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Can a statin maintain the health of adults 75 and older?

“Most, if not all, of the studies of statins have been done in much younger people, in their 50s and 60s, but studies in adults over 75 are rare.” — Nicolas Musi, MD, UT Health San Antonio

UT Health San Antonio’s Sam and Ann Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies announced Nov. 27 that enrollment is open for a new clinical trial called PREVENTABLE. The study will investigate whether taking atorvastatin, a drug commonly used to lower cholesterol also called Lipitor®, can help adults age 75 and older maintain health by preventing dementia, disability and heart disease.

The study, which aims to be one of the largest ever conducted in older adults, will include more than 20,000 participants across the U.S., including 450 from San Antonio. The study will randomize participants without heart disease or dementia to receive either atorvastatin or placebo. The placebo looks like the study drug but has no medicine in it. Researchers will follow participants for up to five years and test their memory, thinking and physical abilities, and monitor them for events such as heart attacks or strokes.

Study participation will be easy and efficient. Researchers will follow participants using electronic health records and Medicare data, and with study visits over the telephone. Study drug will be shipped directly to participants’ homes every three months.

The Barshop Institute at UT Health San Antonio is one of the first PREVENTABLE study sites to be activated, said principal investigator Nicolas Musi, MD, institute director and professor of medicine in the university’s Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine.

“We really don’t know how these drugs work in older adults,” Dr. Musi said. “Most, if not all, of the studies of statins have been done in much younger people, in their 50s and 60s, but studies in adults over 75 are rare.”

About one in three people in the U.S. over the age of 75 without heart disease are taking statins. In addition to learning whether statins can prolong health in older adults, the PREVENTABLE study will help clarify which older adults should not be taking statins.

“Participants don’t have to have a history of high cholesterol,” Dr. Musi, an endocrinologist, said. “This study is conducted to see if this medicine, regardless of cholesterol level, is able to improve cognition and brain function, prevent dementia, improve physical function, and prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes.”

“Persons with a history of heart disease, stroke or dementia are not eligible for the study, but people with diabetes are eligible,” Dr. Musi said. “So are patients with mild cognitive impairment.”

The National Institutes of Health, which is funding the study, is interested in San Antonio as a center of minority participant recruitment. “The PREVENTABLE study is not exclusively for the Hispanic population, but this group is of special interest to us,” Dr. Musi said.

Interested people may call the Barshop Institute clinical research line at (210) 450-0020.

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The Long School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio is named for Texas philanthropists Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long. The school is the largest educator of physicians in South Texas, many of whom remain in San Antonio and the region to practice medicine. The school teaches more than 900 students and trains 800 residents each year. As a beacon of multicultural sensitivity, the school annually exceeds the national medical school average of Hispanic students enrolled. The school’s clinical practice is the largest multidisciplinary medical group in South Texas with 850 physicians in more than 100 specialties. The school has a highly productive research enterprise where world leaders in Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cancer, aging, heart disease, kidney disease and many other fields are translating molecular discoveries into new therapies. The Long School of Medicine is home to a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center known for prolific clinical trials and drug development programs, as well as a world-renowned center for aging and related diseases.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, also referred to as UT Health San Antonio, is one of the country’s leading health sciences universities and is designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution by the U.S. Department of Education. With missions of teaching, research, patient care and community engagement, its schools of medicine, nursing, dentistry, health professions and graduate biomedical sciences have graduated more than 37,000 alumni who are leading change, advancing their fields, and renewing hope for patients and their families throughout South Texas and the world. To learn about the many ways “We make lives better®,” visit

Stay connected with The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

To see how we are battling COVID-19, read inspiring stories on Impact.

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Reviving the Economy is Our Top Priority – Inventiv Offers Free…

Inventiv Foundation Announces an updated Free Smart Software to Draft Patent Applications and provision of educational resources for all inventors. Inventiv, a 501c3 Non-Profit, is the foremost…

(PRWeb November 27, 2020)

Read the full story at

QuantaDose UVC Test Cards Surge Amid Record Black Friday UV Phone Cleaner, UV Light Wand, and UV Sanitizer Sales

QuantaDose UV Test Card Logo

QuantaDose Logo

With QuantaDose, you’re not just purchasing a product- you’re making an investment in protecting love-ones from bad actors and fraudulent UVC products being sold almost everywhere online.

