Rogers & Hollands | Ashcroft & Oak and Clean Origin delight eCommerce customers with Zillion

Zillion's 1-Click Insurance for eCommerce

Zillion’s 1-Click Insurance for eCommerce

“We have a like-minded approach to change the way guests experience shopping online, and the full attention to the guest experience is the right focus.”

Rogers & Hollands | Ashcroft & Oak, and Clean Origin, one of the nation’s premier sellers of lab grown diamonds, have partnered with leading insurtech, Zillion, for the benefit of their online guests. Now, Rogers & Hollands | Ashcroft & Oak and Clean Origin customers can easily protect their eCommerce jewelry purchases with 1-Click directly within the eCommerce shopping cart. There are no burdensome forms, applications, or upfront payments required – It’s the modern, consumer friendly approach that shopper’s demand in today’s online experience – and all made possible by Zillion’s Magento eCommerce plug-in.

Rogers & Hollands | Ashcroft & Oak and Clean Origin have recognized the shift in consumer buying habits and the need to provide additional services with ease and distinction.

“A simple and flawless experience is essential for online shopping,” remarked Brent Stern, Rogers & Hollands | Ashcroft & Oak VP of Business Development. “Zillion’s 1-Click immediate insurance for eCommerce purchases fits perfectly with our strategy.”

Brandon Cook, Director of Marketing at Clean Origin agrees: “We have a like-minded approach to change the way guests experience shopping online, and the full attention to the guest experience is the right focus. It’s an easy way to extend service value in our shopping cart while providing retailer differentiation.”

More and more retailers are embracing eCommerce and omni channel distribution, and offering value-added benefits to the shopping experience increases a consumer’s online engagement. Zillion has reinvented the traditional insurance process by offering immediate protection for consumer purchases – no other insurer does that. The fact that it’s a 1-Click consumer experience with no payment in the shopping cart is a wonderful business tool that immediately differentiates a retailer from competitors. With Zillion, retailers are offering an easy “Protect Now and Decide Later” benefit delighting a generation of customers with huge buying power.

About Zillion

Zillion ( is an InsurTech company reinventing personal jewelry insurance by providing 1-click insurance at point of sale, in seconds, right from a smartphone or eCommerce cart. In partnership with leading point of sale and eCommerce solutions, Zillion’s technology platform helps jewelers increase their service value to customers by enabling immediate insurance protection. Customers can now “wear their jewelry with confidence” knowing they are protected. Zillion’s insurance customers are backed by insurance giant AXA XL, rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best.

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Top Safety Devices That Can Help Drivers Pay Less on Their Car Insurance Premiums

News Image

“Drivers that install safety devices in their vehicles will pay lower insurance rates. However, before installing any safety devices, drivers should call their insurers to check what devices are approved.” said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents several safety devices that will help drivers obtain cheaper car insurance rates.

For more info and free quotes, please visit

Drivers that are looking to purchase car insurance, should ensure that they will get a policy that offers lots of protection for a small price. Although for many this sounds hard to achieve, there are several methods to obtain lower premiums. For example, drivers that install several safety devices in their vehicles will pay less on their insurance.

Drivers can save car insurance money with the help of the next safety devices:

  • Rear-view cameras. Drivers that install a rear-view camera on their vehicles will be able to watch on a monitor how they back up and see if there are any obstacles behind the vehicle.
  • GPS systems. Usually, a GPS system is used to guide people to go from one location to another. However, these systems can work a little differently. Many drivers are using GPS tracking systems. These tracking devices are installed in hidden locations so that the thieves will have a hard time finding them. With the help of these systems, car owners will always know where are their vehicles. If a car fitted with such a device gets stolen, then the authorities will have no trouble recovering the vehicle. For this reason, the insurers will offer a generous discount to drivers that have GPS-based tracking systems in their vehicles.
  • Anti-theft devices. There are many aftermarket anti-theft devices that drivers can install in their vehicles. Kill switches, alarm systems, armored collars, and other anti-theft devices can help drivers pay lower insurance rates.
  • Airbags. Although airbags are a standard feature for all new vehicles, some older vehicles are not equipped with airbags. Drivers should ensure that their cars have airbags installed in order to take advantage of a discount.

