Azuna Launches New Non-Toxic Mold, Mildew and Odor Eliminator Air Cleaning and Refreshing Solutions

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Azuna ( today announces an expanded roster of natural, non-toxic mold, mildew and odor eliminating solutions that are ideal for use in a home, refrigerator, vehicles, workplace, boat, gym or dorm room – essentially anywhere there is air. Azuna debuted its original, Small Room Treatment air cleaning puck earlier this year to rave consumer reviews, and now adds a Large Room Treatment and a new odor-eradicating and cleansing All-Natural Spray to its offering, while additionally expanding the whole home kit and subscription options.

Azuna products are based on the properties of Australian tea tree oil, which is a proven anti-microbial and cleansing solution. Each Azuna puck is vented and contains gel that slowly evaporates over 60-90 days via natural air flow, simultaneously cleaning the surrounding air of mold, mildew, bacteria and odor. While the original 2 oz. puck ($14.99) will free a single room from irritants for up to three months, the new 8 oz. puck ($39.99) is ideal for larger spaces or for placement directly inside of home air vents. All Azuna pucks are refillable, with a Whole Home Kit ($99.99) containing 4-single room pucks and a 24 oz. refill pouch. Azuna is available in three light scents: Natural, Simply Citrus and Pure Vanilla, and is designed to eliminate odor instead of simply masking it. When used in a refrigerator, Azuna has also been proven to extend the shelf-life of stored fresh fruits and produce.

Additionally, Azuna today released its new 8 oz. pump All-Natural Spray ($14,99) which includes a proprietary blend of tea tree oil and other essential oils. The spray will eliminate odors, as well as clean, sanitize and neutralize surfaces against mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria. It is ideal for applications on everything from countertops to sneakers, sporting equipment, camping gear, clothing, vehicles or any surface that could use a refresh.

“We are committed to creating all-natural products that we can safely and gladly use around our children and pets in order to provide a healthy space for ourselves and our families to thrive,” said Azuna Founder and CEO, Scott Dancy. “Air that is free of mold, mildew and bacteria contributes to our overall wellness, and odor-free air contributes to our peace of mind. We love the feedback we have received from our customers and we are working on additional solutions that will make clean air easy to achieve in any space.”

Azuna offers consumers the opportunity to subscribe to receiving products at an additional discount, and ships free with every $35 purchase. Based in Buffalo, NY, Azuna is made in the USA and typically processes orders within one business day.

For more information, please visit Azuna’s Frequently Asked Questions: or follow Azuna on social media on Instagram or Facebook at @AzunaFresh.


Azuna believes in keeping families healthy. As parents and pet owners who previously struggled with keeping homes clean and fresh, without subjecting loved ones to harmful chemicals, the Azuna team is dedicated to crafting solutions that can safely and naturally clean the air we breathe and the spaces we live in of mold, mildew, bacteria, fungus and odor. Azuna products utilize the unique properties of Australian tea tree oil, long proven to be nature’s effective antiseptic cleanser and preservative. Based in Buffalo, NY, Azuna products are made in the USA and can be found at

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