Designed and Engineered in the USA, the reusable QuantaDose UVC test card uses photochromatic WPV (Word Power Visibility) technology to provide reliable UVC intensity readings in 15 seconds with instant notification of optimal UV-C germicidal wavelengths. The QuantaDose UVC intensity test card relies on calibrated word legibility starting > 300 µW/cm² when the word ”ULTRAVIOLET” first becomes legible during exposure to optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths.

“The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way American’s spent Thanksgiving yesterday. The outbreak has also changed what people are rushing to buy today that weren’t on last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s shopping list,” said CTO John Coates. 

Coates stated that QuantaDose UVC light test cards are one of those innovative items that made the #1 bestsellers list on Amazon even before the holiday rush. Millions of people depend on unregulated UVC devices dominated by third-party sellers on mainstream shopping sites. Unfortunately, the charlatan sellers use much cheaper components that can’t provide the UVC disinfecting power many manufacturers claim.  QuantaDose UVC light test cards are very easy-to-use, credit card-sized UVC Indicators that can increase the efficiency of the UVC light disinfection processes by helping consumers to quickly visualize what is most effective, instantly ruling out most all falsely advertised UV sterilization products,” he said.

QuantaDose created a specially formulated ink chemistry sensitive to only optimal UVC, which will not fluoresce to ordinary visible light or UVA and UVB. This ensures the transparent letters UV-C only illuminate bright fluorescent green under germicidal UV wavelengths between 222-280nm.  QuantaDose provides consumers with the quickest verification method to avoid an increasing number of fraudulent UVC light products that flood the consumer market.

According to Katie Webb, CEO of Quanta X Technology, the QuantaDose team prides itself on rapidly fine-tuning its product line, including designs for very high power UVC devices and the development of Far-UV analytes.

“We have been busy, already on the 3rd edition of QuantaDose UV test cards. We are focused on making QuantaDose the most helpful tool; QuantaDose is quickly innovating in quantum confinement effects and molecular fluorescence material designs that haven’t advanced much in 20 years.  This has led to a new QuantaDose product launched every 45 days.  It is inspiring to be able to produce the best tools to help people make the best choices when trusting UVC as part of their disinfection routine,” she said.  


STEP 1) Top Light Sensor Test Wavelength of UV Exposure: When exposed to optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths, the QuantaDose UVC test card undergoes an instant color change to a green glow where fluorescence is directly related to energy values of UV wavelength received. Fluorescence stops when excited electrons release all photos within nanoseconds after exposure.

STEP 2) Bottom Light Sensor Test Intensity of UV Exposure: When exposed to confirmed mercury-line UVC wavelengths, the QuantaDose test card first displays the word “ULTRAVIOLET ” at approximately > 300 µW/cm² a gradual color change is directly related to the energy value received. Temporary photochromic dosimeter color is used to check intensity after exposure and should be checked immediately after the test for the most accurate intensity results. The test is completed in 15 secs; remove the card from the source!

With QuantaDose, you’re not just purchasing a product- you’re making an investment in protecting love-ones from bad actors and fraudulent UVC products being sold almost everywhere online. For more information, call 800.713.9004 or visit For the fastest QuantaDose UVC test card delivery, Amazon offers free same-day delivery on QuantaDose UVC test cards for prime members in most areas in the USA.

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Transpara® breast AI by ScreenPoint Medical reaches major milestone in the lead up to Radiological Society of North America 2020

Transpara – bringing AI to the fight against breast cancer

This is a major milestone in our mission to help radiologists improve survival rates for breast cancer

Transpara, the leading Artificial Intelligence support system for breast cancer screening that uses deep learning algorithms to automatically detect potential breast cancer in 2D and 3D mammograms, has achieved another first in its class!

Transpara led the way being the first to use a unique scoring breast AI system for breast cancer risk. It is the first and remains the only DEEP LEARNING system to be FDA cleared for use on both 2D and 3D mammograms and now is first of its kind to help radiologists read more than 1 million mammograms.