For additional info, money-saving tips, and free car insurance quotes, visit is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc.

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Ocean Tomo Releases OLED Industry Report Highlighting Increased OLED Patenting Activity Signaling the Expansion of Intangible Asset Protection

Ocean Tomo Industry Report

“Shutdowns and production delays caused by COVID-19 compressed growth in the OLED market for 2020, but looking forward, the Ocean Tomo OLED Industry Report reveals promising factors that will likely drive the post-Covid-19 OLED market.”

Ocean Tomo, LLC, the intellectual capital merchant banc™ firm, released its OLED Industry Report examining market opportunities, increased patent activity, and the growing complexity of intangible asset protection in the OLED industry.

The increased demand for eco-friendly lighting solutions and smart lighting systems offer lucrative opportunities for OLED market size growth. The market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 21.7% for 2020-2027. Growth is driven by trends in PMOLED displays, European and Middle Eastern OLED market initiatives, and the use of OLED technology in flagship devices of market leaders.

In the report, Kevin Bennett, Ocean Tomo OLED Industry Analyst, shares “shutdowns and production delays caused by COVID-19 compressed growth in the OLED market for 2020, but looking forward, there are promising factors that will likely drive the post-Covid-19 OLED market. To name a few, uses in smartwatches, automobiles, televisions and advertising displays, medical devices, and cell phones, coupled with consumer and government desire for eco-friendly lighting solutions make for a promising outlook of the OLED market. Strategies such as partnerships, private placement and M&A deals, and construction of new OLED panel manufacturing facilities suggests that market players are positioning to take advantage of the OLED projected market.”

OLED industry growth is strong with recent merger and acquisition activity being driven by the quest for innovation and gain in market share. The value of an OLED patent portfolio is substantial and the need for expert patent strategy and transaction valuation partners is increasing in importance especially when facing patent litigation in areas such as consumer electronics.

In 2018 Ocean Tomo launched a series of Industry Analyst Reports providing a comprehensive look at current industry trends and deal activity. As a financial advisor focusing on technology and intellectual property (IP), Ocean Tomo has gained unique insights from more than 1000 engagements involving more than 100 different technologies. This experience has allowed us to understand the nuances of intellectual property protection across industries. Our reports currently examine the following industries: Automotive, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Cannabis, Cybersecurity, Federal Technology Use, IP Licensing, Medical Devices, and OLED. You can learn more about the industries covered by Ocean Tomo at

Ocean Tomo Industry Reports share unique insights related to technology and the intellectual property driving business value. Daniel Principe, who oversees the creation of Industry Reports for Ocean Tomo, shares “the OLED report provides valuable industry predictions and demonstrates the unique value Ocean Tomo provides related the OLED IP market. Ocean Tomo’s experience in a variety of markets will be further highlighted in future reports, including the next to issue updated IP Licensing Companies Report followed by an updated Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Report.”

To learn more, download the OLED Industry Report. To explore this topic and its implications for your intellectual property assets and strategies, please contact Kevin Bennett (+1 713 223 7197 | for further assistance.

About Ocean Tomo

Ocean Tomo, the Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc™ firm, provides companies with financial services related to intellectual property and intangible assets including financial expert testimony, intellectual property and complex financial instrument valuation, strategy consulting, risk & regulatory compliance, patent analytics, investment advisory, innovation management consulting and transaction brokerage.

Our Opinion, Management, and Advisory Services are built upon more than three decades of experience valuating intellectual property in the most rigorous of venues – State, Federal and international courts. Our financial and market experts along with leading technologists provide a unique understanding of the contributory value of proprietary innovation. This is the cornerstone of our business. This insight permeates every practice and client engagement.

Collectively, Ocean Tomo professionals have completed over 1000 engagements involving IP worth in excess of $100 billion including over 300 valuation and 500 financial damages expert testimony engagements.

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Unscripted Reality Show Features Legendary Cannabis Entrepreneur Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion As He Opens Up Daring Miami Marijuana Lounge

News Image

Get ready Miami, NJWeedman is coming to your city and I’m bringing the highlife! I’m beyond excited and very thankful that the platform Unleashed Entertainment will follow this journey as we open The Joint of Miami.

