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Medrio Strengthens Executive Management Team with Addition of Christina Hughes as COO

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“…Customers First is one of our guiding principles at Medrio and I am thrilled we can leverage Christina’s extensive experience leading professional services organizations to fuel our next stage of growth.”

Medrio is pleased to announce the addition of Chief Operating Officer, Christina Hughes, to its executive leadership team.

As a market leader in solutions for EDC, Direct Data Capture and eCOA, Medrio’s integrated technology solutions allow growth-stage biotech and pharma companies to reduce timelines and improve quality with real-time data capture. In her role as COO, Christina will be responsible for developing a world class Customer Success organization focused on accelerating the delivery of Medrio’s technology solutions.

Christina brings over 20 years of experience in health care technology. She most recently was a Vice President at ERT, where she was responsible for ERT’s global service delivery organization across multiple service lines. Prior to ERT, Christina worked for AiCure and Bracket (now Signant Health) in sales and marketing, business development operations, and client services. Christina was named as one of PharmaVOICE’s top 100 most influential people in the life sciences industry in 2016.

“Christina brings tremendous experience and vision to our team and will be a great asset as we continue to scale our organization to meet the needs of our growth stage customers,” said Mike Novotny, founder and chief executive officer of Medrio. “Furthermore, Customers First is one of our guiding principles at Medrio and I am thrilled we can leverage Christina’s extensive experience leading professional services organizations to fuel our next stage of growth.”

“I am excited to join a company with a world-class technology platform like Medrio’s. I look forward to helping our clients accelerate their study timelines and maximize the value from Medrio’s solutions for Real World data capture,” commented Christina Hughes, regarding her new role as Medrio COO.

Christina holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School and a Bachelor of Science from Yale University.

About Medrio

Medrio offers software-based eClinical solutions, providing clinical researchers with the tools necessary to accelerate research, eliminate hurdles, and maximize return on investment. Partnering with sponsors and CROs across all phases of research in pharma, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics, Medrio supports its clients along their journey to medical discovery.

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Realtor Rich Steffen Educates Homeowners on Selling a House in a Divorce

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As much as one or the other may want to keep the home, frequently the situation demands otherwise. This can be due to legal, financial, emotional or liability reasons, but in the end, the home must be sold.

For many couples, their home is the greatest asset they possess, one that also has a lot of sentimental value. “Rarely is selling the family home the first choice of divorcing couples,” said Steffen, agent and team owner of the CORE 1 Real Estate Team. “As much as one or the other may want to keep the home, frequently the situation demands otherwise. This can be due to legal, financial, emotional or liability reasons, but in the end, the home must be sold.”

No. 1: Legal reasons. The division of property, and specifically the division of the family home, may not be a cut and dry transaction. “Each of you contributed to the purchase of the home – even if one did so more than the other, each wants their fair share,” noted Steffen. “If you cannot come to an agreement out of court, the court will decide for you, which often includes the sale of the home.”

No. 2: Financial reasons. For married couples, their mortgage is usually based on both incomes. “Cut that salary in half, and even if your income is the higher of the two, house payments, insurance, property taxes and upkeep is often too much to handle for most spouses alone,” stated Steffen. “Do not overlook the potential capital gains tax ramifications as well. If you are married and selling a home, you can exclude up to $500,000 in profit; single, and the capital gains exclusions drops in half to $250,000.”

To be eligible for this exclusion, Steffen explains, you must have lived in your home for two of the last five years. The home must also be your personal residence, and not an investment property.

No. 3: Emotional reasons. With the departure of one’s spouse, the once happy home can quickly become unpleasant to live in. Memories of better times – or the bad times – can taint the comfort you once experienced living there. “Some people are just not interested in going through these feelings day in and day out,” added Steffen. “Sometimes in divorce, the intent to keep the home has more to do with retaliation than the desire to retain the home. This is one of the more prominent reasons why the spouse that has retained occupancy often decides that keeping the house was not all it was cracked up to be.”

No. 4: Liability reasons. If one person wants to keep the house, the other should be very clear on what that means. There are multiple ways to keep a house and let one spouse remain in it, but each carries difficulties and risks.

Take over the mortgage: If the spouse who wants the home has enough income they can refinance the home, thereby completely eliminating the other spouse’s liability. Refinancing transfers ownership, but does not address how the equity in the home gets allocated. This usually means consulting a divorce attorney, and may require that the home be sold.

Co-own the home: The remaining spouse can make full payments, or you can both agree to a percentage. This requires a great amount of trust. Should the remaining spouse fall behind or fail to make the payments, the departing spouse will suffer the same credit issues and mortgage problems of the defaulting spouse.

