduce cross-contamination from footwear. Both Alpet D2 and Alpet D2 Quat-Free are alcohol-based surface sanitizers that are ready-to-use, highly evaporative, and ideal for water sensitive equipment. They both have a 10 second kill claim on non-food contact surfaces, including rubber footwear. Alpet D2 and Alpet D2 Quat-Free have a 60 second kill claim on food contact surfaces, including gloves, meaning minimal down time for production.

For processors running organic lines, Best Sanitizers’ Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer is OMRI listed® and approved under the Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Food Program.

Best Sanitizers attained the “emerging pathogen” wording for SARS-CoV-2 on our Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer product label, making it an approved chemical against the coronavirus. Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer is now approved by the EPA for use against SARS-COV-2.

“The products and guidance we provide food processors is making a big difference in their ability to reduce cross-contamination in their facilities,” added April Zeman-Lowe, Best Sanitizers’ Sales Director – Food and Beverage Division.

We look forward to meeting with you soon, please visit Best Sanitizers at IFT’s FIRST (Food Improved by Research, Science, and Technology) event.

About Best Sanitizers, Inc:

Since 1995, Best Sanitizers, Inc. has been providing the Food Processing, Janitorial Sanitation and Healthcare industries with the highest quality hand soaps, hand sanitizers, surface sanitizers and dispensing options available. In addition, Best Sanitizers offers cleaning and sanitizing equipment including boot scrubbers, footwear sanitizing units, doorway foamers, drain foaming accessories, and proportioning and dispensing equipment. You will find our products helping processors large and small reduce the risk of pathogens throughout the U.S.

Best Sanitizers was the first company to achieve an E3 rating for an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and the first to achieve a D2 rating for an alcohol/quat-based surface sanitizer for food contact surfaces. Best Sanitizers continues to explore new and innovative ways to deliver hand hygiene and surface sanitation solutions to the United States and Canada.

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