As the legendary NJWeedman boldly opens up a marijuana lounge in Miami, every moment will be captured in a new reality TV show. Unleashed Entertainment – a new social justice-oriented streaming platform – announced today that the show, “Miami’s Highlife with NJweedman” will be added to its cutting-edge, fearless line-up of entertainment.

The show will follow Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion, a cult figure nationwide in the marijuana legalization community, who successfully runs the New Jersey marijuana-themed eatery, NJWeedman’s Joint.

NJWeedman is now headed to Miami to get sunbaked. His new marijuana lounge, The Joint of Miami will be located in the Wynwood Art District and is slated to open in early July.

“Get ready Miami, NJWeedman is coming to your city and I’m bringing the highlife! I’m beyond excited and very thankful that the platform Unleashed Entertainment will follow this journey as we open The Joint of Miami,” expressed Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion.

NJWeedman was a self-confessed weed smuggler in the 1990s who first achieved media fame when he was arrested smoking marijuana in front of the entire New Jersey State Assembly in 2000 and firing up next to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA during the Republican convention.

A vocal and controversial member of the pro-pot movement, NJWeedman has a longstanding history of fighting for the end of systemic racism and inclusion in marijuana legalization.

“When I first started my marijuana mission, pot was illegal everywhere and I was viewed as the underdog. The marijuana community as a whole has made so much progress, but it’s not over until marijuana is legal in every state in the nation,” he continued. “I’m coming to Miami to continue to cater to the cannabis loving community. My expansion to Miami is proof of progress yes, but until there is full inclusion and full representation of marginalized communities and the ending of systemic racism in legalization in this ‘new’ booming cannabis business, my battle continues,” asserted Forchion.

His new venture in Miami is certain to stir up some drama and Unleashed Entertainment will capture it all.

“Here at Unleashed Entertainment, we are committed to telling stories that are raw, real and breaking new ground. “Miami’s Highlife with NJweedman” will be not only crazy entertaining but will be unlike any other content you’ve ever seen before on television. It’s going to be quite a ride,” said Mike Donovan, President and CEO of Unleashed Entertainment.

NJWeedman and Unleashed CEO Mike Donovan are available for interviews, and images are available here.

About Unleashed Entertainment

Unleashed is your source for raw and relevant reality TV. With a focus on social justice, Unleashed Entertainment features reality programs that highlight our country’s criminal justice system, true American heroes, the fight for racial equality, and the stories no one else will tell. The platform launched in April 2021. Sign up at

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PSYCHED STUDIO partners with SOCIAL CLUB TV to bring PSYCHED CONFERENCE 2021 to world

News Image

With the Psyched Conference we’re really looking to push the envelope on what psychedelic education looks like. – Marik Hazan

Bringing the psychedelics community together, Social Club TV ( and PSYCHED Studio ( are excited to announce their partnership for PSYCHED Conference 2021, from July 6, 2021 until July 15, 2021. Coming off their last massively successful partnership — the iconic cannabis competition The Emerald Cup, which for the first time included psychedelic panels with guests including Lorne Gertner, Dennis McKenna, Alex Dorr and Tim Blake — Social Club TV will work with the emerging psychedelics content platform to produce and distribute its upcoming global gathering PSYCHED Conference 2021. This year, the ten-day affair will be free to view for the psychedelics community featuring back-to-back lectures, long-form documentaries, guest speakers, and expert panels with special appearances including Paul Austin, Matthew Johnson, Sarah Rose Siskind, Ronan Levy, Sutton King, Chris Dyer, and many more.

PSYCHED looks to create an open-access and inclusive event that will bring together the entire psychedelics community. The event will be hosted and moderated by representatives from ICEERS, Lucid News, Heroic Hearts Project, Doubleblind, Tabula Rasa Ventures and many others, and will continue to provide an exceptional and entertaining experience for attendees through a wide range of speakers and panelists in an event that is unique to other psychedelic conferences and continues to push for greater access to psychedelic education.