“This is a major milestone in our mission to help radiologists improve survival rates for breast cancer, a disease that is growing relentlessly around the world,” said Nico Karssemeijer, CEO for ScreenPoint Medical. “Despite the challenges presented by COVID in 2020, Transpara installations continue to prove successful in more and more countries.”

“AI is obviously an important weapon being adopted to fight breast cancer even during these trying times. It is also becoming increasingly obvious that not all breast AI is the same. Our focus is to provide robust clinical evidence around the globe, and we can only do this with the help and support of our clinical partners. With this said, Transpara is being featured in an incredible 6 Scientific presentations with data from 5 different countries at this year’s virtual RSNA.”

“These studies for BOTH 2D AND 3D mammography look at how Transpara can improve accuracy, reduce interval cancers and help to reduce radiologist’s workload. I’m not going to give the game away; you’ll have to wait to listen to the presentations, but the results are powerful,” said Professor Karssemeijer.

ScreenPoint Medical is also introducing new developments, including additional technology to ease integration of Transpara further in any mammography reading environment.

Here is the list of presentations at RSNA featuring Transpara:

A.J.T. Wanders, W. Mees, N. Janssen, A. Rodriguez-Ruiz, I. Sechopoulos, J.K. van Rooden, Ritse M. Mann. The potential of AI for improving early detection in breast cancer screening to reduce interval cancer rates

C. Balta, N. Janssen, A. Rodriguez-Ruiz, C. Mieskes, N. Karssemeijer, S. H. Heywang-Köbrunner. Using AI to triage which screening mammograms benefit from a double reading strategy

S. J. Vinnicombe, O. Parr, R. Sidebottom, D. Godden, E. Cornford, I. D. Lyburn. What impact could AI based computer aided detection have on the number and biological relevance of interval cancers in a population based screening programme?

C. Balta, N. Janssen, A. Rodriguez-Ruiz, C. Mieskes, N. Karssemeijer, S. H. Heywang-Köbrunner. Can AI help to increase the PPV of screen-recalled biopsies on calcifications?

M. Pinto, A. Rodriguez-Ruiz, K. Pedersen, S. Hofvind, R. Mann, S. Kappler, J. Wicklein, I. Sechopoulos. Impact of AI decision support on breast cancer screening interpretation with single-view wide-angle DBT

S. Romero Martín, J. Luis Raya Povedano, E. Elías Cabot, A. Gubern-Merida, A. Rodríguez-Ruiz, M. Álvarez Benito. Using autonomous AI to reduce the workload of breast cancer screening with breast tomosynthesis: a retrospective validation

Note to Editors

ScreenPoint Medical BV.

ScreenPoint Medical is the leading developer of AI driven image analysis technology which enables the automated reading of mammograms and digital breast tomosynthesis examinations.

Transpara® is an AI solution for breast cancer screening, that uses deep learning algorithms to automatically detect lesions suspicious for breast cancer in 2D and 3D mammograms. The software categorises mammograms on a 10-point scale indicating the risk that cancer is present. This Exam Score can be used to help radiologists prioritise patients for further investigation. Decision support marks for calcifications and soft tissue lesions are provided to support radiologists with image interpretation. Studies have shown that Transpara matches the performance of radiologists ,2,3, thus acting as a second opinion which increases diagnostic confidence and accuracy ,3. It is FDA cleared for 2D and 3D mammography.

ScreenPoint Medical was founded in 2014 by Professor Nico Karssemeijer and Professor Sir Michael Brady, two internationally respected experts in breast imaging, machine learning and computer aided detection. (diagnosis?)

The company’s Head Office is in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

1“Stand-alone artificial intelligence for breast cancer detection in mammography: Comparison with 101 radiologists”, Rodriguez-Ruiz et al, JNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute, djy222,, 2019

2“Detection of Breast Cancer with Mammography: Effect of an Artificial Intelligence Support System” Rodríguez-Ruiz et al, Radiology 290:2, 305-314, 2019.

3FDA approval number K193229

For more information, please email or visit the website or

Jamaican Boy’s Post-Dog Attack Procedures Highlight the Less Well-Known Side of a Plastic Surgeon’s Work, says Dr. J Plastic Surgery

Dr. J practices plastic surgery in Beverly Hills.

Plastic surgery is one of the most challenging and dynamic fields and that – whether the procedure is reconstructive or purely elective and cosmetic – it boils down to helping people develop the confidence they need to make the most from their lives.