“The divorce Realtor you select is important, given that there could be two parties that might not be getting along,” concluded Steffen. “It is crucial that you choose a Realtor who is not only experienced in divorce real estate transactions, but also understands the nature of divorce and the emotional challenges that exist.”

About Rich Steffen, CORE 1 Real Estate Team, Keller Williams Key Partners, LLC

Rich Steffen has been providing real estate solutions for his clients since 2001. The CORE 1 Real Estate Team serves buyers and sellers by providing an efficient and stress-free process designed to protect their client’s money, time and peace of mind. For more information, please call (816) 560-8494, or visit

For media inquiries, please call THE NALA at 805.650.6121, ext. 361.

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Struggling With Expensive Car Insurance

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“It is possible to get better rates, but this involves some time and strategy. Check our website for more info on car insurance product”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has released a new blog post that provides several smart tips for getting the best car insurance rates.

For more info and free car insurance quotes online, check

Having car insurance can be really expensive, but it is possible to decrease costs. Check out these 5 tips to lower auto insurance rates and get the best prices. Drivers can also get free car insurance quotes and compare prices at

  • Enroll in defensive driving courses. Defensive driving courses help people become better drivers. It will teach drivers how to assess car accident hazards and adopt defensive strategies. But, besides that, a client will surely get better rates after graduating those courses. He can save up to 10% on auto insurance for a period of five years.
  • Park the vehicle in a garage. Parking the car in a garage will greatly reduce the chances of being stolen. So, by reducing the chances of car theft, the client will get better rates on auto insurance.
  • Install safety devices. There is a huge market for car safety devices and there are plenty of products to choose from. Knee Padded Bolsters, airbags, shock-absorbing steering wheel systems and so on will make the car safer and will diminish the risk of fatal injuries during accidents. Also, tracking and monitoring devices will help the authorities recover the car faster if it is stolen. Installing some of these devices represents a serious investment in car’s safety, an investment that will be appreciated and rewarded by any car insurance company.
  • Keep the car running properly. Keeping the car clean and in perfect operating status will both increase safety and lower the rates. It is a good idea to bring the vehicle for a technical inspection before purchasing or renewing an auto insurance policy.
  • Bundle policies. When deciding to buy more than just one policy, the client should purchase all policies from the same provider. Typically, he will get some discounts. Companies like when clients purchase multiple offers and provide special prices for a limited amount of time. is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc.

For more information, please visit

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Hernon Manufacturing Welcomes New Director of Automation Solutions

Gustavo Domit, New Director of Automation Solutions

“Gustavo is an outstanding addition to our team and, he brings a wealth of engineering knowledge, valuable experience developing sales in target markets, and as a former customer, a fresh perspective. We are more than excited to have him.” said Harry Arnon, President and CEO of Hernon Manufacturing.

Hernon is proud to announce and welcome a new hire, Gustavo Domit as the company’s Director of Automation Solutions.

Gustavo brings over 10 years of experience in building, transforming and growing world-class, international organizations by developing and leading solution-focused teams. He will be responsible for improvements in systems and procedures, developing technical solutions, promoting products and services and overseeing the internal project team to ensure overall client satisfaction. He is an experienced business development professional with extensive knowledge of engineering and project management.

“I was attracted by the company’s mission and I am excited to become a contributor to the growth of Hernon,” Gustavo said.

Previously, as Engineering Director for CBC, Gustavo worked in culturally diverse environments across Europe, the USA and Asia building high-value client relationships. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from California State University. In 2008, he attended FEI University in Sao Paulo and gained business administration certification and later added a MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from Insper, Sao Paolo.

“Gustavo is an outstanding addition to our team and, he brings a wealth of engineering knowledge, valuable experience developing sales in target markets, and as a former customer, a fresh perspective. We are more than excited to have him.” said Harry Arnon, President and CEO of Hernon Manufacturing.

Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures high performance adhesives and sealants as well as UV LED curing lights and precision dispensing equipment. With over 5,000 unique formulas and dozens of dispensing and curing products, Hernon’s merchandise is utilized in a wide variety of industries for large scale manufacturing and MRO activities. Hernon Manufacturing, Inc is based out of their headquarters in Sanford, FL. and ships to over 60 nations worldwide through a network of distributors and partners with over 100 locations. Learn more about Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. and their custom solution process at

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Discreezips Launches One-of-A-Kind App to Enhance Communication Between Women and Their Loved Ones

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Discreezips launches its app to contribute to the efforts of the brand’s mission – to provide young girls and women with the tools to make them feel more comfortable discussing their bodies and feelings.