“With the Psyched Conference we’re really looking to push the envelope on what psychedelic education looks like,” says co-founder of PSYCHED 2021, Marik Hazan. “Providing accurate, thoughtful, and nuanced perspectives in an ecosystem filled with passion, exuberance, polarization, and rapidly shifting dynamics is difficult, but through the incredible organizations we’ve brought together we hope to provide a much more comprehensive vision for what will unfold over the coming years.”

Social Club TV is focused on creating and producing educational and entertaining content in the psychedelic space and looks forward to the channel serving as an additional resource for the psychedelics community in the coming months.

“We are excited to partner with the Psyched team to bring audiences engaging content about the transformative potential of psychedelic plants, fungi, and compounds,” says Social Club TV co-founder and Chief Content Officer, Shelley Madison. “Now more than ever, audiences are seeking trusted information about psychedelics, and I am thrilled to share the voices of leading experts, artists and healers, as we lead the way towards mass education to develop public understanding of the vital role these medicines will bring, and how they can help heal trauma and create a joyful and more compassionate world.”

Excited psychonauts and enthusiasts who would like to attend Psyched Conference 2021 can register at and should stay tuned for programming updates.

For more information, please contact Chapter 2:

Kenneth Loo |

Irene Ancheta |


Social Club TV is the fastest growing cannabis focused Connected TV (CTV) network in the world available in over 150M homes with free-to-watch, AVOD supported, original and exclusive content from some of the highest profile content creators. Available on AppleTV, Roku, AndroidTV iOS, Google Play, Plex, TVPass, PlutoTV, Phillips and on the web at Social Club TV features 500+ hours of movies, documentaries, docu-series & lifestyle content, featuring some of the biggest names in cannabis such as DNA Genetics, Berner, Jim Belushi, and B-Real/Cypress Hill. With over 7M minutes watched every month we are the destination for premium broadcast quality cannabis, hemp and lifestyle TV shows.


PSYCHED Studio focuses on providing high quality content that explores psychedelics from social, economic, and political perspectives. From interviews with researchers and therapists to podcast episodes featuring top startups in the space, we work to provide a realistic picture of what the psychedelics ecosystem looks like today, it’s future, and how we can facilitate meaningful contributions in global mental health.

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Capstone Strategic Guides Security Service Insurance on Acquisition of Pace Insurance Managers

Capstone Strategic

“We are thrilled to continue to help Security Service Insurance grow through strategic acquisitions. With the acquisition of Pace Insurance, Security Service will enhance its member solution set while accelerating growth,” said John Dearing, Partner at Capstone.

Capstone Strategic, Inc. (Capstone) announced today that Security Service Insurance, a subsidiary of Security Service Federal Credit Union, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, has acquired Pace Insurance Mangers. Pace, a 62-year-old agency, provides full-service insurance coverage to the forest products industry in Northern Louisiana.

Security Service Insurance provides commercial and personal insurance to members and the general public in Texas, Utah, and Colorado. The business is Security Service Federal Credit Union’s wholly owned insurance credit union service organization (CUSO). Founded in 1956, Security Service Federal Credit Union is one of the nation’s largest credit unions with more than $9.8 billion in assets and more than 803 thousand members.

“Capstone proved to be of great value in this transaction, as the entire team worked to establish in-depth understanding of our position and how this acquisition would meet our objectives. John Dearing’s skilled negotiations with the sellers’ representatives smoothed the process greatly,” said Jim Chapman, Senior Vice President at Security Service Insurance.

Serving as a third-party M&A advisor, Capstone guided Security Service as they prioritized a robust pipeline of acquisition prospects while facilitating owner meetings. “We are thrilled to continue to help Security Service Insurance grow through strategic acquisitions. With the acquisition of Pace Insurance, Security Service will enhance its member solution set while accelerating growth. We have enjoyed our partnership with Security Service’s team and are looking forward to playing a role in the next proactive expansion chapter,” said John Dearing, Partner at Capstone.

About Capstone Strategic, Inc.