A November 23 article on WABC Eyewitness News reports on the case of five-year-old Mickele Allen, who was attacked by five pit bull terriers in his native Jamaica. Fortunately, the boy was rescued by his brother and local doctors, but still badly injured with numerous disfiguring injuries. Mickele was taken to a hospital in the Bronx, New York, where he was seen to by the plastic surgeon who had raised the money to pay for the surgery. The young boy is now reported to be making excellent progress. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., known to his patients as Dr. J, says that the case is an outstanding reminder of the less often discussed area of reconstructive plastic surgery that is simply about allowing patients to live normal lives.

Dr. J notes that the news story contains echoes of his experience several years while on a trip to Peru to perform pro-bono work for the charitable organization, Operation Smile. The widely respected NGO provides free plastic surgery services to children in less developed areas of the world. While most of the procedures Dr. J worked on involved correcting such common but debilitating childhood deformities as cleft lips, he notes that there was one¬ occasion where his work was far more dramatic. In this instance, a small local boy needed emergency treatment after being attacked by a feral dog. Once the child was stabilized, it was clear that, in addition to lifesaving procedures, the small boy was going to need emergency plastic surgery if he was going to have a normal life. Fortunately, Dr. J was there and was able to see to the boy’s needs. Dr. J says that, if a qualified plastic surgeon had not been there, there was a good chance the child would have been saddled with major disfigurements indefinitely.

Dr. J notes that, while most people think of procedures like breast augmentation or facial rejuvenation when they hear about plastic surgery, the specialty came into its own correcting serious disfigurements sustained by World War I soldiers. Dr. J notes that plastic surgery is one of the most challenging and dynamic of all medical specialties and that – whether the procedure is reconstructive or purely elective and cosmetic – it boils down to helping people develop the confidence they need to make the most from their lives.

Interested readers who would like to find out if a plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure is right for them can call (310) 228-3151 to learn more. Dr. J’s qualifications as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, double-board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery can be seen on his website.

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Country Singer-songwriter Cassadee Pope Teams up with GIVN

This collaboration with GIVN®, the nation’s leading social impact beverage brand and makers of GIVN Water, the premium spring water that provides one day of clean water to people in need for every bottle sold, will help provide clean water to communities around the globe. The partnership brings together two brands that stand for human rights and believe that the everyday hero can positively impact the world.

“I’m honored to partner with a brand that not only produces a great product but has a charitable backbone.” Shares Pope. “Safe, clean water is every human being’s right to have. I hope my partnership with GIVN helps provide that for many more people in need.”

John Houseal, GIVN® Water Co-Founder & CEO, stated that “We are thrilled to be partnering with Cassadee. Her commitment to using her strong voice to stand up for social justice human rights issues inspires us. We are excited to welcome her to the team and her forward thinking to the GIVN® clean water movement. Most of all, together we will make meaningful and positive impact for people in need.”

GIVN® Water is a premium North American spring water, made with recycled materials that enables everyone to Thirst for More. The company recently reached 4 Million Days of clean water provided to people in need. In over 3,000 retail locations nationally, GIVN® Water consumers can quench their thirst for more while enjoying some seriously good water.



GIVN® Goods, maker of GIVN® Water and GIVN® Apparel, is a Certified B-Corporation® dedicated to turning everyday purchases into meaningful good and has been recognized year over year as a Best for the World Honoree. To date, GIVN retailers and consumers have provided over 4 million days of clean water to people in need around the world. GIVN Water is available on and in over 3,000 retail locations across the United States. In 2019 GIVN Water committed to converting all bottles to made from reused materials, including recycled plastic and aluminum. Visit for more information. GIVN® is a registered trademark of GIVN Goods, Inc. B-Corporation® is a registered trademark of B Lab.

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ARC Healthcare launches Fourleaf solution

Form Automation, Electronic Signature and Document Storage

Form Automation, Electronic Signature and Document Storage

ARC Healthcare launches Fourleaf™ a “one-click” contract management, and enrollment automation platform, eliminating the leading inefficiencies in Medical Payor provider enrollment.