Discreezips is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and helps women monitor their menstrual cycles while offering tips and tricks that promote health and motherhood.

The app is designed to collect, store and facilitate the gathering of information like symptoms, feelings, cravings, and challenges of pregnancy, menstruation and ovulation. It also helps loved ones understand their elderly relatives who are approaching or experiencing menopause.

The aforementioned experiences are critical in a woman’s life, and are often difficult to communicate — hence the app, which is designed in part to resolve miscommunication. The app can serve as a first point of communication and assists women in expressing symptoms they feel. It aggregates and saves information, allowing the user to share her feelings without the awkward attention that often accompanies those conversations.

Women on the app are classified in three categories: Sprouts (elementary through age 20), Blossoms (ages 20 to 40) and Booms (40 and older). Data is processed in conjunction with their age and analyzed accordingly in a digestible manner.

Discreezips is a valuable tool for men as well in helping them better understand the important women in their lives and the challenges they experience. The app and website are assets for women and their families as they navigate the ups and downs of their daily lives.

For more information on Discreezips, please visit

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Molecular Devices introduces Digital Confocal and Live Preview mode for the ImageXpress Pico system

ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imager now features Digital Confocal and Live Preview

ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imager now features Digital Confocal and Live Preview

We pride ourselves on partnering with the scientific community to help them advance their discoveries. Our newest set of features for the ImageXpress Pico system enables scientists to take advantage of sophisticated tools previously out of reach of the average laboratory

Molecular Devices, LLC. announced significant workflow advances to the ImageXpress® Pico Automated Cell Imaging System including Digital Confocal 2D on-the-fly deconvolution, Live Preview mode, and multiwavelength cell scoring.

The Digital Confocal option allows scientists to decrease exposure time and improve the statistical significance of their imaging data. Seamlessly integrated into CellReporterXpress® Image Acquisition and Analysis Software, these new features allow users to capture images with higher signal-to-noise data for more precise segmentation and analysis.

In addition, Live Preview mode, featuring click-to-center functionality, enables users to visualize their sample prior to acquisition using the virtual joystick to pan around the sample and interactively adjust focus. The mode works on all imaging labware including multi-well microplates, slides, or 35mm culture dishes.

Researchers can now simplify the identification of regions of interest, while significantly increasing resolution, resulting in improved assay quality for better phenotypic imaging in a small, affordable system.

“We pride ourselves on partnering with the scientific community to help them advance their discoveries. Our newest set of features for the ImageXpress Pico system enables scientists to take advantage of sophisticated tools such as Digital Confocal and Live Preview, previously out of reach of the average laboratory,” said Susan Murphy, President of Molecular Devices.

Molecular Devices continues to lead the microscopy research community towards new discoveries utilizing a comprehensive portfolio of powerful yet easy-to-use high-content screening systems.

For more information, visit:

About Molecular Devices, LLC

Molecular Devices is one of the world’s leading providers of high-performance bioanalytical measurement systems, software and consumables for life science research, pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic development. Included within a broad product portfolio are platforms for high-throughput screening, genomic and cellular analysis, colony selection and microplate detection. These leading-edge products enable scientists to improve productivity and effectiveness, ultimately accelerating research and the discovery of new therapeutics. Molecular Devices is committed to the continual development of innovative solutions for life science applications. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with offices around the globe.

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Periodontist Dr. Abdullah F. Alkanan Joins PerioWest to Provide Leading Sinus Lift and Dental Implant Care in Eden Prairie, MN

Eden Prairie, MN Periodontist, Dr. Abdullah Alkanan, Joins PerioWest

Eden Prairie, MN Periodontist, Dr. Abdullah Alkanan, Joins PerioWest Practice

Dr. Alkanan brings years of experience and a passion for periodontics to this Eden Prairie, MN practice.

PerioWest and Dr. Andres R. Sanchez are excited to welcome Dr. Abdullah F. Alkanan to the practice. Dr. Alkanan brings years of experience and a passion for periodontics to this Eden Prairie, MN practice. Having participated in extensive continuing education involving the restructuring of the mouth and jaw, Dr. Alkanan will help PerioWest better serve patients seeking complex treatments such as sinus lifts or dental implants.

