AmeriShield Surpasses 1 Million Disposable Face Masks Per Day

AmeriShield, makers of customizable PPE products, announces its production of over 1 million disposable face masks per day.

This success comes after the company’s shipment of tens of millions of disposable face masks to help the federal government stop the spread of COVID-19.

Protection for a Multitude of Industries

AmeriShield serves a range of industries, from government to healthcare (including doctors, nurses, and first responders) to travel to transportation to real estate, among others.

“Our production numbers testify to the popularity and efficacy of the disposable face masks we manufacture. The numbers also highlight the diversity of clients we represent. AmeriShield is the go-to provider for safety and quality,” says Vitali Servutas, CEO of AmeriShield.

“This milestone is a tribute to America’s workers—for the health and wellness of all Americans. We have the ability to increase the speed of production without compromising the standards that govern production, thanks to the workers we hire, the facilities we manage, and the rules we follow,” says Brent Dillie, COO of AmeriShield.

About AmeriShield

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, AmeriShield designs and develops 100% U.S.-made PPE products for businesses, hospitals, schools, government agencies, and consumers. For more information, visit

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