ARC Healthcare LLC, an innovative Healthcare processes and technology consulting firm that has developed technology to unify the collection process of contracting, credentialing, rosters, provider data to replace the manually-intensive provider enrollment process with a simplified, end-to-end solution. ARC Healthcare has worked with clients across the country and witnessed firsthand the laborious, costly, and intensive tasks Health plans are challenged with to build rapid, comprehensive, and quality networks to service their patients. Many challenges are faced while trying to build a comprehensive and quality network to service patients.

Health plans as well as Providers may lack the time and resources needed to analyze internal processes or have limited funding to develop robust automation and advanced IT solutions. As a result, both Payors and Providers are stuck working in spreadsheets, manually completing forms, and contracting by mail which is costly, burdensome, highly time consuming and error prone. Provider contracting, credentialing and enrollment requires a multi-faceted approach and is the foundation for Payor success. The routine monthly updates made to providers’ information and data sets, including new providers, terminations, and location changes, can be tedious to manage and warrants process workflow. Incorrect entry of provider data that route to directories causes inconsistencies, causes confusion, claim delays, member access issues, and even worse, fines and compliance problems. These manual processes lead to duplicative processes, administrative complaints, employee turnover, and higher costs.

ARC Healthcare’s solution, Fourleaf, is a cost-effective solution, and fully automates the manual processes of provider enrollment – creating process, and saves customers from repetitive tasks, unnecessary staffing, and excessive spend. By streamlining the provider’s paper-driven enrollment processes, Fourleaf eliminates inaccurate dataset errors, and provides easy to use, comprehensive reporting. To succeed, Payors must have a secure, cloud-based, and uniformed solution to manage provider data, automate contracting and enrollment, collect and house documents, and quickly locate documents to comply with audits and State compliance requests.

The Fourleaf Solution

Fourleaf is a unified system designed to collect and manage provider data in a secured cloud infrastructure. The efficiency of time and financial resources is always at the forefront of any solution – and Fourleaf delivers. Integrating automated contracting, document management, task management, and roster ingestion allows Health plans to quickly report on Network Adequacy, allows for automatic data transfers and integrations of contracted information into core systems like claims and authorizations. Provider directories can be generated, and network adequacy reports delivered in a seamless all-in-one system. Other automated reports to conduct internal audits of staff productivity and task completion are at management’s fingertips. Unlike other systems on the market, Fourleaf also offers customization to ensure all provider data points are covered to meet your needs.

About ARC Healthcare, LLC

ARC Healthcare, LLC was formed in 2012 to serve organizations in improving contracting processes, keeping them compliant with government guidelines on network adequacy, and ensuring provider data is accurate and easily analyzed. We are a premier firm that delivers an array of services, including healthcare provider recruitment, contracting, software development, call center, staffing, and consulting support resources.

“Our mission at ARC Healthcare is to bring top-quality, meaningful and secure solutions to our customers. Our overarching goal is to bring streamlined solutions to our customers, with an easy to use, all in one system. The days of providers emailing handwritten agreements, with missing information, and unsecured social security numbers across the internet are gone. We are so pleased to be at the forefront of such a meaningful solution,” says Amanda C. Ratliff, CEO,

ARC Healthcare. ARC Healthcare, LLC is a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Women-Owned Diverse Supplier (WBENC).

#cloudsolutions #documentmanagement #Networkdevelopment #contracting #managedcare #automation #healthcare #taskmanagement #electronicsignature #providerdirectory #providerenrollment #credentialing #roster


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Ziegler Advises Carefirst Bluecross Blueshield On Its Acquisition Of University Of Maryland Health Partners & University Of Maryland Health Advantage

Chris Hendrickson, Managing Director, in Ziegler’s Healthcare Corporate Finance practice, stated, “CareFirst has built an outstanding reputation as the largest health insurer in the Mid-Atlantic region, with the largest network of physicians in its area…

