ACRES Founder and President Greg Koski joins Albright Stonebridge Group

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Koski noted “…a relationship with ASG affords an extraordinary opportunity to…help clients and people around the world benefit from better, more effective and integrated systems approaches—goals well-aligned with the vision and mission of ACRES and I am very excited to be part of the ASG team.”

The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), has announced that its President, Greg Koski, PhD, MD, has joined Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG) as a Senior Advisor. Koski recently stepped down from his roles as CEO and Board Chair for ACRES, while continuing to serve as President to provide leadership and advice to ACRES executive management team and the Board of Directors as the organization considers strategic opportunities for its second decade of systems building innovation in medicines development and health sciences.

ASG is the premier global strategic advisory and commercial diplomacy firm, helping clients understand and successfully navigate the intersection of public, private, and social sectors in international markets. ASG’s worldwide team has served clients in more than 120 countries, working with businesses, industry associations, and non-profit organizations.

ASG is chaired by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Dr. Koski will join as a Senior Advisor in the Health practice, which supports health care leaders as they realize transformative impact and growth in markets around the world.

Discussing his decision to join ASG, Koski noted that, “Establishing a relationship with ASG affords an extraordinary opportunity to further leverage many years of experience at the intersection of healthcare, science, ethics and regulatory affairs to help clients and people around the world benefit from better, more effective and integrated systems approaches–goals well-aligned with the vision and mission of ACRES and I am very excited to be part of the ASG team.”    

ACRES, established a decade ago, is a non-governmental organization bringing a systems approach to improving established practices and outcomes in clinical research, pharmaceutical safety, standards development and integration of healthcare and science. Applying systems thinking to the roles of people, processes and technology fosters collaborative approaches benefiting all stakeholders in these complex endeavors, especially patients.

Last year marked a major milestone for ACRES system-building initiatives in establishing an independent successor organization, the Site Accreditation Standards Institute, to house and operate a rigorous global process for accreditation of clinical research sites, applying ACRES global quality standard. The new entity was created to ensure uncompromised integrity of the accreditation process.

This accreditation process, first of its kind, provides the foundation for establishing a global network of trusted, high-performing clinical research sites. ACRES and SASI anticipate that accreditation will enhance quality, safety and efficiency of clinical research while promoting and rewarding excellence and professionalism and reducing regulatory burdens.

Initial accreditations are expected soon. Currently, ACRES has begun working on an independent third-party assessment of the SASI program designed to formally and objectively evaluate the accreditation process’s overall impact on the performance, quality, regulatory compliance and safety of research trials.

ACRES is also redoubling its efforts to promote more effective systems for pharmacovigilance and safety and integration of healthcare, science and medicines development through innovative application of technology, informatics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, human factors and systems science.

Dr. Martin Kohn, formerly Chief Medical Scientist with IBM, has joined Dr. Rebecca Kush, founder of the cDISC standards consortium and ACRES Board member, in leading this effort to build an “intelligent health-science system” which integrates health care and science. Kush, currently Chief Scientific Officer with Elligo Health, is a leading proponent of Learning Health Systems.

“It is beyond time to bring together the right people, technology and ideas to envision and build the much needed system that has eluded us for decades. Systems create synergy, accomplishing together more than is possible from individual components,” said Kohn. “This critical work is now underway.”

ACRES leadership is also reviewing the management and leadership structure of the organization as it looks to a changing environment and uncertain future.

Kosk saidi, “Every professional and every organization must pause and closely examine their activities and world-view periodically. With ten good years under its belt, it is time for ACRES to do so. As founder and president, I have empowered the ACRES Board of Directors and executive officers to undertake this challenge and they are taking their responsibility seriously. ACRES is looking forward to a clear, renewed vision and a bright future.”


The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) brings together all clinical research stakeholders to build an open, integrated global system. ACRES applies principles of systems and safety engineering, adapting lessons from industries such as transportation, communications and information technology.

For more information, please contact Mary F. Tobin, PhD, Chief Strategy Officer and Special Advisor to the President, at mtobin(at)acresglobal(dot)net.

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