Advancements Series to Explore Developments in Respiratory Health Technology

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Scheduled to broadcast Q4/2021, Advancements with Ted Danson will focus on how probiotics are being used to transform respiratory health.

In this episode of Advancements, the segment will explore how ResBiotic is pioneering microbiome-based products for improving respiratory health.

Spectators will see how the first-in-class, over-the-counter probiotic supplement targets microbiomes in the gut-lung axis, modulating the inflammation of the body, breaking the cycle brought about by chronic respiratory illness associated with lung dysbiosis.

“Our goal is to make these evidence-based treatments accessible to the general population, giving patients and pulmonary specialists a research backed solution to help address chronic lung conditions. Hence, we are very pleased to share our innovations with Advancements and its viewing audience” said Dr. Vivek Lal, founder of ResBiotic.

“By tackling a primary cause, ResBiotic is transforming the respiratory disease market,” said Richard Simon, producer for the Advancements series. “We look forward to educating the public about this innovation.”

About ResBiotic:

ResBiotic is developing science-backed microbiome-based products for lung health. The ResBiotic product pipeline is providing life changing hope to approximately 20 million people in the United States alone. Led by Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer, C. Vivek Lal MD FAAP, ResBiotic is pioneering development of therapeutics to treat chronic lung diseases, in addition to launching supplements for general lung health. For more information visit [

About Advancements and DMG Productions:

The Advancements series is an information-based educational show targeting recent advances across a number of industries and economies. Featuring state-of-the-art solutions and important issues facing today’s consumers and business professionals, Advancements focuses on cutting-edge developments, and brings this information to the public with the vision to enlighten about how technology and innovation continue to transform our world.

Backed by experts in various fields, DMG Productions is dedicated to education and advancement, and to consistently producing commercial-free, educational programming on which both viewers and networks depend.

For more information, please visit or call 866-496-4065.

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