Capstone Strategic, Inc. is a consulting firm located outside of Washington DC specializing in proactive, external growth strategies, primarily mergers and acquisitions for the middle market and the credit union community. Founded in 1995 by CEO David Braun, Capstone has facilitated over $1 billion of successful transactions in a wide variety of manufacturing and service industries. Capstone utilizes a proprietary process, “The Roadmap to Acquisitions,” to provide tailored services to clients in both North America and globally. Please visit Capstone’s website for more information:

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Lymphoma Research Foundation to Host 2021 Golf Invitational at USGA Championship Course Quaker Ridge Golf Club

“We are thrilled to be able to bring our community together safely during this time of COVID-19 to raise awareness and funds for lymphoma,” said Steven J. Prince, Past Chair of the LRF Board of Directors and event co-chair.,

The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) – the nation’s largest non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to funding innovative lymphoma research and serving the lymphoma community through a comprehensive series of education programs, outreach initiatives, and patient services – will return to the highly-ranked Quaker Ridge Golf Club in Scarsdale, New York on Monday, May 24 to host the Annual LRF Golf Invitational.

Golfers are invited to test their skills in a safe and socially distanced way at one of the genuine golfing treasures of metropolitan New York. The course, highly regarded on both national and international levels, is rated #39 in the United States by Golf Magazine in its 2020-2021 Rankings. Quaker Ridge has hosted three Met Opens, three Met Amateurs, and three Met PGA Championships. In addition, in 2018, upon hosting the Curtis Cup, it became only the second course to host two of the most prestigious USGA International Amateur Championship matches – the Walker Cup (1997) and the Curtis Cup.

“Each year, the LRF Golf Invitational provides golf enthusiasts throughout the region with a unique opportunity to play this historic course while supporting our critical mission,” said Steven J. Prince, Past Chair of the LRF Board of Directors and event co-chair. “We are thrilled to be able to bring our community together safely during this time of COVID-19 to raise awareness and funds for lymphoma.” Prince is joined by James A. Stern, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of The Cypress Group as co-chairs for the 2021 Golf Invitational.

The event includes lunch, golf and refreshments at Quaker Ridge Golf Club, with foursomes available for $7,500. For additional information concerning participation or support of the LRF Golf Invitational, please contact Rebecca Rausch, Senior Manager of Distinguished Events at or at (917) 882-9036 or visit

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ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP Welcomes Veteran Otolaryngologist Robert D. Huang, M.D., F.A.C.S. to its Woodbridge, NJ Office

Dr. Robert Huang

The expertise and lifelong wealth of knowledge accumulated by Dr. Huang cannot be bought, taught, or absorbed overnight,” noted Robert Green, MD, president of ENTA. “Dr. Huang further strengthens our network of physicians, as he is devoted to providing high-quality ENT care to all of his patients.

ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP (ENTA) acknowledges that proven experience and time-tested expertise is an invaluable asset to any thriving practice looking to provide the very best ear, nose, throat, allergy and audiology treatment and care to its patients. In that spirit, ENTA is proud to announce that veteran otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon, Dr. Robert Huang will be joining its Woodbridge, NJ clinical office, effective July 1, 2021.

The addition of Dr. Huang will further elevate the Woodbridge office’s excellent reputation and enhance the deep roster of specialists and sub-specialists located in Middlesex County.

This follows on the heels of ENTA’s most recent announcement that Dr. Sayani Niyogi joined its Woodbridge, NJ office February 1.

Dr. Huang graduated from the UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School with his medical degree. He was admitted into a surgery internship and residency program at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, where he also completed his otolaryngology / head and neck surgery residency. Finally, Dr. Huang was awarded a head and neck oncology fellowship with Albany Medical College in Albany, NY, where he completed his training. Dr. Huang is a member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, the American College of Surgeons, the Medical Society of New Jersey, and is an executive committee member of the Union County, NJ Medical Society.

In the Woodbridge office of ENTA, he will join an amazing team of physicians including Otolaryngologists Carl A. Mazzara, MD, Vishvesh M. Mehta, MD, FACS, Sayani Niyogi, DO, Stuart Ort, MD, Deborah F. Rosin, MD, and Allergist/Immunologist Shaan M. Waqar, MD.

The ENTA Woodbridge office includes a total of 14 exam rooms, 2 audiology booths, a full complement of Allergy testing rooms for on-site testing and injections, and many other advantages.