Dr. Alkanan is a native of Kuwait City, Kuwait. He obtained his dental degree from the University of Manchester in 2010 and practiced general dentistry in both the United Kingdom and Kuwait. He then went on to receive his certificate and master’s degree in periodontics from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. He has participated in multiple scientific studies and articles, including peer reviewed journals. Dr. Alkanan has also studied in several continuing education courses taught by some of the world’s most advanced clinicians, including courses on guided bone regeneration for ridge augmentation and sinus lifts. He looks forward to providing the highest quality of care for his patients at PerioWest.

PerioWest, a leading periodontal practice in Eden Prairie, MN, offers cutting-edge dental implant placement, gum disease treatments, and bone regeneration techniques. With the education and experience of both Dr. Sanchez and Dr. Alkanan, more patients with bone loss in their jaw are able to qualify for dental implant treatment after receiving bone grafting solutions, such as sinus lifts and ridge augmentation. Having proper bone support is key to implant success. After undergoing bone grafting treatment, patients who were previously not qualified for dental implants can become a candidate.

PerioWest believes in advanced dental technology and techniques and features the progressive PIEZOSRUGERY® technology for completing sinus lift bone grafts. PIEZOSURGERY utilizes high frequency vibrations to cut bone without harming soft tissues. This is advantageous for sinus lift treatment as bone can be removed without harming the sensitive sinus membrane.

Patients looking for sinus lift bone grating treatment or dental implant placement in Eden Prairie, MN can schedule a consultation with Drs. Sanchez or Alkanan. To schedule an appointment at PerioWest, call 952-479-4705 or visit the website at

About the Periodontists

PerioWest is a periodontal practice offering personalized dental care for patients in Eden Prairie, MN and the Twin Cities areas. Dr. Andres R. Sanchez received his Certificate & Master’s Degree in Periodontics from the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota in 2004. He is a Board-Certified periodontist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. In addition, Dr. Sanchez has been involved as a primary author in more than ten scientific papers published in major periodontal and implant dentistry journals. To learn more about Dr. Sanchez and the services he provides, please visit his website at or call 952-479-4705.

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ST and are complementary to each other. We enable customers to quickly launch supercharged turnkey solutions around ST hardware by bringing our ecosystem of pre-built vertical applications and integrations with major IoT & enterprise platforms announces that it has joined the STMicroelectronics Partner Program to provide its end-to-end vertical industry solutions in addition to custom application development & runtime capabilities to the ST ecosystem.’s marketplace of highly customizable pre-built vertical applications and the platform’s agile development environment will significantly shorten the time to market and reduce costs to launch end-to-end solutions.

“ST and are complementary to each other. We enable customers to quickly launch supercharged turnkey solutions around ST hardware by bringing our ecosystem of pre-built vertical applications and integrations with major IoT & enterprise platforms,” said Rabih Nassar, Founder and CEO of Scriptr.

“The ST Partner Program helps customers’ design teams access extra skills and resources to aid engineering development and shorten time-to-market for new products,” said Alessandro Maloberti, Partner Ecosystem Director, STMicroelectronics. “By selecting, qualifying, and certifying our program partners, we are taking yet another major step in helping customers accelerate design and development, and ship to market the most robust and efficient products and services.”

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, created the ST Partner Program to speed customer development efforts by identifying and highlighting to them companies with complementary products and services. Moreover, the program’s certification process assures that all partners are periodically vetted for quality and competence. For more information, please visit

About is a leading Internet of Things platform and marketplace enabling Enterprise Digital Transformation and industrial applications. complements major IoT device management and data platforms from Amazon, Microsoft, IBM & others with applications and interoperability. With 100+ integrations and vertical applications, is one of the most powerful platforms on the market providing extensible cloud, on-premise and edge end-to-end solutions with the shortest time to market and highest cost efficiency.

For more information please contact:

+1 (877) 767-7587

119 West 24th Street 4th floor

New York, NY 10011 USA

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Pelican Water Systems In-Home Services Expand to Nashville, Tennessee

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Pelican Water Systems, now a part of Pentair, is excited to announce the expansion of their signature in-home services to Nashville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas of Berry Hill, Brentwood, Hendersonville, and Goodlettsville. Pelican Water now enables customers to schedule a free consultation from a certified water expert with just a phone call. Pelican Water in-home water consultants arrive in a mobile retail center that is stocked with everything necessary to treat and test all types of home drinking water — a mini showroom, a water test station, and a selection of Pelican Water products to address individual water quality issues.

Metro Water Services, the primary water utility of the larger Nashville area, sources public drinking water from the Cumberland River. Trained Pelican Water consultants test water on-site in order to determine what specific quality and cosmetic issues might be present in any home’s water supply. Ten percent of Nashville residents drink private well water, which is unmonitored by the EPA and prone to contamination. An in-home service appointment presents a comprehensive solution to water quality issues like water hardness or rotten smells that are more common in rural areas surrounding Nashville.