Ziegler, a specialty investment bank, is pleased to announce its role in advising CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst) in the acquisition of University of Maryland Health Partners (UMHP) and University of Maryland Health Advantage (UMHA) from The University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS). UMMS is a university-based regional care health system focused on serving the health care needs of Maryland residents, bringing innovation, discovery, and research to the healthcare system and educating the state’s future physician and health care professionals through its partnership with the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the UM Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work and Dentistry in Baltimore. As one of the largest private employers in the State, the health system’s 28,000 employees and 4,000 affiliated physicians provide primary and specialty care in more than 150 locations at 13 hospitals. UMHP is a 47,000 member Managed Medicaid plan, operating in 21 of 24 Maryland counties through a network of 38 hospitals, 14 FQHCs and over 10,000 physicians. UMHA is a 6,000 member Dual Special Needs (DSNP) Medicare Advantage plan which operates in 15 of 24 Maryland counties with a similar network to UMHP. UMMS acquired UMHP and UMHA in a 2015 transaction with Riverside Health, Inc. in order to align its operations vertically into the payor space.

In its 83rd year of service, CareFirst, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, is a not-for-profit health care company which, through its affiliates and subsidiaries, offers a comprehensive portfolio of health insurance products to 3.4 million individuals and groups in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. In 2018, CareFirst invested $43 million to improve overall health, and increase the accessibility, affordability, safety and quality of health care throughout its market areas.

“The University of Maryland Medical System and CareFirst have always been strong allies and the acquisition of UMHP and UMHA further solidifies that alignment,” said Mohan Suntha, MD, MBA, President and CEO of UMMS. “More importantly, it ensures our Medicaid and Medicare enrollees have uninterrupted access to comprehensive health coverage and care through partnership with a Maryland-based, not-for-profit health plan. Delivering high quality, compassionate care is fundamental to the missions both UMMS and CareFirst serve and we are confident that UMHP and UMHA enrollees will benefit from CareFirst’s expertise in the market.”

“This partnership brings the best capabilities of CareFirst and UMMS together in a new model and is part of our broader efforts designed to deliver care focused on value and improved health outcomes. Our work with the UMMS team will provide opportunities for deeper collaboration and innovation designed to bring our shared communities greater value, expanded access to high quality care, better consumer experiences, and more equitable care for all Maryland residents,” said CareFirst President & CEO Brian D. Pieninck.

Chris Hendrickson, Managing Director, in Ziegler’s Healthcare Corporate Finance practice, stated, “CareFirst has built an outstanding reputation as the largest health insurer in the Mid-Atlantic region, with the largest network of physicians in its area, leading customer support and member engagement capabilities, and innovative programs including its Patient Centered Medical Home Program (PCMH). These transactions allow it to expand beyond its core strength in commercial insurance to the government space.”

CareFirst is bringing UMHP and UMHA into its not-for-profit organizational structure to better align with its mission. CareFirst is integrating UMMS’ staff and infrastructure with CareFirst operations over a multi-year transition period.

Ziegler’s Corporate Finance team is focused on delivering best-in-class advisory and financing solutions for companies and organizations across the healthcare industry. In our core practice areas of healthcare services, information technology, hospitals and senior living, Ziegler is one of the most active M&A firms offering innovative sell-side, buy-side, recapitalization/restructuring, equity private placement and strategic partnering services.

For more information about Ziegler, please visit us at

About Ziegler:

Ziegler is a privately held investment bank, capital markets and proprietary investments firm. Specializing in the healthcare, senior living and education sectors, as well as general municipal and structured finance, enables Ziegler to generate a positive impact on the clients and communities it serves. Headquartered in Chicago with regional and branch offices throughout the United States, Ziegler provides its clients with capital raising, strategic advisory services, equity and fixed income sales & trading and research. To learn more, visit

Certain comments in this news release represent forward-looking statements made pursuant to the provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. This client’s experience may not be representative of the experience of other clients, nor is it indicative of future performance or success. The forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, in particular, the overall financial health of the securities industry, the strength of the healthcare sector of the U.S. economy and the municipal securities marketplace, the ability of the Company to underwrite and distribute securities, the market value of mutual fund portfolios and separate account portfolios advised by the Company, the volume of sales by its retail brokers, the outcome of pending litigation, and the ability to attract and retain qualified employees.

# # #

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Eyeglass Retailer Clearly Sees a Top 5-Star Rating from

News Image

For all of these reasons and more, Glasses USA earns another first-place ranking among online retailers of Eyeglasses in 2020 once again awarded their highest five-star rating to Glasses USA, an industry leader among stores offering Eyeglasses.