The Practice is also looking to recruit an additional otolaryngologist to this site in the second quarter of 2021.

“Having the good fortune to recruit and acquire a doctor with the level of experience and know-how of Dr. Huang is a real feather in the cap for ENTA,” says Vishvesh M. Mehta, MD, FACS, Senior Partner and Otolaryngologist at the Woodbridge office. “He comes to us with a terrific track record of success in the Central Jersey region and is very familiar with the area’s varied communities. I look forward to welcoming him and working alongside him for the benefit of all of our patients.”

“The expertise and lifelong wealth of knowledge accumulated by Dr. Huang cannot be bought, taught, or absorbed overnight,” noted Robert Green, MD, president of ENTA. “Dr. Huang further strengthens our network of physicians, as he is devoted to providing high-quality ENT care to all of his patients. We are thrilled that he has decided to join our practice.”

ENTA CEO Robert Glazer, commented, “We relish every opportunity to expand the knowledge base of ENTA’s fantastic roster of specialists. With his extensive background in Head and Neck surgery, Dr. Huang will be an incredibly valuable addition to our family for years to come. We welcome the solid leadership and wonderful demeanor that he brings to our thriving Woodbridge office.”

To learn more about the benefits of ENT and Allergy Associates, find the office near you or book an appointment, please download our app “ENT and Allergy Associates,” or visit or call 1-855-ENTA-DOC.

About ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP:

ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP (ENTA) has more than 220 physicians practicing in 40+ office locations in Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Rockland, Nassau and Suffolk counties, as well as New York City and Northern/Central New Jersey. The practice sees over 90,000 patients per month. Each ENTA clinical location provides access to a full complement of services, including General Adult and Pediatric ENT and Allergy, Voice and Swallowing, Advanced Sinus and Skull Base Surgery, Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery, Disorders of the Inner Ear and Dizziness, Asthma, Clinical Immunology, Diagnostic Audiology, Hearing Aid dispensing, Sleep and CT Services. ENTA has clinical alliances with Mount Sinai Hospital, Montefiore Medical Center, Northwell Health, and a partnership with the American Cancer Society.

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National Prayer Luncheon for Life to Award $85K to High-Impact Pro-Life Organizations

News Image

This event is designed to bring pro-lifers across America together to pray and to honor high-impact pro-life groups.

Thousands of pro-life advocates from across America will gather together online and in-person for the National Prayer Luncheon for Life on April 30, 2021, to honor high-impact pro-life organizations and award $85,000 in grants for ongoing effective pro-life ministry and advocacy.

“The anticipation is building,” shared Karen Garnett, VP of Culture for Heroic Media and National Prayer Luncheon for Life Executive Director and spokesperson. “This event is designed to bring pro-lifers across America together to pray and to honor high-impact pro-life groups. The five nominees for the 2021 National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Award have been selected for their demonstrated significant, quantifiable impact and measurable successes in saving lives and winning battles against the abortion industry.”

Thousands of pro-life advocates will register to “pray, unite, save lives,” and cast their vote for the winner of the 2021 National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Award. The chosen organization will also receive a $50,000 National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Grant. Two additional pro-life organizations will receive second and third place Pro-Life Impact Grants of $20,000 and $15,000. The award and grants will be given based on total vote tallies as cast by pro-life participants across the country. Voting is open until April 23, 2021.

The pro-life organizations nominated for the 2021 National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Award and Pro-Life Impact Grants are: And Then There Were None, Focus on the Family, Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Students for Life of America, and Susan B. Anthony List.

Evangelist Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Executive Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn, and David Bereit, Founder and former CEO of 40 Days for Life, will be among the featured speakers and prayer leaders during the one-hour National Prayer Luncheon for Life program. The program will also feature the Most Reverend Edward J. Burns, Bishop of the Diocese of Dallas, along with ThriVe Nation President and Vision Leader Bridget VanMeans, The VIDA Initiative President Astrid Bennett Gutierrez, and Garnett, whose Heroic Media is producing the event.