Homeowners in Nashville can address concerns of worsening water quality due to aging infrastructure or regional drought with a convenient and completely free consultation. Pelican Water experts take the time to consider each homeowner’s budget and discuss the ideal customized water filtration system for the unique water quality issues found in the sample. Families in Nashville can enjoy higher-quality, great-tasting water in just three business days. Pelican Water systems are easy to install on their own, but having a professional correctly size and securely install a system brings an added peace of mind.

Nashville residents and homeowners and families concerned about their water quality can call today to schedule a free in-home consultation. All Pelican Water in-home consultations in Nashville, TN, are backed by a 90-day labor guarantee, and all installations are performed with white-glove service. For a full list of locations where in-home services are offered, visit the Pelican Water in-home services page.

About Pelican Water Systems

Pelican Water Systems provides professional knowledge and leading technologies in whole house water filtration, countertop water filtration systems, UV bacteria disinfection systems, and salt-free water conditioning systems. Pelican Water’s mission is to help families enjoy cleaner, safer, better-tasting water in their homes in an environmentally friendly way. Pelican Water is proud to offer under-counter reverse osmosis systems that are small enough for practical use in RVs and marine vessels. Acquired by Pentair in February 2019, Pelican Water continues to be the global market leader in salt-free water treatment technology. For more information about Pelican Water Systems’ in-home services in Nashville, visit

About Pentair

At Pentair, we believe the health of our world depends on reliable access to clean water. We deliver a comprehensive range of smart, sustainable water solutions to homes, business and industry around the world. Our industry-leading and proven portfolio of solutions enables our customers to access clean, safe water. Whether it’s improving, moving or enjoying water, we help manage the world’s most precious resource. Smart, Sustainable Water Solutions. For Life.

Pentair had revenue in 2018 of $3 billion, and trades under the ticker symbol PNR. With approximately 110 locations in 30 countries and 10,000 employees, we believe that the future of water depends on us. To learn more, visit

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Cimcor Named in Hot 150 Cybersecurity Companies for 2020

Cimcor Logo

Earning a spot on this prestigious list further validated our vision to provide in-depth, real-time insight into all changes throughout the enterprise.

Cimcor, Inc, a global provider of security, integrity and compliance software solutions, has been named one of the “Hot 150 Cybersecurity Companies” to watch in 2020. The list is published by Cybersecurity Ventures, who evaluated Cimcor and its advanced file and system integrity monitoring software, CimTrak.

“Earning a spot on this prestigious list further validated our vision to provide in-depth, real-time insight into all changes throughout the enterprise,” says Robert E. Johnson, III, president and CEO of Cimcor, Inc. “Our focus has been, and will continue to be to help secure our customers with actionable intelligence, helping them to succeed in spite of the relentless pace of technological change and ever-growing threats.

Acknowledged as one of “the hottest and most innovative companies in the market focused exclusively or primarily on cybersecurity,” CimTrak’s next-gen file and system integrity monitoring software helps enterprises and government agencies not only detect unexpected changes and unauthorized modifications, but it can also help with the remediation process.

“Cimcor has been an innovator in the security, integrity and compliance software space since 1997, which makes them one of the longest standing pure-play companies on our list,” says Steve Morgan, founder and Editor-in-Chief for Cybercrime Magazine. “Their widely popular CimTrak Integrity Suite is used by a global customer base for change management, auditing, file integrity monitoring, and integrates with the leading SIEM solutions.”

List selection was based solely on merit and the criteria included: cybersecurity sector, feedback from CISOs, decision-makers, IT security evaluators and recommenders; founder and management pedigree; published product, technology and services reviews; demos and presentations at conferences; research, reports and surveys published; and more.

About Cimcor, Inc.

Cimcor, Inc. is an industry leader in developing innovative security, integrity and compliance software solutions. The firm is on the front lines of global corporate, government and military initiatives to protect critical IT infrastructure and has consistently brought IT integrity innovations to market. Cimcor’s flagship software product, CimTrak, helps organizations to monitor and protect a wide range of physical, network, virtual and cloud-based IT assets in real-time. For more information, visit

About Cybercrime Magazine

The Hot 150 Cybersecurity Companies is published by Cybercrime Magazine and Cybersecurity Ventures, the world’s leading researcher and publisher of reports covering global cybercrime damage projections, cybersecurity spending forecasts, and cybersecurity employment figures.

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