In today’s increasingly busy world, who wants to spend time shopping for eyeglasses? The visit to the optometrist already takes an hour (or longer!), and it can be challenging to take time away from work and other responsibilities to go out and buy glasses with the new prescription. Fortunately, there are numerous eyewear retailers that eliminate all of the hassle of in-person shopping, with cutting-edge tools to help customers buy their eyeglasses online. These tools include the ability to “try on” frames using the camera from a mobile phone, to take all of the required measurements for the best fit, and so forth. And, online retailers of eyeglasses tend to have an inventory that goes well beyond what can be found at a brick-and-mortar store, with options for every budget and style.

“Glasses USA continues to stand out among online retailers of Eyeglasses,” confirmed Brian Dolezal of, LLC. “Shoppers are amazed by their inventory of nearly 1,500 frames, and by the ease of finding the right shape, style and price on Glasses USA’s well-designed website. Customers can use a ‘virtual mirror’ to see how the eyeglasses will look on their face, and this retailer even has a smartphone app that can determine the prescription on an existing pair of glasses! Glasses USA is extremely customer-friendly, offering price matching, student discounts, and a 14-day full refund policy. For all of these reasons and more, Glasses USA earns another first-place ranking among online retailers of Eyeglasses in 2020.”

To find out more about Glasses USA and other retailers of Eyeglasses, including reviews and comparison rankings, please visit the Eyeglasses category of at

About Glasses USA

Glasses USA operates in over 92 countries, making affordable glasses accessible for anyone in need of vision correction. Their customer-centric philosophy puts a team of dedicated experts and experienced customer service representatives at their customers’ disposal around the clock, 365 days a year, along with a risk-free shopping guarantee. Glasses USA has helped over 2 million eyes see better.

About, LLC is a leading provider of reviews and rankings for thousands of consumer products and services. Eyeglasses to Jewelry Stores and Home Gyms, delivers in-depth product evaluations in order to make purchasing decisions easier.

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Top Dog Car Wash Prepares to Host Make-A-Wish® Fundraising Event at All Locations

Every 20 minutes, a child is diagnosed with a critical illness. For the month of December, Top Dog Express Car Wash will host a Make-A-Wish® fundraiser at all locations to help the organization fulfill life-changing wishes for children who are currently battling one or more such illnesses. 10 wishes are granted through the organization each day thanks to donations. Top Dog Express Car Wash is inviting its local communities to help Make-A-Wish® make every child’s wish come true this holiday season through their combined efforts.

“We enthusiastically support Make-A-Wish®’s mission to change the lives of these children. We’re so thrilled to be partnering with such an incredible organization to host this fundraising event. Every child battling critical illness deserves to have a wish granted every day,” said Tom Welter, CEO of Clean Streak Ventures, which is the owner of Top Dog Express Car Wash. “We invite you to join us for this important event and help us make a difference.”

From November 30th – December 31st, visit Top Dog Express Car Wash and easily make $1 donations to Make-A-Wish® at any pay station prior to washing.

“There’s no better way to give back this holiday season than by helping kids who are fighting a battle for their health and wellbeing feel loved, appreciated, and supported. Thank you in advance for your contributions and participation. We’re looking forward to seeing how our community will turn out for this ongoing fundraising opportunity,” said Welter.

Top Dog Express Car Wash is a subsidiary of Clean Streak Ventures, a Florida-based company operating various car wash locations across the U.S., including 17 express car wash locations in Florida. Their growing family of brands includes Top Dog Express Car Wash in central Florida, Bay Breeze Car Wash & Lube in Tampa and Clean Machine Car Wash in Naples. The company focuses on providing the best customer service experience and the highest quality washes within the industry. Clean Streak Ventures is actively seeking opportunities to grow their footprint through acquisitions and new developments in their existing markets and in new ones. Their growth strategy is centered on people and service, and they aim to add value without disrupting companies’ culture or essence.

About Top Dog Express Car Wash

Top Dog Express Car Wash offers central Florida’s premier express wash options, with oil changes also available at its Altamonte Springs location. They provide an exceptional customer experience, state-of-the-art wash technology, and high-performance wash packages designed to help each car shine every day.

For more information, please follow Top Dog Express Car Wash on social media or visit or

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