The program and awards will be presented live online, Friday, April 30, 2021, from noon to 1 p.m. (Central), at no cost, with the winners of the Pro-Life Impact Award and Grants announced live at the end of the program. A limited number of guests will be able to purchase tickets to attend the event in person at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas, where they will gather at 11:30 a.m. (Central) for lunch preceding the live program.

To register for the National Prayer Luncheon for Life and cast a ballot for the National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Award, visit

About the National Prayer Luncheon for Life

Originating in 2016 as an in-person event hosted by Heroic Media, the National Prayer Luncheon for Life has evolved to encompass thousands of participants to unite in fervent prayer and select the high-impact National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Award winner and Pro-Life Impact Grant recipients. The event is produced by Heroic Media. Learn more at

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W.F. Young Announces Promotions for Key Leadership Positions

WF Young LOGO Corporate Color

Tyler F. Young, Chairman of the W.F. Young Board of Directors and fourth generation of the Young family notes, “These incredibly smart, talented, and dynamic women entrepreneurs will help drive our company’s strategic vision and honor our mission to help pet’s live longer happier lives.”

W.F. Young, a leading global animal health company and owners of the Absorbine® brand of equine products and The Missing Link® brand of pet products, has promoted four women into key leadership positions for the company as it embarks on a path for accelerated growth and cutting-edge innovation. The Board of Directors for W.F. Young recently announced the promotion of Jaime McKinley as President, Vicki Evans as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Amy Cairy as Vice President of Marketing, and Jessica Young as Director of Brand Strategy.

Jaime McKinley is a fifth-generation family member of the 129-year-old family-owned company and was promoted to the role of President, having previously served as the General Manager. She has been with W.F. Young for 29 years and has held leadership roles in business and product development, sales, and marketing over her tenure with the company. She will lead the strategic growth of the company and its culture while driving innovation to positively impact the lives of people and their pets.

Vicki Evans has been with W.F. Young for 15 years and was promoted to the role of Executive Vice President and CFO, having previously served as the Vice President of Operations and CFO. She will lead the company’s efforts as it invests in growth and leverage its resources to capitalize on opportunities to drive profitable and sustainable results as the company expands its presence in over 40 countries around the world.

Amy Cairy has been with the company for 7 years and was promoted to the role of Vice President of Marketing, having previously served as the Director of Marketing. She will lead the vision and direction of W.F. Young’s global marketing and omni-channel strategies and create opportunities for WFY’s brands in new markets, channels, and categories to capture market share, increase loyalty, and drive revenues across the company’s lines of business.

Jessica Young is a fifth-generation family member and has been with the company for 5 years. She was promoted to the role of Director of Strategy, having previously served as the Marketing Manager. She will work with the Vice President of Marketing and be responsible for the development and execution of innovative brand strategies, consumer insights, and go-to-market positioning across key customer segments.

Tyler F. Young, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and member of the fourth generation of the Young family notes, “The Board of Directors is excited to promote these incredibly smart, talented, and dynamic women entrepreneurs to drive our company’s strategic vision and honor our mission to help pet’s live longer happier lives. They are proven leaders and have been instrumental in the growth and success of our company. They are extraordinary visionaries and their passion and commitment for our brands and partners, along with their innovative thinking and customer-first approach gives our company a distinct competitive advantage in the ever-changing and fast-growing animal health industry. We are proud to have women leading the key positions in our company as we position ourselves for rapid innovation and growth and continue to build the future of W.F. Young.”

About W. F. Young, Inc.

Founded in 1892 by Wilbur Fenelon Young and his wife, Mary Ida, W. F. Young, Inc. has manufactured and distributed high-quality and trusted animal health and wellness products for over 125 years. The company is recognized as a worldwide leader in innovative, specialized animal health care brands – including Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment, UltraShield® fly control, ShowSheen® grooming products, Leather Therapy® leather care, Hooflex® hoof care, as well as Absorbine® and The Missing Link® nutritional supplements – that improve wellness and enhance the quality and enjoyment of life for people and their animals. For more information, please visit

Absorbine®, ShowSheen®, Leather Therapy®, UltraShield®, Hooflex® and The Missing Link® are trademarks of W. F. Young, Inc. W. F. Young, Inc., 302 Benton Drive, East Longmeadow, MA 01028

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